Building Your Portfolio Contest: Win a Marketing Pack & Posing Guides



Winners will be picked and announced on Sunday, May 23rd. Winners must contact me by May 25th to claim prizes.

1. SP Design

Remember Angie Monson’s marketing pack I mentioned buying when I first got started? Yep, one lucky commenter gets one for free!

2. Design Aglow

Lena has graciously offered one of their incredible posing guides to one lucky commenter!

How to enter:

Add your entry in the comment section of this MCP Blog post (not on Facebook) by answering the question: What is your biggest struggle marketing your business?  Or if not in business, what your biggest obstacle to getting started?

Want more chances to win? Get bonus contest entries:

 Building Your Portfolio Contest: Win a Marketing Pack & Posing Guides

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  1. 901
    Kelly says:

    My biggest marketing issue is having to move constantly. My husband is an officer in the Army + we move all the time, lately on average every 6 months! It’s so hard to build up my reputation + if we stay some place ‘long’ (more than 6 months), I have to leave by the time the word of mouth clients come calling. IT IS SO FRUSTRATING!

  2. 902
  3. 903
    Kelly says:

    I am a liker on Facebook!

  4. 904
    Kelly says:

    Also a follower on Twitter!

  5. 905

    What is your biggest struggle marketing your business?
    Money and the time to research what will work best and the time to put together good marketing campaigns.

  6. 906
    C Marie says:

    My biggest struggle is deciding what marketing techniques will be useful and which are a waste of money.

  7. 907
    C Marie says:

    Tweeted: @catinamarie123

  8. 908

    Biggest struggles are pricing and getting my name out there in the community to compete for business with other more well known photographers…

  9. 909

    I’m a FB Fan =)

  10. 910

    I follow on Twitter =)

  11. 911

    I subscribe to your feed and newsletter =)

  12. 912
    Katrina says:

    My biggest obstacle getting started is getting myself organized and really knowing where to begin!

  13. 913
    Laura says:

    My biggest struggle with marketing is deciding where to spend my dollars for the best return on investment.

  14. 914
    Katrina says:

    I subscribe via Google Reader

  15. 915
    Katrina says:

    I’m a FB fan (Katrina Grace Sevin)

  16. 916
    Lindsay says:

    I’m a facebook fan!

  17. 917
    Katrina says:

    I follow on twitter (katrinasevin)

  18. 918

    My biggest obstacle is that we moved across the country (MT to FL and I know no one here. My built in networking system is removed and I’m having some trouble restarting things! This blog series has been awesome for reboosting my get up and go!

  19. 919

    Posted on FB profile

  20. 920
  21. 921
    Roxy says:

    My biggest marketing obstacle is finding the right kind of clients. The ones who not only can afford to go somewhere other than a chain, but know and appreciate the difference.

  22. 922

    my biggest obstacle with marketing is what will set me apart from the rest as the photographer of choice for future clients? Word of mouth? The picture(s) i use to advertise? who i am as a photographer?

  23. 923
    Juanita says:

    I subscribe to your RSS feed!

  24. 924
    Susanne says:

    My biggest obstacle is confidence in myself and my work. I doubt myself and wonder if my work is where it needs to be to go pro.

  25. 925
    Rachael B says:

    Figuring out when to dive in and what I’m worth

  26. 926
  27. 927
    Rachael B says:

    Twitter follower

  28. 928
    Tera says:

    My biggest struggle is print materials. Big time!

  29. 929

    My biggest struggle in marketing my business is the cost; I lack the necessary funds to get into any print advertising and am having to rely on word of mouth – not that word of mouth isn’t working! :-) Just isn’t working as well as I need it to.

  30. 930
    Tera says:

    Twitter follower

  31. 931
    Tera says:

    FB Fan! :)

  32. 932
    Tera says:

    Got the RSS feed!

  33. 933

    My biggest struggle is delegating my time evenly amongst business and work time and personal time.

  34. 934
    Anna Sawin says:

    I think the biggest obstacle is having the time to do it all right at the same time–same look, quality of pieces, etc.

  35. 935
    Lindsay says:

    My biggest trouble marketing is getting started! I don’t know how to market, what audience to market or where the best first step would be.

  36. 936
    Joel Locaylocay says:

    I haven’t started a business yet. I believe what has kept me from getting started is figuring out the details on the business end (ex. pricing).

  37. 937
    Sandra Finch says:

    Never having enough hours in the day, lol … I work full-time as well, so finding a balance between marketing effectively, yet not too aggressively so that I become overwhelmed and unable to service the clientele …

  38. 938
    Sandra Finch says:

    I’m a facebook fan too!! LOVE MCP Actions!

  39. 939

    Getting all the marketing tools (brochures and postcard, etc) made with my products and photos and info made and ready to send out to places and people!

  40. 940
    Conni M says:

    My biggest struggle is time..pounding the pavement. I have a full time job and no time to ‘drum up’ photography biz!

  41. 941
    Conni M says:

    Already am a fan on FB

  42. 942
    Conni M says:

    Follow you on twitter

  43. 943
    claire says:

    Getting people to just become a subscriber to my newsletter.

  44. 944
    Bridgette says:

    My marketing problem is building word of mouth.

  45. 945
    Kim says:

    My biggest struggle is time, not having enough of it. I have actually been very blessed, the majority of my business has been from word of mouth. now I want to hit the next step and get my name out there more, have the ideas and creativity…no time.

  46. 946

    My biggest struggle is trying to figure out where to spend my marketing dollars.

  47. 947
  48. 948
    Kallie says:

    My biggest hurdle is finding the time to learn the basics of Photoshop editing to give my photos the “professional edge”. I find images that I love right out of the camera, but I’d like to know how to make them just a little extra special.

  49. 949
    Kallie says:

    Fan on Facebook!

  50. 950
    wendy f. says:

    shared on fb!

  51. 951
    wendy f. says:

    My biggest marketing obstacle is trying to spread the word cheaply. Since it’s part time for me I can’t earn enough to justify spending a lot on marketing.

  52. 952
    lisa says:

    Toughest has been the steep learning curve. Wow! But with diligence and a LOT of reading I feel like I am getting somewhere. (Mostly to that place where you realize that the more you learn the less you know!).
    I’m an amateur, just looking to improve my straight out of the camera shots, AND my photoshop skills.

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