Contest: Win a Tamron 18-270mm Di II VC PZD Lens for Nikon, Canon or Sony dSLR Cameras

Win a Tamron 18-270mm Di II VC PZD Lens for Nikon, Canon or Sony dSLR Cameras

The Prize:

The New Tamron 18-270mm Di II VC PZD Lens for Nikon, Canon or Sony dSLR Cameras (Tamron 28-300VC for Nikon or Canon may be substituted if you have a full frame camera)

Details about the lens:

The World’s Lightest, Smallest 15x Zoom: Tamron 18-270mm Di II VC PZD is 24% Smaller than Previous Model!

The acclaimed Tamron 18-270mm VC all-in-one zoom for APS-C format DSLRs has reached an astonishing new level of compactness, performance, and speed with the addition of PZD (PIEZO Drive), an innovative ultrasonic autofocus motor based on an advanced piezoelectric design. The result is a lens that’s considerably lighter, noticeably shorter, with a much slimmer profile than any previous lens in its class, and that provides faster, quieter auto-focusing.

Signature features that have made this amazingly versatile lens the world standard in its class have been retained. They include a 28-419mm equivalent (15X) zoom range, an improved, lightweight, compact Vibration Compensation (VC) system, macro focusing to 19.3 inches throughout, and, of course, superlative imaging performance.

Contest Rules:

As Tamron USA Inc, the sponsor of this contest, is responsible for sales and marketing in the USA only, no shipment to winner can be made outside of the USA. If you reside outside the United States, the Lens will ship to MCP Actions, and we will ship it to you, but you will be responsible for the shipping costs as well as any duties, taxes, or tariffs.

Winner will be picked via random drawing on Monday, February 28th and announced on the MCP Blog.

To Enter:

Add your comments HERE (not on Facebook or in the Facebook Notes section – as those will NOT be integrated)

For your 1st entry, reply to the 3 questions below: (must reply on all 3 to qualify)

  1. Why do you “need” this lens/how would it help your photography?
  2. What is your favorite focal length to shoot?
  3. Confirm that you “like” MCP Actions on Facebook – if you do not confirm this, your entry will NOT count (go here to “like us” if you have not prior)

Do you really want to win? Here are ways you can get additional entries:

  • Add the MCP Actions Banner or a text link to MCP’s site on your blog (code can be found on the sidebar of our blog). Then come back and tell us you did.
  • Subscribe to our blog RSS feed – see the orange icon at the top right of our blog. If you add it today, leave a comment letting us know.
  • Spread the word on social networking sites, your blog, or photo forums, as permitted, about this contest. Just leave a comment and tell us which ones you did this on. Do not leave a long link to where you left it – just say the name – or it breaks the comment section of my blog.

Here are two images taken with this lens – one at 18mm and one at 270mm

 Contest: Win a Tamron 18 270mm Di II VC PZD Lens for Nikon, Canon or Sony dSLR Cameras
 Contest: Win a Tamron 18 270mm Di II VC PZD Lens for Nikon, Canon or Sony dSLR Cameras

Jodi Friedman, MCP Actions

Jodi Friedman is the founder of MCP Actions. She designs popular Photoshop actions and Lightroom presets that make editing faster, easier and more fun.

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3185 Comments and 2 Replies

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  1. 3101
    Lani Palmer says:

    01. I would love to have this lens for personal pictures on travel…It would give me the versatility to snap some close-ups of the kids and close ups of far away things like the animals at the zoo.
    02. I love shooting at 50mm, but 35mm is a close runner-up!
    03. I “like” MCP actions on FB!

  2. 3102

    I have”liked” you on Facebook for some time….I do not have a real preference on the focal lenght at his time, but would love a lens to be able to catpture some great sports shots of the local schools sports.

  3. 3103
    Kylar Anderson says:

    I desperately need this! I only have one prime lens right now and it would be so helpful to be able to zoom! The only focal length I can shoot right now is 35mm, so I guess that’s my favorite. And I definitely “like” MCP Actions on Facebook!!

  4. 3104
    Lynda T says:

    This lens would be a great addition to the one I have and would help me become a better photgrapher by helping me take great photos! My fave lens os the one 50 that I have. I like MVP Actions on FB! Thanks!

  5. 3105
    Kylar Anderson says:

    I tweeted!

  6. 3106
    Julie says:

    posted to facebook!
    posted to twitter!

    1. How could anyone NOT need this lens?
    2. Favorite focal length: whatever makes the shot!
    3. I like you on facebook, I follow you on twitter!

  7. 3107
    Kylar Anderson says:

    And posted to facebook!!

  8. 3108
    Stephanie Richards says:

    1. I “need” this lens to take pictures at my girls’ soccer games I can zoom in to get them on the field and not have to stand away from my other kids to get the cute sideline shots of them cheering on their sisters.

    2. If I had to choose I would say 50mm is my favorite focal length.

  9. 3109
    Nwamaka Iwuchukwu says:

    1) I really, really, really want to win this lens as it’ll be a great all round lens and it would really add to my creativity.
    2) I currently love shooting at 50mm, but I think I would love shooting at 270mm with this lens :-)
    3) I ‘like’ MCP Actions on facebook and I have done so for a really long time.

  10. 3110
    Lori says:

    1. I own 2 fixed lenses and would love more versatility in shooting pics of my kiddos on the go!
    2. Well, out of my 50mm and 85mm, I’d have to go with 50mm.
    3. Definitely like on FB!

  11. 3111
    Kim says:

    1. I have triplet girls that play on a traveling fastpitch softball team. I would LOVE to have this lens to photograph them playing. It’s so versatile and amazing.
    2. My favorite focal lenght would have to be 50mm. Not question about it.

    3. I’ve “liked” you on facebook for some time now. Thanks for all your free actions. Love them..

  12. 3112

    1. I don’t use a ton of lenses right now, would love to add this one! It’s versatile, would allow me to shoot in more situations! Fun!

    2. 50mm, or thereabouts.

    3. You bet! :) Great stuff!

  13. 3113
    Beth Willis says:

    1. The wide angle and zoom on this would greatly help me- right now I only have a 28-70 lens and 50mm

    2. 50mm is my favorite

    3. Like on FB- Beth Willis

  14. 3114
    Christina says:

    1. I am just starting my photography business and would love to add this to my lens collection!
    2. 50mm
    3. I like MCP on Facebook!

  15. 3115
    Sarah Virus says:

    1. I would love this lens for the fact I wouldn’t have to switch all the time. I shoot alot of kids so it would be nice to be able to catch everything.

    2. I shoot a lot at 55

    3. I “like” your facebook page

  16. 3116
  17. 3117
    Beth Willis says:

    MCP actions banner on my blog

  18. 3118
    Chantelle Schreyer says:

    1. I would absolutely LOVE this lens…as I am just starting out and do not currently have the financial means to purchase an amazing lens such as this one! I would be so honored and ecstatic to have this lens.
    2. Favorite focal length is probably 50mm currently
    3. I have been a fan of you on facebook….and have “liked” you for awhile now! LOVE your actions! Thank for this amazing give-away opportunity! Crossing my fingers!!

  19. 3119
    Beth Willis says:

    Subscribed to RSS reader

  20. 3120

    I am just starting my photography biz and this would be great lens to add to my collection! I would love the range of this lens! It would be great to not have to swap lenses so much! My fav focal length to shoot is 50mm. I already like your fb page. I have for a while! i am going to subscribe to the RSS feed and add an mcp banner to my blog!

  21. 3121
    Jennifer says:

    1. I have only 2 lenses, the one my camera came with, a 18-55 mm, and a 55mm manual. I can’t afford to buy any more but would LOVE to have something with more range to it!
    2. I’m not sure, I suppose it would be 55mm.
    3. I “like” !

    I also subscribe to the RSS

  22. 3122
    Juanita harvey says:

    I could very much use this cause I only have one lens. I only shoot at 50mm cause that’s the only lens I have. Posted on my facebook for I’m on most of the raining time I have

  23. 3123
    debbie higgins says:

    I only have 1 lens & it’s 70-300. I would love to have another lens. So no favorite right now. Mostly do landscapes want to get into people. Have been a fan for some time.

  24. 3124
    Stacy Henderson says:

    1 – I need a lens like this because it is so versatile. Additionally, that it is a lighter zoom lens than those that I have been looking in to purchasing and as a graduate student; I can’t afford a lens like this, but it would come in handy for my side business to help make ends meet with my side photography business.
    2 – I shoot in the ranges to its specifications and it is what I would consider an “all-in-one” lens that would help me move to the next level in my hobby/business.
    3 – I am a FB fan, and I am introducing many of my friends to the site to help them in their new love for photography.

  25. 3125
    katy says:

    1) I NEED this lens so I can shoot my friends as they run in the Warrior Dash this summer (a 10k run with tons of obstacles, including hurdling a fire pit!).
    2) I love shoot with my 50mm, but don’t have a ton of experience with zoom lenses, so this would be really fun to have something I could grab shots from farther away.
    3) I do already “like” MCP on FB.

  26. 3126
    Matt says:

    1. I *need* this lens in order to shoot my kids at soccer games. It covers all the bases!!
    2. My favorite focal length is around 200 – 250.
    3. I do like you on Facebook!

  27. 3127
    Steph says:

    I “need” this lens because I only have 1 lens!!
    Favorite focal lenght is 50mm
    I definately like MCP on Facebook!

  28. 3128
    STeph says:

    I have a banner!!

  29. 3129
    katy says:

    I just shared on FB.

  30. 3130
    Terra says:

    1. Oh gosh, I would love the lens because I do not currently own anything that goes past 85mm that works! My old 28-135 has such back focus issues, I don’t ever put it on my Canon. The lens would truly help my wedding photography, as I have just started the venture recently!

    2. Favorite was 135 when my zoom worked, but would just love to be able to take a shot without anyone being interrupted by my camera being there.

    3. Confirmed. Thanks!!!

  31. 3131
    Anneli West says:

    I love this lens for it’s versatility. You could capture any shot with this lens!
    My favorite right now is the 50 mm.
    I Like MCP actions on facebook!

  32. 3132
    Amanda M says:

    Would love to have this as a carry around lens for personal use

    Mostly use 50

    Already like mc on Facebook

  33. 3133

    1. I need this lens as a great all in one lens for my photography work.
    2. I have been shooting at 50 a lot lately.
    3. I have liked this on FB.

  34. 3134
    Vanessa Hansen says:

    1. I need this lens as a great all in one lens for taking photo at the hospital.
    2. I shoot at 50 a lot.
    3. I, of course have liked on facebook.

  35. 3135
    Michelle says:

    1. My favorite thing about photography is capturing life’s little moments. I would love to have a lens like this because it would allow me to capture those moments without stopping to change my lens first!

    2. It varies depending on the feeling that I am going for in the shot. But, if I could only pick one I enjoy shooting 50mm.

    3. I {like} mcp on facebook.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  36. 3136
    Erin says:

    1. I have read all over that kit lenses are not great, and have been searching for a great new lens…this one seems perfect!
    2. I don’ thave a favorite focal point…I love all kinds of shots.
    3. I have “liked” on FB for the past few weeks!

  37. 3137
    Jeremy Waldner says:

    looks like the perfect all in one lens.
    my favorite single focal length would be 50mm on a 1.6 crop sensor.

    and ‘like’ you again on FB

  38. 3138
    anthony says:

    1. I do a lot of travel and having a versatile lens with such a wide focal rage would be an ginormous benefit as you wouldn’t have to carry and change multiple lenses. As this lens has Vibration Compensation, you can still use it hand held at slow shutter speeds when there is not much light.
    2. Favorite focal length is 35mm for the ‘normal view’ perspective
    3. I have ‘liked’ the MCP FB page

  39. 3139
    Christa says:

    1. The range is huge–much less switching around/ more time for shooting.
    2. I’ve been using 70-200 lately– for kids’ wrestling.
    2. Yep–already like you!

  40. 3140

    Why I NEED this lens?? Because I only have 3 lenses in my shooting arsenal and none of them are L series. Not that it matters but I’ve perfected the cheaper, minimalist approach to shooting. :)
    Favorite focal length to shoot is probably the classic 50mm.
    PS. I love you.

  41. 3141
    Angela says:

    1 – I need some inspiration and this lens could possibly do the trick
    2 – MMmmmm…still don’t know for sure
    3 – Dah… Yes, did you have to ask? I’m one of your hundreds of fans

  42. 3142
    Elizabeth Golob says:

    I typically shoot with my 50mm lens. I am just starting out and do not have many great lenses yet, this would help me immensely. I’m a FB fan. thanks!

  43. 3143
    Krista Stenhaug says:

    1-I would love to be able to just carry one lens instead of several. This would be the one to carry!
    2-usually 70 mm
    3- yup, I like on FB

  44. 3144

    I would love this lens – I currently have 3 single focal length lenses and change them throughout my shoots. My favorite length is usually around 50. I LIKE on facebook!

  45. 3145
    Joanie says:

    1. I have just taken on all of the photography for my daughter’s dance studio, both studio shots and live performances. This lens would allow me to get the close-ups I need and the wider angle shots of the whole team, without having to switch lenses and miss the action.
    2. Lately, I’ve been shooting between 85-100mm
    3. I Like you on FB.

  46. 3146
    R. Lee says:

    1. I would love this lens, it would be great for vacations use.

    2. My favorite length right now has been 50

    3. I *like* MCP actions on Facebook

  47. 3147
    Connie says:

    1. OMG this is fantastic! If only I could win a this for my camera bag.I would be able to learn more about photography with this news lens.
    2. I currently use mainly 35mm- 55mm.
    3. I just liked on FB. Thanks!

  48. 3148
    Anna says:

    1)I would love to own this lens. I’m just starting my photography business and this lens would be very useful. I only own a 50mm lens and this lens would be of great help to me. This is such a great opportunity to get a new lens. Thank you so much!
    2)I only have a 50mm lens so I haven’t used any other lens but this prime. Any lens would be of great use to me, no matter what focal length.
    3)I’ve liked MCP actions on facebook for a long time now! :-)

  49. 3149
    jeff topping says:

    1. I need this kind of focal length lens, because my style is so diverse, and i shoot so experimentally. I could avoid carrying around a bag of dated focal lengths and just use this one!!

    2 i love the super wide shots where the camera is held right out in someones face.

    3 LIKE on FB

  50. 3150
    Nancy McPeak says:

    I have seen this lens in action and I WANT it!
    1.) Very versatile lens – great zoom and fast focus. My kits lenses to do not compare to this – it would take my shooting to the next level!
    2.) 50 mm right now but I am still a beginner.
    3.) Like on facebook!

  51. 3151
    Nancy McPeak says:

    I tweeted!

  52. 3152
    Ed Harlovic says:

    Is this contest still open? I did not see a closing date. I need the lens because I am a photography major at the Art Institutte of Pittsburgh, but have very little expendable income and cannot afford the equipment I need. I have a 3.93 gpa and am a full time student, but unfortunately, the Institute does not help students procure equipment. My favorite focal length to shoot at is 18 mm. I have liked MCP actions on Facebook.

  53. 3153
    Peter says:

    1. I need it for vacations and any events since it would help with the 50+mm range
    2. anything 50mm+
    3. like mcp actions on facebook

  54. 3154
    cheryle says:

    I need this lens for a carry around. I shoot many different events and people and this would give me that extra option I need.

  55. 3155
    Ted says:

    1) I honestly wouldn’t say “need” per say, but definitely desperately can use to improve my photography by allowing less time to change lenses etc and capturing those moments I would possibly lose if I didn’t have this lens. I recently was hired as a photojournalist and this lens will not only help me improve my personal shooting, but my “professional” job shooting as well.

    2) My personal favorite focal length recently has been 50mm for personal photography and between 17-35mm with my work.

    3)confirming that I like MCP on fb :-)

  56. 3156
    Ranny Ray Codas says:

    1. I do volunteer work for NGOs here in our place and I need only one lens to carry around as we would be going to communities and the transportation is very hard. This lens would cover the focal length that I would need. Right now I am stuck with my kit lens and a 50mm. This Tamron 18-270mm is a perfect tool for my peacebuilding work.

    2. My favorite focal length is around 50mm and above because this give me some bokeh for my portraits.

    3. I confirm that I “like” MPC Actions on Facebook

  57. 3157
    Casey Porter says:

    1. I am confirming that I “liked” the page on my Facebook. (Casey Porter)

    2. I really would love to add this lens to my bag! I currently only have one lens for my Canon 5d mark ii camera (I spent all my money on the camera!) and am desperate to find a great lens with this focal length for shooting wedding photography. I love the versatility of this lens, it would make for a great walk around lens when I am shooting for fun, as well as a great lens for my engagement and wedding photography.

    3. I posted about the contest on my Twitter page ;!/caseygoesclick

  58. 3158
    Bobby Schaub says:

    1.Why do you “need” this lens/how would it help your photography?
    It’s in all purpose lens to help me capture those moments that normally would require me to switch out different lenses possibly missing those fleeting moments. It would allow me to carry less and capture more.

    2.What is your favorite focal length to shoot?
    That’s a tough one. I would have to say 35mm length. It allows me to capture enough of the surrounding area and subject. this helps to keep the eye flowing throughout the picture.

  59. 3159
    April says:

    1.I would love to win this lens. The clarity and crispness of the shots it will produce will be beautiful. It would be great to have a second lens for my newly formed business.
    2. My favorite focal length is whatever I need to capture the story being told with the picture. Its all about telling a story with light afterall…right?
    3. I don’t like you on facebook, I <3 you!!!!

  60. 3160

    1) I “LIKE” MCP Actions on FB !

    2) I ‘FOLLOW’ MCP Actions on TWITTER !

    3) I “PINNED” it too… lol

    4) I am part of the “BLOG” …somewhere out there…thank god for the internet & cellular stuff these days! I am learning!

    5) I don’t NEED to follow them but I enjoy seeing the creativity and information posted. I really could use another ‘create’ more memories. My one lens has some sort of ‘fracture’ deep inside .. not sure how this happened…but the ‘body’ doesn’t quite work as well (camera) as it used to! I use two lens mainly to do everything from landscape/portrait …sports action to lil buggy type macro.

    Ride LIKE ya stole it! Run LIKE ya own it!


  61. 3161
    Aimee says:

    I “need” this lens because I do not have ANY lenses yet. My sister owns a photography business and I have shot a few projects with her.
    But now we live in different states and I would like to start my own photography business. I live in Florida so it won’t be hard to capture beautiful pictures but this lens will make the “already” beautiful sunshine state look breathtaking…

  62. 3162

    1. I travel along the Puget Sound to work & back every day. Often I miss shots of eagles or blue heron because I don’t have the reach a 270mm lens would give. I also need an wide to telephoto because I often encounter stunning landscapes at the same time (e.g. sunsetting over the Olympic Mountains)….oh and my current lens doesn’t have VR.

    2. My favorite length is the length I need to get the shot. If I could identify one focal length I could probably get away with a prim lens most of the time. Again, another reason the Tamron 18-270 would be ideal.

  63. 3163
    Archie Keyser says:

    It would be the ultimate lens

  64. 3164
    Shauni says:

    1. I would really love to have this lens because it’s been hard to save up enough money for new lenses due to my young age, and the fact that I am just a housekeeper making minimum wage. But I love photography, and I think experimenting with new lenses will definitely improve my skill and my work. I feel like I am ready for a lens better than my kit lenses, and my old Pentax lenses I use for free-lensing.

    2. Generally I shoot with my 70-300mm, and I enjoy the results.


  65. 3165
    Jim says:

    I would love to have a lens like this, so I would only need to carry 1 lens..

  66. 3166
    Magda says:

    I was just reading about this lens…. what a great addition that would be to my camera. I love the F/2.8! I enjoy using shallow DOF and this would be ideal. I use my 105 mm macro lens a lot but would love to have a zoom lens especially when photographing children who are in constant move! I wouldn’t have to keep up with them as much as I am doing right now. ;) Being able to zoom in and keep my composition as planned would be nice.
    I follow you on Facebook and enjoy your actions and textures.
    I did subscribe to your blog RSS feed a while back!
    Thank you for all you do! :)

  67. 3167

    1.I photograph nature and Candid shots of people near and far, Flowers and fields of flowers,Birds in flight or sitting on a fence or branch,a a child or group of children. It makes more sense to me to have one lens and not miss a shot because I am changing lenses all the time. Besides that I am by nature clumsy and have broken so many lenses over the years from switching out. I really “need” this one.I should have named my shop TheBrokenLens instead of TheCamerasEye.
    2.I currently love to shoot at 18mm for flowers, and 50mm for other subjects, I try to capture birds far above, the long lens would be great for that!
    3. I have been a fan of MCP Actions for a very long time, Confirming!

  68. 3168

    Subscribed to your rss feed

  69. 3169

    Just realized my dislexia was in full form today I put the email Hotmail as hotmial today. Hope I can correct it.

  70. 3170
    Kate laier says:

    1. I need this lens to be able to take sports photos and every other kind of pic. I have an 18-55 lens now which really limits me in distance shooting.
    2. I don’t have a focal length preference. Just whatever takes a great picture!
    3. I liked you on Facebook.

  71. 3171
    Jaydyn Blair says:

    1. I need it for better pictures of my kids.
    2. Favorite Focal length 50mm
    3. I liked MCP on facebook

  72. 3172
    Katie Johnson says:

    1.I would love to have this lens because it would really help me to be able to shoot distance shots & zoom in on people’s face when shooting. My longest lens now is only 55mm.
    2.My favorite focal length to shoot at right now is probably the 50mm.
    3. Yup, I already “like” MCP Actions on Facebook :)

  73. 3173
    Anja Mcdonald says:

    I have pinned you xx

  74. 3174

    1. Why do you “need” this lens/how would it help your photography?
    I’ve been doing photography for 8 years now but just recently started my photography business this year. It would so help me continue to strive in my business if I have this lens and help me improve my skill set.

    2. What is your favorite focal length to shoot?
    I usually love to shoot with a 35mm and my 50mm lens.

    3. Confirm that you “like” MCP Actions on Facebook
    Yes I already “like” MCP Actions on Facebook. =)

  75. 3175
    Alison Szucs says:

    I SOOOO need this lens. I have been shooting beach weddings for a year now, and have been borrowing a friends lens until it was time to give it back a few weeks ago. This is the lens I want, and already have 10 weddings booked for 2012, so I am running out of time. :))
    I shoot weddings with a 55-300mm lens for close up’s, group shots this one would be perfect for me!!! Thank you for the opportunity!

  76. 3176

    Why do you “need” this lens/how would it help your photography?
    Oh my gosh, so many reasons! I think the one of the biggest is just getting up close to my son when he is having fun w/o him noticing. He hates that I take so many pictures! LOL. I think it would also be a great addition to my family photo sessions and having them feel more at ease w/o getting so up close to them.

    What is your favorite focal length to shoot?

    Confirm that you “like” MCP Actions on Facebook – if you do not confirm this, your entry will NOT count (go here to “like us” if you have not prior)

  77. 3177
    Sandy Markham says:

    1.Why do you “need” this lens/how would it help your photography? I want to do a lot of traveling and don’t want to be limited to pictures just 4 feet away from me.
    2.What is your favorite focal length to shoot? I am using the kit lens and am limited to 35mm
    3.Confirm that you “like” MCP Actions on Facebook – if you do not confirm this, your entry will NOT count (go here to “like us” if you have not prior)
    I absolutely LOVE MCP Actions on Facebook. Really appreciate your helping us learn more about the wonderful world of phtography!

  78. 3178

    I am trying so hard to start my own photography business and don’t have a fine lens like this one. I lost my nursing job of 30 yrs last Febuary (one year ago) due to medical issues and of course my age and longevity was also a target as it often is in these times. I can no longer afford to buy the equipment I need. Often I shoot in natural light and prefer at more versatile lens.

  79. 3179
    cheryl doucet says:

    I need this lens because it would add to my creativity for sure!!! I don’t own any prime lenses and would absolutely LOVE to own one!! My favourite focal length is whatever helps me get THE shot. ….and I have been a fan of MCP Actions for quite some time. thanks so much!!! :-)

  80. 3180
    Deborah Green says:

    I am photographer who only has one camera body, a Nikon D40 and two lens,a 55mm and a 300mm. I would so love to have more to help with my photos. I head to the Smoky Mountains every chance I get to capture the different seasons. So far I am getting good feedback with my photos I share, but I really need more equipment. Thank you for being here to share help and gifts!

  81. 3181
    Terra Annis says:

    I have been ‘drooling’ over this lens ever since it came out! It just screams, ‘Go got ‘em!’ The versatility of this lens is just what I need to catch shots ‘on-the-fly’ without having to stop and change lenses. (I live on an island, so the sandy conditions aren’t always favorable for switching back and forth.) Since I have no preference of focal point I usually end up packing most of my lenses when I go out, but the Tamron 18-270mm Di II VC PZD lens would definately lighten my load when trekking about.
    I have recently subscribed to your Facebook page and would like to take the time here to thank you for all that you make possible through it. Thank you!

  82. 3182
    Constantinos Catsoulis says:

    I will be delighted to own the Tamron 18-270mm. Very useful when I can’t carry too much equipment with me. One lens for all.
    I usually shoot wide angle.
    Already liked in FB.

  83. 3183
    Fabman says:

    1. For the past six years of my life I have been enveloped in photography, doing small shoots, but I am still only a semi-professional. This type of mid range zoom range is one of the few crucial lenses that I both need and want. The professional work I have done is wildlife, predominantly in Kenya, which this would be perfect for due to the versatility of this lens.
    2. My favourite focal length is a 50mm, yes, I know it is an obvious choice but I love my nikkor 50mm f1.4 soooo much that I use it practically every day.
    3. I have already liked MCP on facebook

  84. 3184
    Jim Davis says:

    This would make a great addition to my Nikon D7000, I have a cousin that owns on of these lens and his shots are very impressive. I have shot photos for years now and now I own my first DSLR and I shoot every weekend and a few afternoons during the week. I think this would give me some extra options when I am on my photo outing.

  85. 3185
    Debbi says:

    1. Need desperately as mine is not working and I am missionary building orphanage in Kenya and going back soon, need before I go.
    also the zoom capacity will be great
    2. I shoot children and wildlife mostly, not real professional but what ever the shot takes is what I use
    3. I liked you on face book
    Thanks and Blessings!!!
    Debbi Milliken

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