Win a NEW Camera Bag * You Pick the Style and Color

Contest: Enter to win a Jo Totes Camera Bag

Are you forever on the search for the perfect camera bag?  There are so many different styles and types of camera bags out there.  How do I know?  Because I’ve owned most of them at one time or another.  I am a firm believer that just like there is no perfect food, there is no one-size-fits-all camera bag.  I use different camera and lens bags depending on the situation and occasion. The common denominator for me, they have to be both functional and attractive.  From my Shootsac for times when I am on the go and need to switch lenses quickly, to my large Jill-E Jack bag for rolling all my gear and for travel, I need variety. In case you are wondering, I have tons of purses too… And I tend to love camera bags that look like over-sized purses and for that reason I have owned a Kelly Moore bag and my newest one, the Jo Tote camera bags.

plumbronzeblue Win a NEW Camera Bag * You Pick the Style and Color
pin it4 Win a NEW Camera Bag * You Pick the Style and Color

For those of you who LOVE the look of a purse style camera bag, and who want to carry with you a camera, a lens or two and stuff like your wallet and a lip gloss, you must check out my latest advertiser to the MCP Blog, Jo Totes.  April, the owner, sent me two styles. The Rose, which has a dressy, classic look, is just beautiful.  It would be dressy enough for toting around at a wedding yet fun enough for every day.  Plus it comes in great colors. The Rose is the perfect day bag for carrying your camera and an extra lens with your purse items while out and about. The Missy, which fits a little more and can handle more weight than the Rose, has a fun, vintage look. And lots of pockets. Even after trying both, I am torn on which I prefer.  But Jo Totes are so reasonably priced, you may just want to get one of each.  The Tote style looks really nice too, but I cannot speak from experience for that one.

model Win a NEW Camera Bag * You Pick the Style and Color
pin it4 Win a NEW Camera Bag * You Pick the Style and Color
So which of these Jo Totes Camera Bags are you wishing for? Enter to win one of three prizes being given away.  Winners will be picked at random on Sunday evening. If you want to purchase now, and you are picked as a winner, your purchase price will be refunded.

1) One Missy (winner can choose color-black is out of stock, but will be back in September if you can wait)
2) One Rose (winner can choose color)
3) One Olive or Scarlet tote
To enter:
  • Just add a comment to the blog (not facebook) – and let us know, which style and color most fits your personality.
For extra entries:
  • Upload a photo to the comment section that illustrates why you “need” a new camera bag.
  • And as always, if you “Like” me on Facebook, new “fans” only or “Follow” me on Twitter for the 1st time, you get an extra entry for each.  And if you spread the word on this contest, on your blog, Facebook, or Twitter, get extra comment entries for those as well. Just add a comment for each of the extra things you did. Good luck everyone!

interior Win a NEW Camera Bag * You Pick the Style and Color
pin it4 Win a NEW Camera Bag * You Pick the Style and Color

 Win a NEW Camera Bag * You Pick the Style and Color

Jodi Friedman, MCP Actions

Jodi Friedman is the founder of MCP Actions. She designs popular Photoshop actions and Lightroom presets that make editing faster, easier and more fun.

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1494 Comments and 0 Replies

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  1. 1401
    Dorothy says:

    I liked you on facebook :)

  2. 1402
  3. 1403
    Leah Z. says:

    I want ALL colors of the Rose bag :)

  4. 1404

    I follow you on twitter now :)

  5. 1405

    I love the Missy in black. Also love the Rose! My camera bag is falling apart, I have been looking at these!

  6. 1406
    Deborah Evans says:

    Not big enough and NOT pretty :(

  7. 1407
    Mona says:

    Wow these are a gorgeous way to carry gear!
    I like the Scarlet Tote . . . but would absolutely LOVE any of them!

  8. 1408
    tina says:

    LOVE the Olive tote :) But I also like several others… can I pick more than one? :)

  9. 1409
    BLC1975 says:

    I would love the Missy!

  10. 1410
    Sarah Spencer says:

    The Missy is so me! I love love the black and pink!

  11. 1411

    The Olive Tote is just my cup of tea.
    kymberlie {at} stefanskis [dot] net

  12. 1412

    Tghis is so stylish and very well thought out. I like the Rose. It looks so much like a purse. Nice Job

  13. 1413
    Michale Crumly says:

    I love the rose! It would definitely add some style as I am currently carrying my stock Nikon bag and it is so not stylish and very bulky. The only problem I see with the rose bag is I would have to fight my 5 year old daughter on who was going to carry it as she also loves bags/purses!

  14. 1414
  15. 1415
    Angela Porter says:

    I really love the rose plum, my traditional (aka boring) camera bag needs to go, I need something more stylish!!!

  16. 1416
    klandmeier says:

    The missy in black is for me !

  17. 1417

    I just shared on facebook.
    kymberlie {at} stefanskis [dot] net

  18. 1418
  19. 1419
    klandmeier says:

    follow on twitter too!

  20. 1420
    Robin D says:

    Just because it looks so out there compared to most camera bags, I would love the Missy, in blue. Something fun and out of the ordinary.

  21. 1421
    Katie Sellers says:

    Love the Missy in black–it would be so nice not to have to lug a purse and a camera bag on some occasions!!

  22. 1422
    Bethany says:

    I absolutly love the Rose bag. I would take any color but the teal is my favorite. Also, I am a facebook fan.

  23. 1423
    Jennifer Liebmann says:

    I love the turquoise one! Very ME :)

  24. 1424
    Jennifer Liebmann says:

    Liked you on Facebook :)

  25. 1425
    Tammy says:

    I love the Missy!!!! I am carrying my gear in my purse and would love to win this.

  26. 1426
    JillBStrasser says:

    Thanks for the chance! They are all delicious! I love them all especially the black to be safe or the yellow to be more daring

  27. 1427
    Elodie says:

    I love that blue Missy bag, the color is fantastic, the fact that it has extra pockets really suits my personality because I always have bits and pieces for “just in case”

  28. 1428
    Allie says:

    O. M. G.
    The Rose in Clementine.
    Yep I need this camera bag in the worst way!

  29. 1429
    Rhonda Jewell says:

    I love the tote style bag. Any color in that bag would be wonderful. It looks very roomy to hold lots of lenses and whatever else you need to tote around with you.

  30. 1430
    Kristen says:

    Rose in mustard yellow please! Love it!!!!

  31. 1431

    Just saw this on your blog. Not sure if I’m too late to enter, but I LOVE the rose bag! It totally fits my personality with the fun colors and flower. And, carrying a camera and lens along with a few accessories is perfect for my lifestyle. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that I could have one of these beauties! Thanks!

  32. 1432
    Jessica says:

    I LOVE the black rose bag! Stylish AND functional! Can’t beat it!

  33. 1433
    Dorothy says:

    I need a new bag because mine is ugly as heck, it is ripping and certainly not big enough!

  34. 1434

    Oh, and I think the bronze color would best suit me too. I love that it’s a fun neutral. Thanks!

  35. 1435
    Jessica says:

    Officially a fan on Facebook! *LIKE*

  36. 1436
    Jessica says:

    Shared about the contest on my Facebook Page!

  37. 1437
    Shanna says:

    I really love the missy, with all of the pockets. I have a ton of purses with one big area for everything, and I can never find what I want. I like that I can put various things in all of the pockets and not have to dig for ‘em.

  38. 1438
    synthia baynes says:

    I need a new bag because I am tired of carrying around an old bag that not only makes me look like a tourist but kills my back. This bag looks fashionable and more discrete when worn. Black would be my color of choice.

  39. 1439
    ofri says:

    i loved them all !

  40. 1440
    Suzy I says:

    I LOVE the yellow one – so fun!!!

  41. 1441

    I just got back from vacation and am finally catching up on all of my MCP Blog e-mails! Thank you for all you do! I have to say, I LOVE the missy bag! Maybe because my nickname is Missy, but probably because it’s super suave! ;-)

  42. 1442
    Sarah says:

    I LOVE the MIssy Blue! These bags are GREAT!!!!

  43. 1443
    Sarah says:

    LIked the facebook page!! I am in the process of purchasing my first digital SLR and this bag would be a great start and a bonus because I am not going to be able to afford a nice camera bag after all the money I am spending on the new camera!!!!!!!!! I love the Missy BLUE!!!!! THANKS!!

  44. 1444
    Francesca Duran says:

    I fell in love with the Rose bag in yellow the minute I saw it! I have been searching so long for the perfect bag to travel with and to have for on the go that would keep my camera safe and I think this is it! The yellow fits my personality to a tee, fun and vivrant and maybe a little quirky, almost goes with everything but not quite ;-). I hope I win!

  45. 1445
    Liat Varsano says:


    It’s unbelievable the beauty of these bag camera.

    I’ll like 2 have a black bag camera :-))
    It will be a wonderful present 4 my Birthday 3.9.


  46. 1446
    Karnival says:

    Thank you very much for the opportunity :)
    These bags are gorgeous and I like most the Rose – Black bag.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  47. 1447

    They are all so beautiful. I think the rose fits me best. I love anything vintage. The bronze color is soooo fab!!

  48. 1448
    keren says:

    I love all 3….

  49. 1449
    Rae Clevett says:

    Congrats to the winners! I was a winner too b/c Nathiya from Emera read about the handle on my bag coming loose and they generously sent me a new quilted camera bag.

  50. 1450
    Diana says:

    Love the look of the “missy” looks like it has all the room needed.
    wonderful looking bag

  51. 1451
    Steph J says:

    Posted on FB:
    Another cool camera bag giveaway!
    Giveaway: Enter to Win Joy Collection Camera Bags for Women

  52. 1452
    Kathy Alkaraghouli says:

    Black fits my wardrobe style but the Brown is so Me as it is Autumn

  53. 1453
    Kathy Alkaraghouli says:

    Re tweeted :-)

  54. 1454
    Nicole says:

    I need this because I am adding glass to my kit. I love the aqua! Love it!

  55. 1455
    Kayla says:

    I would love the Missy in Black! It would go very nicely with my red and black winter boots and black wool pea coat! Of course my black Canon would look wonderful inside it as well ;)

  56. 1456

    I have enough gear that I can’t zip my current bag. Usually I end up leaving a lens at home. A new, classy bag would be great!

  57. 1457

    i would love one of these gorgeous bags – talk about styling – love it “) ! ~

  58. 1458
    julie says:

    I need a new one because mine is black and ugly and stuffed!!!
    I carry my lenses, camera, hoods, cards, pen, index cards, cleaning rag, instructions to my camera (still!). That’s about it and I love, love, love the bright blue bag with the pockets on the front. I love the bright blue Jo Tote with the pockets on the front. Love that one. It screams PHOTOS and that is why I like it. Plus, who could ever lose that bag??? It’s so bright.

  59. 1459
    Kim B says:

    Love the Missy in pink!

  60. 1460
    gretchen says:

    i really like rose, it wouldn’t scream CAMERA BAG, if you were worried about not advertising the fact you were carring expensive equiptment. But the tote looks like it has more room, so it would be a difficult choice…!

  61. 1461
    Jonathan Clark says:

    ‎2 Nikon D80′s, 50 mm f1.8, 18-105, 35-70, 70-300, 1 sb-800, pen, paper, business cards, wint-o-green mints, extra batteries, cell phone, car keys …. my wife and I share a bag .. she could really use her own :o)

  62. 1462
    RaVonne Rhodes says:

    they are all really nice…but i think my favorite one is the brownish-gold rose bag…if you know what i am talking about….

  63. 1463
    Joyce Wenker says:

    I love the Rose Plum bag and would like very much to use it in my photography sessions. The fact that you
    could just sling it over your shoulder while on the move for that perfect picture is priceless.

  64. 1464
    Lisa Boggs says:

    Added this giveaway using the share button of facebook. It’s on my page as well as my feed.


  65. 1465
    Jmarie K says:

    I just tweeted about the giveaway on twitter. Yay!

  66. 1466
    Jmarie K says:

    Just shared this giveaway on my facebook page. Love the teal bag best.

  67. 1467
    Jmarie K says:

    Just added a link to this page to my blog. Love the Missy bag.

  68. 1468
    Dana says:

    I bring my nikon d300, my fav lenses (50mm, 17-50) paper,pens, family info sheet, cards, bubbles, rubber bands and gum.

  69. 1469
    Jennifer says:

    I love the red Missy! Super cute!

  70. 1470
    Michelle Umberger says:

    I would love to have the rose in black. It’s perfect.

  71. 1471

    I love them all, but if I had to choose I would choose the mustard yellow purse with the bow cluster! It’s beautiful! Simply said! I would die for one.. Ok, maybe not die, but I love it! :)

  72. 1472
    Kriss says:

    WoW! I really like The Missy in Teal or any color. I can use this bag every day. And with two kids toting along with me most of the time, this bag will allow me to include stuff for them to do and i wont have to lug multiple bags around with me. The bag I have now(as you can see)…it just doesnt live up to what your bag is possible of.

  73. 1473
    Sally says:

    The Blue Bag is definitely my stule! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! Smiles Everyone! :-)

  74. 1474
    andrea says:

    I would love the tote, scarlet of course, to help me stay organized this year as I take photos on my “Year Long Creative Journey of Self Discovery” I am a fan on FB, and just followed you on Twitter.

  75. 1475
    Cristina Eenkhoorn says:

    I absolutely love the Rose in Suguarplum!! I can’t wait until they are back in stock in February!!

  76. 1476
    Petra says:

    Love the Hobo bag in grassy green! Would love to have that bag. :)

  77. 1477

    Would love the Tote in Olive!

  78. 1478
    Frogpad Studio says:

    I love the Olive or Scarlet tote. Oh my could I use a new camera bag!

  79. 1479
    Patricia Holy says:

    I’d love to have the Women’s Juju Bag in Walnut. Don’t have a camera bag yet. Too many expensive things to buy with a expensive hobby (photography).

  80. 1480
    jmoise says:

    I like the looks of the Kelly Boy bag in brown!

  81. 1481
    kristie hines says:

    Wow! I didn’t realize there could be such a stylish way to carry our camera, lenses and batteries… I’m sold on this cool bag. I really like the Missy in Red. They are all great. Sure would be a great Valentine’s gift / birthday gift for me.

  82. 1482
    Ana says:

    I’ve been looking for camera bags that don’t “scream” camera bags. I want something that’s more discreet, functional and glam looking. The Rose bag perfectly fits the bill. I really like the Rose Bronze and the Rose Moonbeam. They are great looking and functional bags. I just got the canon 60D for Christmas to replace my EOS 350D. This bag is at the top of my wishlist!!!

  83. 1483
    sarah says:

    I’m picking one of these up this weekend, sending in my order tomorrow right after my pay check hits the bank ;)

  84. 1484
    Cindy says:

    Since I have never seen these before but they look cool, I do not know what the insides look like. I will just have to go with the color and that would be Blue. Thanks

  85. 1485

    kam vložiti denar [url=]cekinsi[/url]

  86. 1486
    Jennifer Limbaugh says:

    The Rose bag in any color…but the bronze is awesome

  87. 1487
    Amy luna says:

    I love the missy! anything would be a blessing! thanks for the chance

  88. 1488
    Gail Douglas says:

    Wow that little blue number does it for me no more she carrying her camera bag and everyone knows. I will be stylish and cool. love them.

  89. 1489
    Gail Douglas says:

    Come and check it out waht a great idea.

  90. 1490
    Hannah W says:

    Hey!I love the rose! and I have liked you on FB and linked to my page.

    Great competition!

  91. 1491
    Hannah says:

    Gredt competition. I love the tote in blue or turquoise.

  92. 1492
    tammy says:

    olive tote

  93. 1493
    Karen says:

    A dressed up camera! Love!!

  94. 1494
    Carrie says:

    I love my camera bag, but it would be nice to carry something that clearly is more feminine. Love the light blue & red colors/styles. :)

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