Giveaway: Win $50 Gift Certificates to Photo Card Boutique

Giveaway: Win one of three $50 Gift Certificates to Photo Card Boutique

Photo Card Boutique is a great new resource for photo style holiday card templates, luxe die-cut cards, birth announcements and more. Angie, the owner, is slowly stocking her store with great photo card Photoshop design templates for photographers! I love that she also sells some amazing digital background papers. If you love creating and making fun templates, cards and more, you will love her products. And next week, Angie and I have a special BIG surprise coming for everyone!

This week, make sure to scroll down to enter our contest to win one of three $50 gift certificates to her design store.

Her beautiful digital papers allow you to customize the look of your cards, The papers also work great in collages and storyboard templates. As shown above, I used one of the Photo Card Boutique digital papers in an opening of a MCP Photoshop Storyboard Templates: Rounded Blog It Boards and Rounded Print It Boards.


  • 3 lucky winners of this giveaway will win $50 gift certificates to Photo Card Boutique
  • Winner to be picked Sunday
  • Everyone - Purchase $5 or more from Photo Card Boutique by November 30th, using the code “mcp-actions” at checkout – and get a $5 reward gift card good toward a future purchase at her store.

To enter:

  • Add a comment to this post (not on Facebook) and answer the following question: For your own family, do you send out holiday cards? If yes, which option below.
    • Photo Card: Online or at a store kiosk, I drag and drop photos into a template using a pre-made card from the professional or consumer print company.
    • Photo Card: Using a Photoshop template from a graphic design company or photographer’s resource site.
    • Photo Card: Design a card from scratch
    • Non-Photo Card: Store bought package or individual cards
    • Non-Photo Card: Designed in Photoshop and printed
    • Other: tell us more…

Want more entries: The more times you enter, the better your chances to win!

If you want to earn bonus contest entries remember posting about the contest on your favorite forum, blog, Facebook and twitter each count as an extra entry. Follow MCP on Twitter or Facebook and then “Suggest” my Facebook Fan Page to your friends and followers get an extra entry. And of course if you have my button/link to my site on your blog, you always get an extra entry in every contest! Just add a bonus comment for each. Good luck everyone!

 Giveaway: Win $50 Gift Certificates to Photo Card Boutique

Jodi Friedman, MCP Actions

Jodi Friedman is the founder of MCP Actions. She designs popular Photoshop actions and Lightroom presets that make editing faster, easier and more fun.

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  1. 301
    Stephanie says:

    The past years I’ve taking the family photo and designed a card myself. Which reminds me I need to do this years!

  2. 302
    alicia says:

    Yes we send out a christmas card with a photo and also include a letter! Christmas cards are no fun if there is not a picture included and a letter telling us what’s new!!

  3. 303

    I now follow MCP on Twitter

  4. 304
    Stephanie says:

    I’m a feed subscriber

  5. 305
    Stephanie says:

    I’m a twitter follower – timeslidesby

  6. 306
    Angela says:

    I usually combine a few templates that I got from a photographer’s forum along with some papers that I bought. I try to make it unique to my own style!

  7. 307

    I have never sent out a Christmas card before. Going to change that though! :)

  8. 308
  9. 309
  10. 310
  11. 311
    Kristin says:

    I’ve only sent out Christmas cards once but it was one that I put together and had printed out from a store. It was a great way to show off some of my very first work : )

  12. 312
    Bibi H says:

    yes I sent out a card.
    Photo Card: Online or at a store kiosk, I drag and drop photos into a template using a pre-made card from the professional or consumer print company.
    This year I am planning to use my lab to print Photo Card: Using a Photoshop template from a graphic design company or photographer’s resource site.

  13. 313

    we do send out photos and this year i will be using one created by a designer in ps

  14. 314
    Gail Roles says:

    I design my own cards for all the holidays…but then I am a photographer and a graphic designer…so not a stretch. I find my clients are always looking for something original to be designed…everyone knows the standard sites to go to for the cards and they are looking for something unique.

  15. 315
    Amy Jo says:

    Photo card: Either PS template or designed myself depending on how much time I have.

  16. 316
    Dawn-Renée says:

    I design my cards from scratch, but I use a program from Creative Memories called Storybook Creator Plus 3.0. Graphics and papers are inexpensive, beautiful and endless. I can do many of the things I can do in Photoshop with a smaller learning curve! But SBC+3.0 doesn’t have ACTIONS! LOL! Love both! This is the one I did last year…before I found actions in Photoshop.

  17. 317
    Wendy says:

    I am horrible when it comes to sending out Christmas cards. I create photo cards for many of my clients, but fail when it comes to doing them for myself. Many moons before digital was so popular I would by store bought boxed cards to send out, or purchase them on clearance for the next year, but then would wait too long and they wouldn’t get sent out. I think I still have some boxes of cards from the 90′s!

  18. 318
    Kelly Dorman says:

    Photo Card: Using a Photoshop template from a graphic design company or photographer’s resource site.

  19. 319
    Betsie says:

    We do picture cards, I have always done the drag-n-drop, but this year will be attempting my first Photoshop cards. Just got pictures done today! :)

  20. 320
    Andrea Berry says:

    I send out photo cards, although it’s always a challenge to get great pictures of my OWN three boys! I use a photoshop template from a someone like you! : )

  21. 321
    Nicole P. says:

    I design my own photocards from sctach and then take them to Sams Club to be printed.

  22. 322
    Gretchen P says:

    I have only sent out Christmas cards once in my 13 years of married life. The one time I did, I used Non Photo Cards that were store bought. I keep telling myself I am going to, but it just never happens.

  23. 323
    Reva says:

    I use a photo card template from Mpix.

  24. 324

    I ALWAYS send out a family photo card. This year I am using a photoshop template but in the past I have purchased from a commercial supplier…It really sucks when you start opening cards and you open 3 in a row that are exactly the same

  25. 325
    Sonnia V-F says:

    Awesome contest!
    This is the first year we are doing a Christmas Card and we are doing a Photo Card, Using a Photoshop template from a graphic design company or photographer’s resource site. Can not wait!

  26. 326
    Tracey says:

    Yes, I try to send out Christmas Photo Cards using a premade template from a Photographer resource.

  27. 327

    Our Christmas came early last year with the birth of our second daughter. I am so excited to actually send out “Family” photo cards this year showing off our two little princesses! I usually send out a photographers template for our photos.

  28. 328
    Stephanie D. says:

    The past two years I designed a card from scratch in photoshop.

  29. 329
    jennifer m. says:

    i am sending photo cards (from online sites…drag and drop) this year for the first time. in other years, i have made my own non-photo cards, and sometimes purchased non-photo cards. looking forward to using photos more!

  30. 330
    jennifer m. says:

    i follow mcp on facebook!

  31. 331
    jennifer m. says:

    i posted the link to facebook.

  32. 332
    Tiffany says:

    I love using templates because they are so easy and fast. When I want a challenge, I design my own. It also depends on how much free time I have on my hands which is not much lately!! Looks like a template this year:)

  33. 333
    Tiffany says:

    Tweet! Tweet! @tkparrott

  34. 334
    Sara S says:

    Yes, we send out a card. Last year we used a Photoshop template from a graphic design company or photographer’s resource site…might make a go of designing my own this year.

  35. 335
    Nancy Smith says:

    I usually send out store bought Christmas cards but I am going to buy an online source for a PSD template and make cards :)

  36. 336
    Noel Green says:

    Yes. I love sending out xmas cards… and of coarse you have to have a pic :) I usually design the card myself.

  37. 337
    shana Qualey says:

    I always want to send photo cards that I make in photoshop but never get around to it in time. Maybe this year!

  38. 338

    We send photo cards using a template or I custom make one on PS

  39. 339
    Debbie Herring says:

    I’m ashamed to admit I sent no cards out last year. In the past, I have purchased cards that have a place to insert a print. This year, I have created many card templates in photoshop and bought some templates. Now….gotta decide which card to use! Thanks for the chance to win a gift card!

  40. 340
    Jen says:

    Would love, love, love to win!!!

  41. 341

    I actually DO send out cards and use the ole “drag and drop ” method with an online site.

  42. 342
    Gail Roles says:

    I left a comment earlier (around noon today) but I can’t find it, so I would like to try again. I love MCP and I think Photo Card Boutique may be my new next favorite. Thank you so much for letting us know about her. I already have several items in the shopping cart and can’t wait to look through the rest tomorrow when I have time. Yes, I send photo Holiday cards and so do my clients. I think they appreciate the fact they can have one custom designed for them that isn’t like what everyone else can find at the usual fast-but-looks-just-like-what-everyone-else-can-get-and-have-seen sites. I can’t wait to use some of her papers and elements. Thank you for sharing some of your valuable resources with us!

  43. 343
    Rashelle Cuperus says:

    In the past, I’ve uses a photo kiosk, but this year, I want to try my hand at my own on photoshop. Would love to win one of these gift certificates!

  44. 344
    Brandi Lee says:

    I have sent e-mail cards the last two years in an effort to save money and be more eco-friendly, but I want to send a REAL card again this year! There are so many amazing options now, and I really want to something special.

  45. 345

    I send out Photo Card Designed from scratch….Fun!

  46. 346
  47. 347
  48. 348

    I send out photo cards. I drag a photo into a premade card online.

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