Giveaway: Win a 16×20 Framed Gallery Wrap Floating Canvas

Contest: Enter to Win one of two 16×20 Framed Gallery Wrapped Canvases by Color Inc Pro Lab.

I am a HUGE fan of Gallery Wrapped Canvases.  I have a bunch of them throughout my home. I was excited to order another when Color Inc asked me to check out their new “Framed” version.  It is really unique and has  space around the entire canvas where you can see the wrapped part.  It’s so interesting and almost appears to float inside.  It also dresses up the canvas, kind of like wearing jewelry with a dress. So if you want to WIN a Framed Gallery Wrap, read on…

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Below you can see the image I photographed of the ceiling of the United States Capitol on a Framed Gallery Wrap Canvas in my dining room.

canvas 1 web 600x410 Giveaway: Win a 16x20 Framed Gallery Wrap Floating Canvas
pin it4 Giveaway: Win a 16x20 Framed Gallery Wrap Floating Canvas

Here is a closeup of the texture of the canvas.

canvas 2 web 600x600 Giveaway: Win a 16x20 Framed Gallery Wrap Floating Canvas
pin it4 Giveaway: Win a 16x20 Framed Gallery Wrap Floating Canvas

And here is a photo of the frame and how it floats inside.

canvas 4 web 600x600 Giveaway: Win a 16x20 Framed Gallery Wrap Floating Canvas
pin it4 Giveaway: Win a 16x20 Framed Gallery Wrap Floating Canvas

Now is your chance to win. Get your image printed on a beautiful framed gallery wrap.

To Enter:

Two winners will be picked at random to each win a 16×20 Framed Gallery Wrap from Color Inc. on Sunday, March 27th.

Add a comment to this post at the MCP Blog (not on Facebook notes) and tell us:

  • What image would you select to print if you win this contest?  You can attach a low res (600px wide) to your answer – OR just tell us about the image in a few words.
  • Make sure you are a fan of MCP Actions on Facebook.

Get a bonus entry:

  • Post about the contest on your favorite forum, blog, Facebook and twitter each count as an extra entry. Just add a bonus comment for each. Good luck everyone!

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 Giveaway: Win a 16x20 Framed Gallery Wrap Floating Canvas

Jodi Friedman, MCP Actions

Jodi Friedman is the founder of MCP Actions. She designs popular Photoshop actions and Lightroom presets that make editing faster, easier and more fun.

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735 Comments and 0 Replies

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  1. 701
    Christine B says:

    I have this beautiful picture of my cat looking up into the sky. Her eyes are so crystal clear (green color). I would either do that or do a photo of my beautiful daughter. I love the canvas look but have not been able to afford to get one done.

  2. 702
    Lacey Hemphill says:

    I would print this recent picture of my husband and 16 month old daughter. We were taken family photographs before baby #2 arrives. The expression/lighting makes me tear-y eyed every time I look at it. I can’t live without this photo anymore than I can live without the two in it!!!

  3. 703
    marjaye says:

    I would use this picture for the canvas since it shows the complete family with the new born baby enjoying a lovely day at the park together.

  4. 704
    Katy G says:

    I would get a pic of my two kids printed…you can never have too many!

  5. 705

    This is one of the all time favorite images that I have created. She looks like a little angel sleeping on a cloud. Thanks for offering this giveaway. I saw the info on facebook!

  6. 706

    I just posted the info on facebook! :)

  7. 707
    Cindy Hamilton says:

    Took some great pics of my grandiose over spring break . I would love to have a canvas of my two grandsons in the swing.

  8. 708

    I have a picture of a horse that I took at the end of a shoot during “magic hour”. It’s completely unedited…an image I’m truly proud of.

  9. 709
    Lea Hartman says:

    I would definitely print the below image of my daughter. It is so perfectly happy and carefree. I smile every time I see it.

  10. 710
    Kate Fortune says:

    Great offer, I would so love to have a photo on one of these canvases. I would choose one of my flower close ups.

  11. 711
    Maggie says:

    It would be this one of my 3 beautiful kiddos. :)

  12. 712
    Tami says:

    I would most definitely have a picture of my girls done. My walls are bare, and the oldest is 5. I seriously need to print and hang up pictures before they graduate. I have lots that I would love to do, yet not enough money to get it all done.

  13. 713
    Amy Stanley says:

    My choice and thank you for the opportuniy.

  14. 714
    Amy Stanley says:

    My choice and thank you for the opportunity.

  15. 715
    Debi says:

    I would have a photo of my brand new triplet grandchildren done so I could hang it in my office to remind me of miracles every day.

  16. 716

    I would print this family photo of a dear friend and her family. She has been fighting cancer for 6 years and has been told that if her current treatment doesn’t work she is out of options. Her health is declining each day and I would love to give this gift to her family.

  17. 717
    Tracy says:

    I thought I already entered this but now I can’t find my entry. I would prefer a photo of my kids together but if I couldn’t manage to get a good one of both of them I would probably chose a dramatic shot I took of one of our dogs.

  18. 718

    I would LOVE the one of my 3 kiddos made to canvas <3

  19. 719
    Tana Buss says:

    I’d order a canvas of a senior pic I took of my beautiful niece. I’d give it to my sister who has gone through many rough patches in her life yet always seems to keep a smile on her face.

  20. 720
    janelle says:

    I was making a slide show for my dad’s 70th birthday recently and fell in love with so many of his pictures from his childhood. There are three that I really love though. He’s about 3 and playing with a train set. I made a “scrapbook” page for the slide show, but I would make it different for a canvas.

  21. 721
    Kthy Geddie says:

    I have a great shot from a castle ruin taken in Scotland – just love it in my office!

  22. 722
    Kate Fortune says:

    I’ve just shared this on my facebook. I love this wrapped canvas look.

  23. 723
    kari says:

    I’d order this one, because it’s my favorite place in the world. I took this shot when taking my new hubby there for the first time. We recently had to move to the opposite side of the country because of lay-offs, so it’d be wonderful to have a beautiful reminder of that spot in our home since it’ll be a while before we’re able to visit that place again!!

  24. 724
    kari says:

    I also shared this on facebook :)

  25. 725
    todd says:

    I would love to have a canvas of one of my bird pics. my favorite right now is a great close up of a great blue egret. Just started photographing birds as a hobby and I’m hooked from day one :_)

  26. 726
    Kim says:

    I would love a canvas of my 3 kids…That’s the most beautiful thing I can think of.

  27. 727
    Diem says:

    I would pick this image of my little girl, Morgan, who just turned one. This is her first time sitting on this swing set, which we got for her birthday and she loved it so much. Pictured here is herself sitting in the swing, curiously looking down at her feet and kicking her feet to get the swing moving. This image was edited with MCP Mini Fusion.

  28. 728
    Holli Atwater says:

    I would love a picture of my sweet little guy who is about to turn one. After 22 weeks of bed rest, the early birth of my son, and me suffering heart failure after his birth, this has been quite a year for our family. He is our little miracle baby and I would love to capture this moment forever.

  29. 729
    wendy says:

    this one of my son that i just took yesterday. :)

  30. 730
    Kirsten says:

    I would love this – either to keep selfishly for myself or to use to show potential clients what the possibilities are!

  31. 731
    Angela says:

    I would just love a gallery wrap of my baby girl on the day of her baptism to commemorate the special occasion!

  32. 732
    Heather Bird says:

    I would print my family picture from last Christmas. My twin boys were just 14 months old and my oldest was 4 and I know the time will fly by and they will be grown quickly. At first I didn’t love the picture but now, I look at it and see such beautiful, natural laughs and smiles.

  33. 733
    Annette Braun says:

    I would love to print a picture of my children’s silhouette during a trip to my uncle’s ranch. I just love this picture because it brings a smile to my face every time I see it.

  34. 734
    Terrace Tips says:

    Man I love this post and it is so informative and I am gonna bookmark it. One thing to say the Superb analysis this article has is greatly remarkable.

  35. 735
    Shelly says:

    I would love to win this new canvas gallery. I would actually give this as a gift to a friend most likely using the attached photo since it’s of this wonderful young family.

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