Win Portraiture, Noiseware, and Real Grain from Imagenomic

facebook Win Portraiture, Noiseware, and Real Grain from Imagenomic twitter Win Portraiture, Noiseware, and Real Grain from Imagenomic plusone Win Portraiture, Noiseware, and Real Grain from Imagenomic

MCP Actions is excited to announce this “smooth” contest where the lucky winner drawn at random will win Imagenomic Pro Plug-In Suite.  The winner will get 3 fabulous products with a $300 retail value: Portraiture 2, Real Grain and Noiseware Professional Plug-In.

To enter the contest, comment directly to the blog answering the following:

  • Since shooting digital, what is the worst location you have ever had to shoot in (in terms of low light causing noise)?
  • What camera were you using?
  • And what ISO were you at? If you are unsure, go look up your EXIF data in Photoshop (FILE – FILE INFO – CAMERA DATA).
  • Twitter, post to Facebook, or tell 3 or more photographer friends that you know about this contest so they can enter too.

The winner will be picked at random this coming up Sunday, June 28th so check back.

Here is a little info on each product:

facebook Win Portraiture, Noiseware, and Real Grain from Imagenomic twitter Win Portraiture, Noiseware, and Real Grain from Imagenomic plusone Win Portraiture, Noiseware, and Real Grain from Imagenomic

 Win Portraiture, Noiseware, and Real Grain from Imagenomic

Jodi Friedman, MCP Actions

Jodi Friedman is the founder of MCP Actions. She designs popular Photoshop actions and Lightroom presets that make editing faster, easier and more fun.

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  1. 301
    John says:

    I shoot gymnastics. Which means I need a decent shutter (1/500th or better). Some facilities are very nice, meaning f/2.8 and ISO 1000 at 1/500th. Some facilities make me have to go ISO 3200, f/2.8 just to get 1/500th. All this on a Canon 1DMkII. However, one gym has a black hole in the middle of their floor. Edges are all ISO 3200, f/2.8, 1/500th. However, the center is 1/200th. OUCH. Which means I generally end up underexposing over 1 stop when shooting a gymnast performing her floor routine in the center. Which happens a lot.

  2. 302
    sue says:

    a wedding where i could not use any lighting!! i was shooting with a canon 20 on the highest iso and the images were barely usable . . .
    it was a nightmare as the bride and groom did not want to go to locations for more images and then i had shoo in a firehall that had no additional outlets for lighting either!! i had rented a canon 580ex and a drunken attendant fell into it and ended the light for the rest of the reception . . . money was refunded and i hung my head in shame while proofing!! ACKKKKKKKKKK

  3. 303
    Jess says:

    The absolute worst place for me to shoot ever was at a family reunion at a local assisted living community. There was only a single TINY window, and 30 foot ceilings with recessed lighting, so bouncing my flash was out. I ended up having to shoot at ISO 800 and 1600 on my Rebel XT just to get anything to come out — and that was WITH my flash! The images were insanely noisy, and I ended up having to convert most of them to black and white and pass off the noise as “artistic grain” haha

  4. 304
    Trish says:

    Shooting a basketball game in a poorly lit church hall. I could not use flash and had to bump ISO to 1600 to keep movement from blurring. Had horrible noise.

  5. 305
    Christina says:

    Since I started with photography, the most difficult shoot was the labor and delivery of my best friend first born. The lighting was horrible. It varied between harsh lights of the stabilet and no light in the room. I shot mostly ISO of 800 and 1600. Most of shots were very grainy but I captured the most special moments. I ran of the pictures through noiseware and that help tremendously

  6. 306
    Patrick B says:

    The worst low light shooting condition I’ve had to shoot was at our church when the students did a play. Despite the theatre lighting, I was shooting at f/2.8 at ISO1600 on my Canon 40d and still had a number of blurry shots from a slow shutter. The noise was horrible!

  7. 307
    DaniGirl says:

    I had a lot of trouble with my kids’ annual show in the gymnasium. The spotlights made horrible hot spots and left the rest dark. I was shooting with my D40 at various ISOs but nothing helped — either too noisy or blown highlights!

  8. 308
    Elizabeth C says:

    Worst location is my house when I try to get natural light shots – we don’t get any direct sun. Canon XTi at 1600 ISO – noisy! I’d love to win this package – thanks for the fun contest!

  9. 309
    Tara Zornow says:

    The worst light I have worked with was in a church about a month ago. It was like a dungeon! I used my speedlight AND had my ISO set to 1600 on my Canon 40D, and the photos were still extremely dark and the noise was horrible. I could SO use this software!

  10. 310
    Tera says:

    My worst situation to date has been photographing a professional dance group during their dress rehersal. Completely black except for very dim stage lights. I was using my Nikon D90 with a 50mm wide open at 1.4 and still needed 1600 ISO. Each shot looks beautiful small, but when you look close the noise just kills them! I had gorgeous individual shots of the dancers flying through the air, but I felt they just had too much grain and noise in them due to the high ISO to be worth blowing up big. Awesome to know that their might be a solution!!!

  11. 311
    Johanna says:

    in a bedroom at night with only the lamp on. i was taking pics of a sleeping baby, iso around 800 and 1000 with my 40d. would love to win this!

  12. 312
    amy little says:

    1.A reception hall with some areas of recessed lights set on dim and other areas that were only candle light. So crazy hard.
    2. Caon xti
    3. ISO 800 to 1600

    so frustrating. would love this software!

  13. 313
    Dean SEiveno says:

    The worst place I have shot photos was at a dance recital in a performing arts theatre with only stage lighting and 30+ rows back.

    I was using a Canon EOS 50D with a Canon 70-200 lens at an ISO of 1000.

    The frustrating part is that not only was I taking shots in low-light, I was also taking action shots of jumps, leaps, etc and the noise just distracts from what would be an otherwise fantastic photo. I would be very appreciative to have these tools at my disposal.

  14. 314
    Michele G uevara says:

    The worst place Ive shot is at a softball game at night. There is overhead lighting, but half of them are out and it makes it not only difficult for photos, but difficult for play! I was using a Canon 40D w/iso changing as the sun went down until it was just plain useful to get anything. Next game Im going out to the field and shooting back at the stands with a timed shot to get the ambience, but as for action… until the lights are replaced, its tough. Getting creative with other shots instead.

  15. 315
    Heather says:

    Worst lighting was definitely at a wedding reception outside. The only lights we had were the house lights and my measly SB400 flash. I was shooting with a Nikon D300 with ISO cranked up to 1000, it didn’t really help!

  16. 316
    jenberry says:

    •shooting my husband in the hospital when he was diagnosed with cancer, both emotionally and the lighting.
    •shot with a nikon d700 (it rules)
    •ISO 3200

    Check – twittered!!!!

  17. 317
    Sue says:

    . shooting my son’s first performance of the Trumpet in a school hall with not much lighting
    . shot with nikon d50
    . ISO 400 (wouldn’t think of going much higher with this camera)

  18. 318

    The worst was a 50th wedding anniversary party. Itwas held on the second floor of a building at night. I bounce my flash from the ceiling for even lighting but in this case, the room was small, the ceiling was low and to make it worse… it was painted solid black! The walls where white but the ceiling, OMG, total black. I think I set my Canon 10D at 400, I really don’t remember. What I do remember is that my flash, even using a Quantum battery back, had to work over time to get enough power to bounce off that ceiling. Image noise was all over and light that bounced off the white walls created very harsh shadows.

  19. 319

    The worst was at a state park. It was a bridal session scheduled for about a hour before sunset, but the bride was 20 mins late, wanted multiple locations, and kept wanting to try just one more thing.

    Shot with a 40D

    ISO 40D


  20. 320
    Jessica G says:

    Worst place was probably a dark church during a bad rainstorm for a baptism (It could’ve been night outside!). I had the 40D and bumped the ISO up to 1600. I just looked at this product last week, so the timing is right on!!

  21. 321
    Brandi says:

    The worst place I’ve ever had to shoot was a few years ago in a client’s very dark home where the only available light was a small, north-facing kitchen window. I had to use ISO 1000 on my Canon 30D+50mm 1.8 lens and I was STILL underexposing! YIKES!

  22. 322
    Trisha says:

    Mine was in the evening outside trying to get pictures of my kids. I have a 40D and was using ISO 800. I really thought my new 40D would be able to handle an ISO of 800 but it was so NOISY! Thank you so much for this offer! : )

  23. 323

    Two weeks ago I photographed a wedding in a very dark church and I could not use flash or my other lights. It was raining outside too. I had to go up to ISO 1600 on many shots which is the highest my Canon 5D can do. Noiseware would be great for theses! I am telling more than 3 friends!

  24. 324
    Cyndi says:

    * In my home, for my little ones birthday party I had the worst grain :(

    * Canon 30D

    * ISO 800

    * I have told more than 3 friends :)

  25. 325
    Courtney says:

    When I was first learning how to shoot in manual, I was so excited, I kept shooting until far to late in the evening. I was shooting with a Canon Rebel, and my ISO was 600. Just got caught up in all that I was learning….

  26. 326
    ingrid says:

    hospital room, Pentax K20D, ISO 800

  27. 327

    Shooting nighttime soccer at Shea Stadium in Littleton, Colorado. Anyone who has ever shot high school sports knows what I’m talking about, there is no such thing as a well-lit high school field. I was using a Nikon D1x that had terrible noise at ISO 800 and I had to go to HI-1 (one stop above 800, even noisier) to even pull out 1/125 @ f/2.8 in front of the goal. And if I had to shoot action in the corner, forget about it, it was more than two stops darker.

  28. 328
    Pete says:

    Oh man, worst place has to be a dark church for a friends wedding. No flash allowed, talk about grain. It was set at ISO 800 with a Canon XTI. Thanks for the chance.

  29. 329

    Oh my goodness! Why it’s so fresh in my mind because it was just yesterday! It was terrible and I have still not recovered from the horror of the grain and bad light. Thank goodness for RAW atleast so I could add some light. It was at my house in my dining room with a monsoon cloudy sky, deep dark clouds just laughing at me. I was using my D40 with ISO set at 800. I would LOVE to edit this shoot with something that works! :)

  30. 330
    Chelsey says:

    Low light noise, using the D300 in a small apartment-size space, shooting a newborn with less than four hours of light (in the whole day!); 800+ ISO. Would have been great to have any of these at the time!

  31. 331
    Sally Rich says:

    OOOH I’d LOVE to win this! I’m using the trial version right now. :) My worst lighting conditions were when I only had my 20D a couple years ago and I was shooting a wedding indoors that was completely candle lit….but there weren’t enough candles. I ended up having to manual focus at ISO 1600. They were AWFUL!

  32. 332
    Janelle Pruitt says:

    A dimly lit church, no flash allowed, had this great shot (except for the grain, of course) of the father and daughter moment as they started down the aslie. Canon 5D, ISO 1600. Thanks for the contest.

  33. 333
    Michael says:

    I enjoy outdoor nature photography and those casual candid shots when no one is posing. My worst shots happen at dusk when I end up putting my ISO to 1600 to try and cut out some of the motion. They work out in my head but end up grainy and disappointing in the end. I shoot with a Cannon Rebel 350D. I love it. Getting out of the military soon and looking forward to increasing my photography skills.
    Thank you for the chance at winning some awesome tools.

  34. 334
    Tara says:

    The worst place that I have shot was in a church for a wedding. They basically had candles for light. I was shooting with a Nikon D200, and my ISO was at 1600. COMPLETE NOISE! I hated it! Thanks for the oppertunity to win something to try and fix those situations in editing!

  35. 335
    Debbie Michael says:

    In a respite center…no light to speak of…Canon40d…trying to capture the last few weeks of my Mother…ISO 800….I really could use this!!! And yes all of my click girl friends now know of this great opportunity.

  36. 336
    Adalia says:

    Sunset in a backyard – loosing light fast,D300, ISO 800

  37. 337
    natasha says:

    I was doing a newborn shoot in this house and it was cloudy and about to storm I was using my Canon XTI and I had the iso @800 so the noise was horrible

  38. 338
    Erin Miller says:

    The worst place for me to shoot is my house with my D90. Noisy noisy pictures with my ISO up to 800 most days! I would really use this a ton!

  39. 339
    Heather B. says:

    My worst lighting situation was last September at a country wedding on their pasture. Ceremony ended at dusk, and the lighting would have been perfect…except the inexperienced dj blew the fuse to the WHOLE setup at the house…the music halted, lights blew out, and all you could hear were the crickets and the bride crying. It was completely dark, so dark that my camera wouldnt even focus in such low light. One of the cowboys pulled up his 4×4 truck into the pasture and we had to use his headlights for portrait lighting! Still had a lot to fix afterward with the iso being so high. Canon 40d, iso 1600 with headlights.

  40. 340
    Sarah says:

    Anything with an ISO greater than 400 indoors with the Canon Rebel XT was awful!

  41. 341
    melanie says:

    * Since shooting digital, what is the worst location you have ever had to shoot in (in terms of low light causing noise)?
    I shoot the majority of my portraits on location with primarily natural light and I often come across rooms that are very poorly lit. In one specific instance, I was doing a maternity portrait in Ottawa and included a noisy shot in their gallery because it was so sweet of the two of them- as murphy’s law would have it- that was the enlargement they wanted …so many lessons learned there…

    * What camera were you using?
    I had been shooting primarily with a 5D2, but had my wide angle on an old Canon Rebel
    * And what ISO were you at? 3200
    * Twitter, post to Facebook, or tell 3 or more photographer friends that you know about this contest so they can enter too. Done!

    I heard that the imagenomic software is a miracle worker from other photogs for correcting this exact problem…

  42. 342
    Teresa says:

    My worst noise issue was in a dimly lit wedding reception at a restaurant…in the evening, and little light. I use a Canon 5D and the ISO was 1600. I had a good lens, but still, noisy, noisy!

    Thank you for the opportunity, and I’m off to post on FB and to Twitter!

  43. 343
    Rachael says:

    1. my basement (very low light)
    2. Nikon D40x
    3. ISO 800

  44. 344
    Cathy says:

    Graduation, indoors, Canon D40, ISO around 1000. Terrible noise.

  45. 345
    Kansas A says:

    My MIL’s dining room with the whole family finally together (a rare occasion). No lights other than a hanging chandelier above where the table was but we had to move it for the group. I was using a point & shoot, timer mode on a tripod that I had before getting my Canon Rebel (oh Lord how did I manage?? lol). If I remember correctly I had bumped the ISO up to 800… noise? you bet! But the picture is priceless :)

  46. 346
    Christina says:

    Worst location was shooting a special church event. It was very dark and I wasn’t sure if it was ok to use flash. I was using a Nikon D70 at ISO 1600 (YIKES!!!). That is the first time I ever used Noiseware. I downloaded a free trial to see how it would work and it was amazing! I wanted to buy it but it would be great if I could save some money and win it! :-)

  47. 347
    Tori says:

    Worst was in a school cafeteria at my son’s Christmas concert using a Nikon D40 at 1600 ISO. Lots of noise, but had no choice but to take them.

  48. 348

    What a great product! There are so many times when there is wrong lighting and my photo comes out ….well….not so good. This is perfect for those special memories.

  49. 349

    I like to photography in studio with controlled light so I didnt have any problem yet with low light situations, I use a Nikon D60 and a D700, iso normally at 100 in my D700 and up to 800 in my D60.

  50. 350

    I’ve been stung by a jellyfish in the beach once, it hurts like hell and It’ll be a while before I go back again.

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