Contest: Win “Get Schooled” Portraiture Guides, Templates ($1,100 in Prizes)

Get Schooled: School Portraiture Contest

Courtney of Get Schooled: School Portraiture Guide is so excited about the launch today that she wants to giveaway some fun Get Schooled: School Portraiture products.

Read all about each product by visiting the Get Schooled Blog or Website.

Here are the prizes:

  • One Lucky MCP Action Blog readers will win the “whole lunchbox!”  The guide, all marketing materials, forms and the sweet little book “It’s PICTURE DAY!”
  • Four readers will win the Get Schooled: Guide
  • Two more winners will receive the book template “It’s PICTURE DAY!”
  • Everyone will get a 25% off code – I will post this code when the winners are announced Sunday.

That’s a total of over $ 1,100 in prizes!

How to enter: you can have multiple entries in the Get Schooled contest. Make sure you leave comments for entering directly on the MCP Blog. Comments posted to Facebook notes will not be integrated.

  1. Comment and let us know how you feel these products would help your business.
  2. Spread the word about MCP Actions and Get Schooled: School Portraiture. Come back and leave an individual comment for each Tweet and/or post to Facebook about the contest.
  3. Go to the Get Schooled Blog and find the word of the day – come back and post it!
  4. Find a fellow photographer on Facebook, Flickr or a blog and leave a kind comment on one of their images.  Spread a little love blog love. Then come back and add a comment to let us know you did this.

The 7 Winners will be announced here on the MCP Blog on Jan. 24th in the late afternoon.

 Contest: Win Get Schooled Portraiture Guides, Templates ($1,100 in Prizes)

Jodi Friedman, MCP Actions

Jodi Friedman is the founder of MCP Actions. She designs popular Photoshop actions and Lightroom presets that make editing faster, easier and more fun.

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  1. 501
  2. 502

    Tomorrow is the big reveal day. I can’t wait to see who wins. I am so excited! And if I don’t win I’ll go in and buy it, but my fingers are crossed.

  3. 503
    Jody says:

    Ohhh I have Soo been thinking of doing school portraits. Just no idea How to approach schools ect. So I would be OvertheMoon if I won =)

  4. 504
  5. 505
    Jody says:

    Gail Anne Photography – Mainline/Philadelphia Photographer

    My Clickinmom/facebook/blog friend Gail just launched her new photography site. Check it out. I love it!!

  6. 506
  7. 507
  8. 508

    Saturday’s word of the day: smile!

  9. 509

    Left a kind message with my new photography friend Karyn on facebook!

  10. 510
  11. 511
    Jenessa Evans says:

    Winning this Get Schooled package would make me **SMILE** big and thats the word of the day!

  12. 512
    Rachel says:

    I’ve always wondered how to get into school portraiture. This would be a great first step!

  13. 513
    jennie says:

    love it! i could really use this; no more excuses for getting my children’s portraiture business off the ground : go right to the source and provide an awesome, self-selling product as well! love courtney’s enthusiasm and expertise…..really inspiring! thanks for the opportunity!

  14. 514
    kelly kemper says:

    I LOVE Courtney’s work and would love to have her as a mentor for my new business. I’m new to the area and could really use the help with time-saving tips for promoting.

  15. 515
  16. 516
    Stacey B. says:

    word of the day is smile :)

  17. 517
    Wendy Wilson says:

    word of the day: smile

  18. 518
    Erin says:

    Word of the day is smile :)

  19. 519
    Thea DuBose says:

    I am really hoping that win this…word of the day SMILE :)

  20. 520
    kelly kemper says:

    Left some love for a photog friend on Facebook. XOXO

  21. 521
    kelly kemper says:

    posted several comments on Flickr for captures I heart~

  22. 522
    Jessica Hedrick says:

    Word of the day: Hope everyone has taken the time to SMILE today!

  23. 523
    Barb Ray says:

    Late entry from Friday…word of the day was Stinky Cheese!!! :o)

  24. 524
    Barb Ray says:

    Ignore my last post…today’s word of the day is SMILE!!! :o)

  25. 525
    Barb Ray says:

    Just trying to get my business off the ground…still new to the community so I don’t have the contacts all of the local “home grown” photographers do…this package would be a wonderful to help teach me the ropes to school photography so I could have something new to offer the local schools which in turn would then turn into, hopefully, repeat business outside the school…the product looks wonderful! Thanks for being so generous with the contest.

  26. 526
    Barb Ray says:

    Commented on Hannah Stonehouse’s wonderful FB album e-session she did in Cable, WI…it was a snowy session and she ROCKED IT!!!!! My comment is on her FB page but the link goes to her blog…

  27. 527

    I truly believe that knowledge is power. More you know and more you will get ahead. As a start-up business, there are so many things I’ve never even thought about as a photographer, therefore I know Get Schooled: School Portraiture products will help me tremendously. I wanna win! :)

  28. 528
  29. 529

    Word of the day: Smile
    on Saturday, January 23, 2010

  30. 530

    Went to FB on Anne’s Bella Blu Creations and left her a sweet note commenting on how nice her work is. I do like her work! :)

  31. 531
    Kelly Kemper says:

    Left lots of love for Christopher Kilkus Photography on FB~

  32. 532
    Kelly Kemper says:

    Loved on Alisa Murray’s work on FB… it is delightful and work a look.

  33. 533

    word of the day: Inspired.

  34. 534

    spreading the love for my fellow photog’s. There are many that truly INSPIRE me.

  35. 535
    Sherri says:

    Word of the day: inspire

  36. 536
  37. 537
    Jenessa evans says:

    Word of the day inspire. Mcp inspires me to push myself to the limits.

  38. 538
    Ashlea Dews says:

    I commented on several pictures on FB that INSPIRE me. MCP inspires me- thank you for what you do!! Get Schooled= GREAT!! :)

  39. 539
    Kelly Kemper says:

    Just retweeted news of the Get Schooled contest!

  40. 540
    Ashlea Dews says:

    Tweeted to spread the word and INSPIRE others to check this out!

  41. 541
    Jessica Hedrick says:

    word of the day: This contest and new guide have really “INSPIRED” me with some great ideas!

  42. 542

    Word of the day is: INSPIRE

    (when I went to the page it was still posting yesterday’s WOTD) :)

    Cheers! :D

  43. 543
    barb says:

    i have wanted to persue this side of the business and didn’t really know where to even start. thanks so much for the opportunity to win!


  44. 544
    Susan Weeks says:

    These would be great! I have worked in a special needs preschool for 20 years. Our parents always want “school pictures” of their preschooler. Unfortunately, most school photograhers don’t have the time or experience to “work” with our little ones to get them to respond for a great photo. Most seem to get annoyed when we try to help them out.
    Thanks a bunch!

  45. 545
  46. 546
    Erica Vining says:

    Sunday’s word is inspired!

  47. 547
    Erica Vining says:

    Thanks again for this opportunity :)

  48. 548
    Erica Vining says:

    yesterday’s word was smile. Sorry I am posting it late, I was out of town yesterday with my husband. I figure better late than never :)

  49. 549
    Catherine says:

    oh my! this would really help me get my non-profit up and running! so many youth athletes could use financial support so they can participate in little league and other sports…..fingers crossed!

  50. 550
    Penny Yeager says:

    What an awesome giveaway!

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