Win $50 Gift Certificates to MCP by Sharing Your New Year’s Resolutions

When I awoke today, in a bed at my parents’ house in Atlanta, where we are visiting, I started thinking… What will my resolutions be this year. I have some personal and professional goals for this upcoming year.  Call them goals, call them resolutions, call them things to accomplish.

For personal resolutions, I resolve to get back to the gym 4-5 days a week (along with hundreds of millions of others). I just went to a new endocrinologist and plan to work with her to sort out my thyroid and monitor other potential health issues.

As far as family resolutions, I plan to put down the computer more when my kids or husband are around. I am so passionate about my work developing Photoshop actions, blogging and teaching photographers through my MCP Actions business. It is wonderful to love what you do but not at the expense of family.  I use the phrases “in a minute” or “when I am done with this email” far too often.  In this upcoming year, I am going to try very hard to finish my work between 9-4pm, other than the occasional nighttime Photoshop Workshop.

As for professional resolutions, I just launched my new website.  This was a 2009 resolution. The new blog design did not quite make it, so that will move into a 2010 goal (sooner than later). I will continue blogging 5+ days a week, with informative content, fun contests, and more.

I resolve to spend less time on email in 2010.  Email is part of my business, but I need to realize that I cannot answer every photography or Photoshop question.  I now have a FAQs in place on my website, as well as many resources listed throughout. I will add to these as needed, as well as address other FAQs in monthly blog posts.

My new website will help me focus on development instead of fulfillment. This should allow me to create and launch a few new Photoshop action sets for 2010. I may have some products for Elements users too, as I have hired someone to work with me in this arena.

If I cannot accomplish everything, I resolve to either “let it go” or re-work how I do things.  I may look at outsourcing or hiring contractors if needed.


Enough on my resolutions.  What are yours?  Share at least one personal and one professional goal/resolution you have for 2010. To qualify, you must enter these in the comment section of this post on the MCP Blog (NOT on Facebook or Twitter as those comments cannot be integrated).

This contest is a quick one – you have until Midnight eastern time on New Year’s Eve (so just over 14 hours to get your posts in).

Winners will be picked on New Year’s Day.

Please tweet, blog about and/or post to Facebook to let others know of this fun contest.  The more that participate the more prizes available.

Prizes: For every 100 comments – one $50 gift certificate for the MCP Actions Store (good for Photoshop actions and purchases over $50) will be given away.

 Win $50 Gift Certificates to MCP by Sharing Your New Years Resolutions

Jodi Friedman, MCP Actions

Jodi Friedman is the founder of MCP Actions. She designs popular Photoshop actions and Lightroom presets that make editing faster, easier and more fun.

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  1. 301

    My New Year resolutions are: to improve myself to the best of my ability for my clients, and personal: Because we have a wedding in the planning stages for April of 2011,(my only daughter became engaged the day after Christmas, and we’re all so excited, especially since it was just a week after she graduated from nursing school!) I resolve to get rid if all this excess weight so that I am happy with MYSELF for the wedding, I’m not doing it to please anyone else, only MYSELF, because If I can’t be comfortable with myself, then I don’t feel I can be my best!

  2. 302

    I couldn’t agree more with the “in a minute” or “just let me finish this photo”…. I’m so there…

    And this year’s goals fall into both categoreis……epecially since I just weirdly & inexplicably lost my beautiful, vibrant 56 year old mommy (who is my absolute bestest girlfriend) over Xmas….. I am absolutely resolved to improve my workflow vs family time experience… life is ridiculously short- and I need to make sure that I continue to make the most of every single minute- get my new website finished and up (gonna have to look like I mean business if I’m gonna make this photo-thing a business) and to streamline my editing and condense my shooting days so that my family doesn’t feel second fiddle to my photo-passions.

    Personally- we are as a whole family going to simply live better- eat better, eat less and move more…. and we will do it together. Another way to spend time together and improve our physical health. :) Happy New Year everyone!

  3. 303
    Carrie says:

    Personal resolution: Focus on the time that I do have with my children instead of the time that I miss out on while I’m at work. Professional resolution: Soak up every bit of information I can to better my photography and gain confidence with each picture I take.

  4. 304
    Stacey B. says:

    To shoot 1x a week and to grow my editing skills by better understanding how to control the actions I use

    To learn to wag more and bark less, all around but especially at my children. I don’t my son to think his needs always need to wait “5 more minutes”

  5. 305
    Kansas A says:

    Well something went wrong when I went to post so I’ll try again.
    My personal resolution is to get back on my treadmill… my professional one is to take more pictures, no matter who’s watching.

  6. 306
    Kanani says:

    Personal – To be more present with my children
    Professional – To keep my business organized so that I can fulfilly personal goal of being more present with my kids!

  7. 307

    This first one is kind of a crossover between personal and professional resolutions. I want to set specific hours for my business. I work from the home and spend way too much family time doing photography and way too much photography time I spend only paying “half attention” because I’m taking care of the kids. So I want to be a better photographer and a better mom.

    I also want to increase my number of shoots per month on the professional level. And on a personal note, I’d like to lose 30lbs. :)

  8. 308
    Kerinsa says:

    My new year’s resolution is to figure out ways to quicken my workflow so I can spend more time relaxing and spending time with those I love.

  9. 309
    Melody says:

    Personal- More quality time with family, and just being in the moment!

  10. 310
    Kim says:

    My personal resolution is to be the best mother and wife possible. My professional resolution is to try to gain more confidence.

  11. 311
    kellie says:

    the usual – try and live a healthier lifestyle and lose the few kilos that have built up this year! also, i want to be start editing my sessions earlier and get a photoblog going.

  12. 312
    Andrea says:

    Andrea’s goals for 2010
    1) eat 5 fruit/veggies everyday
    2) exercise 30 min. per day
    3) date night with hubby once per week
    4) spend one night per week with each child- playing a game, taking a walk, etc.
    5) family night every friday
    6) church 2 x’s per mo.
    7) book 8 weddings
    8) launch new website
    9) new slideshow software
    10) lose this baby weight!!!!

  13. 313

    Hi there my new years resolution on the personal side is to get my family and I out into the fresh air more and to spend more time with each other creating wonderful memories the kids will look back on in 20 years. As of now my family time is taken over by my business and I want to get back to the family more as the kids grow so quick.

    For my professional resolution I hope to be able to cut my hours back at my regular 8-5 job to be able to have more time to do what my true passion is and that is photography. I want to have a more rigid schedule when it comes to my photography. I want bring in more clients and get the photos out in a more timely manner. No more pushing them off till the last min. I want to gain more confidence in my self when it comes to my work and not always put my self down.

  14. 314
    Carrie Vines says:

    My New Year’s resolution will be to take better care of me! My health took a turn for the worse, probably aided by the stressful year. This isn’t about weight loss, or dieting, but paying attention to myself, you know?

  15. 315
    Ivy says:

    My personal resolution – trite as it may be, lose 50 more pounds before I turn 50 in June – I have my work cut out for me. My professional – to continue listening to my inner photographer and keep going in the amazing direction I’m in right now! thanks for all you do! xx

  16. 316

    Personally: I would like to strive to consciously think every day (discreet sticky notes or other reminders should be put to use) “How can I be a better wife and mommy?” and then of course do something to answer that question. Professionally: I would like to get my SmugMug account decked out/customized to further my marketing and therefore bring in more business.

  17. 317
    Lisa says:

    My New Year’s resolution this year is to take more risks – and embrace whatever comes from doing so. Happy New Year everyone!

  18. 318

    My personal resolution is to workout on a REGULAR basis. A business goal is to set up new marketing material by the end of January. Thanks Jodi for all you do. Happy New Year!!

  19. 319
    Heidi says:

    Personal Resolution: Take the time to blog or somehow record the very fleeting moments of my children’s lives. I want them to be able to have a record of these precious early years.

    Professional Resolution: Expand my photographic horizons and explore new genres in photography. It’s too easy to keep doing the same type of shots over and over.

    Thank you for your work, and happy new year!!!!!

  20. 320
    Danielle says:

    I resolve to get all of the clutter out of my house (personal) and to learn Adobe Flash (professional).

  21. 321
    Cyndi Henry says:

    Personal goals for me will be to take better care of my health, I need to get my booty into the gym or doing some kind of exercise 3 x’s a week.
    Professionally, I’m going to be in a new state so will be working on really starting to work my business this year and get myself out there. I also resolve to blog at least once a week, should be more, but that I should be able to keep up with. Happy New Year Jodi! Hope 2010 is a great year for everyone!

  22. 322
    candice says:

    My personal resolution is to be a healthier me. To not put it off on tomorrow. Dream bigger, laugh until my guts hurt more often, live in the now and listen more:) My professional resolution is to believe in myself more and prepare a solid ground for my future in the photography business.

  23. 323
    Kristin says:

    My resolution is to become more organized and develop a more streamlined workflow, so that I can spend more time with my family!

  24. 324
    Kristin says:

    My personal resolution is to lose weight and develop a healthier lifestyle!

  25. 325
    Amy H. says:

    Personal: to work smarter–not longer and harder–so that I can be the wife and mom that I want to be. To learn to say “no” so that I don’t spread myself too thin.

    Professional: to take myself and my business more seriously and stop practically giving my work away. And, as in my personal goal, to learn it’s okay to say “no”!

    Happy New Year!

  26. 326
    James Johnson says:

    My new years resolution is to learn more using manual settings and try my hand in studio sessions.

  27. 327
    Dana says:

    Personally: my family will be relocating to Arizona this year. I resolve to keep my house immaculate till it sells and set my new house up with no delays! Professionally:transition from Fort Hood to Fort Huachuca and update my email and blog!

  28. 328
    Laura says:

    My personal resolution is to put more money towards vacations to go on every year….my favorite memories of childhood are vacations and road trips and I need to save more so I can continue the tradition. My professional resolution is to improve upon my own style & creativity and stop comparing myself to other photographers…its too self destructive :)

  29. 329
    Judith says:

    my new year’s resolution is to work smart, not hard in my photography and business.

  30. 330
    sara says:

    To spend more time with my little boy and less time with my computer. xo

  31. 331
    Pam says:

    Even though I am too late for the contest I wanted to share as I enjoyed reading all the other resolutions.
    This is the year that I am going to devote to education. Photography, business, and self-growth. I plan on attending workshops, reading all the books I’ve been buying, and writing a new business plan.

  32. 332
    Jessica O. says:

    Aww shucks! Am I too late to play?

  33. 333
    pandaranol says:

    An fascinating examination is worth comment. I think that you should belittle delete more on this field, it might not be a taboo subject but habitually people are not quantities to plead for on such topics. To the next. Cheers

  34. 334
    Dena says:

    My personal resolution is to be the best person mentally and physically I can be for myself and my children. My professional resolution is to learn as much as I can about photography and be one of the best at it.

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