Sarah Q Designs – an amazing, fun giveaway!

Sarah Q Design ( GIVEAWAY! )

By popular demand, Austin wedding photographer Sarah Q has just launched an online template and design store! Offering templates for pricing books with business cards, blog headers, thank you cards and stickers to match, is making it easy for you to organize your brand into one that’s cohesive, attractive and jam packed with information for your clients. Just pick a design, plug in your own photos, text and logo and voila! It’s never been so easy to WOW your clients! Sarah plans to add more products too so check back.  You can pick which products you want – or get them all – mix and match – for easy and quick branding and a consistent look (beyond your logo),

To celebrate her store’s opening, Sarah Q wants to give away one of her exclusive 20 Page Pricing and Information Book Templates to one of my awesome blog readers!

How this contest works :

Check out the templates below (click on each photo to go to the store and see all template pages)
Leave a comment below (Facebook comments will not be entered) to tell us what your FAVORITE template design is (ORIGINAL, EARTHY, FANCY or BOLD)

One commenter will be randomly chosen on Sunday the 17th to receive the template they voted for ABSOLUTELY FREE ($195 value!)

VOTE for your FAVORITE template from these four choices (Clicking on each photo takes you to the SarahQDesign store to see the full template) :

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This give away ends on Sunday, so vote now!! To see other templates available, visit

 Sarah Q Designs   an amazing, fun giveaway!

Jodi Friedman, MCP Actions

Jodi Friedman is the founder of MCP Actions. She designs popular Photoshop actions and Lightroom presets that make editing faster, easier and more fun.

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490 Comments and 0 Replies

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  1. 401
    Arancha says:

    I love them all too! But the original is my favorite! Maybe because it’s the first one I saw and it just impressed me so much!!!!!!

  2. 402
    Carrie says:

    I think I have to pick the original… but I do like them all.

  3. 403

    I’m loving the BOLD. That’s my fav!

  4. 404
    Shelly says:

    Toss up between the original and earthy but earthy wins. These are absolutely amazing.

  5. 405

    i LOVE the original. awesome!

  6. 406
    Ginger Dupre says:

    I am crazy about all of them but the Original stands out as my favorite. All my best to the entrants! The lucky chosen one is getting an awesome prize!!

  7. 407

    I love the original one
    beautiful colors and fonts
    like the name .. very original

  8. 408
    Summer Adams says:

    I LOVE the fancy! I am on wedding #3 and desperately need help getting info together for couples. Love the templates Sarah Q!

  9. 409
    Jen from Oz says:

    Wow! They’re all amazing! I’d have to say my favorite is earthy.

  10. 410
    Lynn says:

    Even though they are ALL great, I fancy…………….FANCY.

  11. 411
    Jennifer Dennis says:

    I love them all! But……..If…….I had to JUST pick one it would be FANCY

  12. 412
    Teani P says:

    I LOVE the Fancy! I’m a pink kinda girl. I am no good at designing and I could really use these. It could help jump start some new business. All the sets are beautiful!

  13. 413
    Sheridan says:

    Hard choice!! Fancy or bold!!! Fancy!!!!!!

  14. 414

    I really like BOLD :) All the designs are amazingly fabulous!!!

  15. 415
    Ivette says:

    I really like the fancy one.. they are all awesome though!

  16. 416
    Molly Keyser says:


  17. 417
    Tara Pugmire says:

    lovin Fancy. Awesome concept would love to give them a try

  18. 418
    Charisse says:

    These were beautiful. “Earthy” is my favorite. It is very elegant & simply chic to me.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  19. 419
    Toki says:

    Oh my! These are all gorgeous! They are all wonderful but I love the original one the best!!

  20. 420
    Stacey says:

    Wow, what a tough one.. I love them all! But I would have to say the Earthy one!

  21. 421
    Xiomara says:

    WOW!!!!! that is all I can say, my goodness this is TALENT!
    I Love, Love, LOVE them all but since I have to choose I have to go with the Earthy one. I love the browns. A close second would have to be the Bold…. it just pops and speaks for itself!

  22. 422
    cindy says:

    Wow–these are beautiful! I love the Earthy one!

  23. 423

    I love them all, but since I have to only choose one, I have to go with the Bold. Its simple & eye catching. Its clean and easy to read. I like simple.

  24. 424
    Laurie says:

    What a fabulous idea!!!! I love the original look for me – but they are all beautiful!!!

  25. 425
    Sarah Henry says:

    I think they all look great, but there is something about the original that keeps calling to me. A sense of funkiness and fun.

  26. 426
    Jenney says:

    Fun giveaway! My fave is definitely Earthy!

  27. 427
    Peyton B says:

    Wow, these designs are awesome! I love the BOLD because it reminds me so much of a magazine layout. Earthy is really great too!

  28. 428
    Katie Baker says:

    I am in LOVE with Earthy!! It’s such a beautiful natural design and would work perfect with my brand already. I love Sarah’s new store and can not wait to see what she has up her sleeve. Thanks for the contest!!

  29. 429
    Kerry says:

    I love Fancy!! But it was really hard to choose because they are all really nice.

  30. 430

    I LOVE bold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. 431
    melanie swan says:

    It is a really tough choice between the original and BOLD….but I think in the end I’m an original girl. :)

  32. 432
    Simone says:

    They are all just amazingly gorgeous, but Earthy has my vote!

  33. 433
    becky jones says:

    Okay – they are ALL beautiful, and Sarah – you are one of my TOP inspirations! Everything you do is fresh, fun and stylish! :) After much deliberation, my vote is for the Original design!

  34. 434
    Jeannie says:

    Wow.. It was between Fancy and Earthy… but Earthy won for me….

  35. 435
    Dani says:

    I am all about being Bold…..

  36. 436
    Janet says:

    Love the Original the best…but Earthy is a close second. Nice!

  37. 437
    Tonni says:

    I love the original… but the fancy is super cute too!

  38. 438

    I asked Sarah to start selling a template for her pricing guide and she said she was considering it. A month later and these fabulous designs are released! How amazing and talented she is! If I had to pick just 1, I would go with the Fancy pricing guide. But really, I love them all!

  39. 439

    Original is trendy and eye-catching- but BOLD

  40. 440
    Tina Harden Photography says:

    I love them all but I would have to say FANCY is my favorite!

  41. 441
    Shannon says:

    What a hard choice, but I love the Original the best! What an awesome giveaway- thank for the chance!

  42. 442
    Jen Kniivila says:

    Fabulous! I love this Earthy design. Beautifully done!

  43. 443
    DaniGirl says:

    They’re all terrific, but I’m partial to the Earthy one.

  44. 444

    I am IN-LOVE with the Original!

  45. 445

    Love, love, LOVE the “Earthy”!

  46. 446

    I love love love the bold! It is stunning and simple at the same time, it’s almost like a newspaper print which is great if you are a PJ photographer.

  47. 447
    aimee says:

    well shoot that was hard, each image she used is absolutely perfect for the design! i think fancy is my favorite. no wait, maybe bold. no no no, i’m going back to fancy. yes, fancy is my vote. :D

  48. 448
    Sandy Yetter says:

    It’s a tough choice, but I am going to go with BOLD!

  49. 449

    Fancy all the way!! fancy, fancy, fancy!

  50. 450
    Tracy Y H says:

    Wow, these are gorgeous! So hard to choose a favorite but if I have to pick one, I love the Original… classic, simple and clean but still a big WOW.

  51. 451
    gina lee says:

    they are just the coolest designs..but my fave is earthy…………and the original, and the bold… oh heck…love them all……… so fancy it is… :)

  52. 452
    Jaime Reed says:

    I love the original one! So fresh and fun and pretty!

  53. 453

    They are all absolutely stunning. I would have to say my favorite is the ORIGINAL. It is more my style. I love the timeless look & feel it has. They are all fabulous, but my choice is definitly ORIGINAL.

  54. 454
    Sakura says:

    hmmm…I’m very torn between the Orignal and the Bold. I love the clean feeling of the Orginal, so Orginal it is!

  55. 455
    Kari says:

    UEWWY I love them all but Earthy is my favorite:)

  56. 456
    Cory Ryan says:

    Excellent job on all, but the BOLD really sticks out to me as the most eye-catching, with the widest gender appeal! :)

  57. 457

    Ok, this is awesome!!! I have been wanting something like this forever. I spent about an hour going through each one! I am so torn between Original and Fancy. Ahhh…I think I am going to go with Original, just because its so stinkin’ cute and I love the content! You guys are awesome for doing this!

  58. 458
    Jill says:

    original is my favorite… but I loooove them all!

  59. 459
    Allison in VA says:

    WoW! The Earthy one does it for me! Thanks for letting us know about this site.

  60. 460
    Jessica says:

    good grief! pick one favorite? surely you jest!? they are all FAB!!!!!! seriously i love each of them. i am completely torn….but if i have to pick a favorite this very second, it would be fancy…or bold….alright i pick…fancy!

  61. 461
    Jennie says:

    I love them all! I choose BOLD as my most favorite.

  62. 462

    I LOVE the original, the colors, the layout and the pic is fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

  63. 463
    Chantel says:

    Earthy all the way!

  64. 464

    Loving BOLD!! It’s awesome!

  65. 465
    adam says:

    Earthy…for SURE!!!!!

  66. 466
    Amber Fife says:

    Definitely have to say earthy. LOVE it.

  67. 467
    Ashley says:

    I really like the fancy one, it stood out the first time I looked at it! But they are all beautiful :)

  68. 468
    John says:

    Bold. Definitely BOLD.

  69. 469
    Katherine says:

    LOVE them. Earthy. Beautiful!

  70. 470

    I really like the Bold. Its just so eye-catching.

  71. 471
    Jennifer says:

    They are all great, but the one that jumped out at me the most was BOLD!

  72. 472

    i love original because of its quirkiness! – but i do really like them all!

  73. 473

    oooooh, earthy, earthy! that is, like, the number one adjective i would use to describe how i want to be known! love this, and love your new site, sarah q!!

  74. 474

    Gosh i just ADORE the bold!! What a fantastic product. And i have to add that Sarah Q rocks, she is one of my fav photographers (her family session vids always have me in tears, happy tears that is) And Jodie you are so awesome for all you share xox

  75. 475
    Michelle says:

    I love the fancy one! Its lovely and soft, delicate and feminine. Perfect in my opinion!!

  76. 476
    Gail says:

    I LOVE the Bold product! What a great contest!

  77. 477
    Kerri Banyas says:

    I love the bold and fancy! They are flippin’ rocktastic! Great Job Sarah Q!

  78. 478
    Kelly says:

    I love them all, but Fancy is my favorite!!

  79. 479

    Bold is kick ass!

  80. 480
    Devan says:

    Fancy is my fave! :)

  81. 481
    Mands says:

    No 1 all the way baby! We are so excited by her designs! they are just what we have been dreaming and looking for!

  82. 482
    Erin says:

    I vote for the Original.

  83. 483
    Tara O'Leary says:

    I’m loving the BOLD right now..definitly stands out and creates a BOLD look! Cant wait to have a more better look into her website!

  84. 484
    eef says:

    Love the original one!!!! :-) XOXO eef

  85. 485
    Karin Froom says:

    I love them all, but no one beats the Original!

  86. 486

    Love all of them but because I have to choose one…I’ll say Fancy is my favourite! Great giveaway! Great job SARAH Q!

  87. 487

    HELLO BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL! I love me some BOLD design! It’s great that you can really focus on the photographs in this template. My eyes were happy when they saw it! It reminds me of a magazine ad. Super awesome!
    Send this template my way and I’ll do you proud with some killer photographs to fill it!
    Thanks for doing this fun contest!

  88. 488
    Dusty says:

    ORIGINAL!! Simple and so PERFECT!!!!!!

  89. 489
    Andra says:

    My fav is the original!!

  90. 490

    I love them All, Sarah Q! Love your website and your style! Great job and work done! Thank you!

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