Giveaway: Win a 16×20 Framed Gallery Wrap Floating Canvas

Contest: Enter to Win one of two 16×20 Framed Gallery Wrapped Canvases by Color Inc Pro Lab.

I am a HUGE fan of Gallery Wrapped Canvases.  I have a bunch of them throughout my home. I was excited to order another when Color Inc asked me to check out their new “Framed” version.  It is really unique and has  space around the entire canvas where you can see the wrapped part.  It’s so interesting and almost appears to float inside.  It also dresses up the canvas, kind of like wearing jewelry with a dress. So if you want to WIN a Framed Gallery Wrap, read on…

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Below you can see the image I photographed of the ceiling of the United States Capitol on a Framed Gallery Wrap Canvas in my dining room.

canvas 1 web 600x410 Giveaway: Win a 16x20 Framed Gallery Wrap Floating Canvas
pin it4 Giveaway: Win a 16x20 Framed Gallery Wrap Floating Canvas

Here is a closeup of the texture of the canvas.

canvas 2 web 600x600 Giveaway: Win a 16x20 Framed Gallery Wrap Floating Canvas
pin it4 Giveaway: Win a 16x20 Framed Gallery Wrap Floating Canvas

And here is a photo of the frame and how it floats inside.

canvas 4 web 600x600 Giveaway: Win a 16x20 Framed Gallery Wrap Floating Canvas
pin it4 Giveaway: Win a 16x20 Framed Gallery Wrap Floating Canvas

Now is your chance to win. Get your image printed on a beautiful framed gallery wrap.

To Enter:

Two winners will be picked at random to each win a 16×20 Framed Gallery Wrap from Color Inc. on Sunday, March 27th.

Add a comment to this post at the MCP Blog (not on Facebook notes) and tell us:

  • What image would you select to print if you win this contest?  You can attach a low res (600px wide) to your answer – OR just tell us about the image in a few words.
  • Make sure you are a fan of MCP Actions on Facebook.

Get a bonus entry:

  • Post about the contest on your favorite forum, blog, Facebook and twitter each count as an extra entry. Just add a bonus comment for each. Good luck everyone!

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 Giveaway: Win a 16x20 Framed Gallery Wrap Floating Canvas

Jodi Friedman, MCP Actions

Jodi Friedman is the founder of MCP Actions. She designs popular Photoshop actions and Lightroom presets that make editing faster, easier and more fun.

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735 Comments and 0 Replies

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  1. 501
    sarah says:

    I would order a canvas of my 4 kids i have several favorite shots from the years and have always wanted to have some of them professionally canvased..

  2. 502

    It would be one where I held my little girl in my arms for the first time !

  3. 503
    Colleen says:

    I would print a photo of my daughter. We have lived in this house for almost 3 years but I have not printed any new photos I have taken or put any photos up on any walls. Kinda Sad actually.

  4. 504
    Dawn says:

    Not sre if my last post posted or not, but I would post the picture I have of my husband holding my son in the air in front of an american flag. He is deploying soon and it would remind me why he is there and what we have to loose. Home of the free because of the brave…

  5. 505
    Cyndy Jones says:

    I would love to order this using a picture of a flower or something in nature. I don’t have one yet – but have been playing around with my lenses in my parents gardens.

  6. 506
    Alissa says:

    Niece’s Wedding pic as a gift. ;)

  7. 507
    amber wright says:

    Since having kids, being a stay at home mom has kinda taken
    over my time! i have thousands of photos of my kids and family
    on my computer…but have yet to hang a single one on my walls!
    SO…i would have to choose this one as a MUST HAVE on my wall!
    its the perfect photo of my husband and daughter and it would be
    the perfect welcoming image to have on our giant blank wall in our
    entry way!

    thanks for the awesome opportunity MCP!

  8. 508
    Sarah says:

    This is a tough decision. My first thought was one of our wedding photos. My second was a picture of my girls in the hospital after my youngest was born, but after a second to think about it I made my final decision. It would have to be a picture of our family when my husband returned from deployment, so my girls can look at it and kiss it every day while he is deployed this summer. He has been gone so often and missed so much of their lives, I would want them to be able to see him every day weather he is home or not and remember how it felt to hug him.

  9. 509
    Steph says:

    I would definately do it of the picture of my two girls hugging outside in tutu’s

  10. 510
  11. 511
    Tia Thomas says:

    I would have to say probably this one!

  12. 512

    I would print this adorable picture I took
    of my brother and my niece right after she
    was born. :) I just adore it!!!!

  13. 513
    Jen Towner says:

    I would have this shot made into a large canvas. My mom (in the green) passed away from matastatic breast cancer this past Christmas Eve. One of my BFF’s, Julie Geiger-Schutz took this shot along with several others of my sister and I. This was taken shortly after my mom was diagnosed. We didn’t know how much time we would have when these were shot. But we knew there would be plenty of humor, laughter and grace…
    I would hang it in my studio that is soon to be completed. Although I didn’t take it, I am IN it and I created wonderful memories. It would be a great selling point for fun, humorous sessions.

  14. 514
    Rebe G. says:

    I’m having my second little boy in 17 days and would order a print of our “new” family of 4!

  15. 515
    Monica says:

    I took a gorgeous picture of my daughter in her pointe shoes and a ballet outfit as she was waiting to have her portraits taken! I just fell in love with it! I am at work right now so don’t have the image with me!

  16. 516
    Pamela Gliatis says:

    Everyone has so many beautiful images! This is the image I would use..

  17. 517
    cynde says:

    We just had faimily pictures made and it would for sure be one of them.
    Possibly the one of me modelling my patchwork skirt creation…just for fun :)

  18. 518
    Leanne says:

    If i was lucky enough to win, I would have a picture of my beautiful little girl put onto canvas, as im going through a very difficult time at the moment and I know, walking in to see my gorgeous girls face sat proudly on my living room wall, would cheer me up and make me forget about all the other worries in my life.
    P.s. Thanks for doing this great giveaway!

  19. 519

    I would use this photo that I took of my son of my great great grandfathers trunk.

  20. 520
    Cyndy Jones says:

    I tweeted about the giveaway – @cyndyinga!/cyndyinga/status/51043609356664832

  21. 521

    I would pick the picture I just took of my sweet baby girl with a well-known poem I printed onto her dress in photoshop.

  22. 522
    Jaimie D says:

    I would try this on a picture of my kids–it’s the two of them laying on the bed laughing. It makes me smile every time I see it. :)

  23. 523
    Rebecca Ort says:

    I have been wanting to get a few canvas prints of my son and daughter to display on a large wall we have with a few other images.

  24. 524
    Rachel Massengale says:

    I just shared on my facebook !!! Thanks for the giveaway !

  25. 525
    Monica says:

    This is the image I’d have printed on canvas if I won the contest.

  26. 526
    Leanne aka Lianne Max says:

    ^^ My post!
    P.s. I also ‘like’ you on FB!

  27. 527
    Juju says:

    I lost my dear, sweet chocolate lab last November, but before that, I was forever taking his photo–he was a wonderful model! I’d love to have one of his portraits done on a canvas gallery wrap to display in my home.

  28. 528

    I just shared about your giveaway on my blog here is the link

  29. 529
    Kristy says:

    I would love to have one of hubby and I’s wedding pictures printed. Our photographer went bankrupt before we had a chance to get anything printed (even our wedding album), so all I have is the images and nothing to display. This would be great to have!!

  30. 530
    debbie higgins says:

    I would choose my photo of bluebonnets.

  31. 531
    Lynisha W says:

    Something cute of my kids!

  32. 532

    I would love to have a photo of some hyacinths I recently photographed.

  33. 533
    Noeln says:

    I would choose an image I got doing and equestrian shoot for a client that I’ve wanted to get for my sons room. There is one horse right up close to my camera and two are behind and to the left and the one in the middle is showing his teeth and wrinkling his nose. Making a totl mr. Ed face. It’s a riot. I laugh every time I see it, and I know my son would too :)

  34. 534
    Amanda Stone says:

    I would order a canvas print of the sand dune photo I took while my family and I were on vacation in Myrtle Beach!

  35. 535
    Laura F. says:

    If I were to win, I would order a picture of my boy dressed as a girl dressed as a butterfly, sitting together under the kitchen eat bar, sharing the snack of apples. My little girl is feeding her little brother her apple. It’s just so precious!

  36. 536
    Mindi Jacob says:

    I would have a photo of our kids kissing printed, for sure! It’s just so sweet and really shows how much they love each other!

  37. 537
    Aurora says:

    I would have a picture of my beautiful 22 month old daughter printed.

  38. 538
    Mindi Jacob says:

    I added a comment on FB sharing a link to your giveaway!

  39. 539
    Cindy says:

    It would have to be a photo of my pride and joys-my grandchildren!!

  40. 540
    Deborah says:

    I would have it done of my good friend of her daughter. She was born at 26 weeks weighing only 14 oz & 10 in long. She is now almost 9 mos and up to 11 lbs. She is a miracle from God and it would be wonderful to have a big canvas like this for her parents.

  41. 541
    Karin says:

    The picture will be of our dog, Ivy. We just learned she has cancer and will be put down on Monday. Terrible weekend ahead :-(

  42. 542
    Deborah says:

    Shared on facebook and am a fan of MCP actions

  43. 543
    Karin says:


  44. 544
  45. 545

    I would definitely choose a picture of our donkeys. :)

  46. 546
    Tracy says:

    For Mother’s Day last year my husband got my a bouquet of my favorite flowers (Calla Lilies) and I spent a few hours with the light shining in through my window at just the right angle snapping away picture after picture. I would love to have a nice print of this to hang on my bedroom wall.

  47. 547
    Karin says:

    Already a fan on Facebook!!!

  48. 548
    Tracy says:

    Shared on FB and am a friend of MCP actions

  49. 549
    Brigit says:

    I have an image of my husband reading to my daughter curled up on his lap- she LOVES that picture because it was from before he got sick and passed away. I would love to put it in her room.

  50. 550
    Brigit says:

    I’m already a fan on FB… would love to win this for my daughter

  51. 551
    Tracy says:

    LOL this is so hard, I went back and looked at my pictures again and I found a different one that I would really like to have in a canvas print. This is a picture of my neice I took at the lake a few years ago then edited with photoshop.

  52. 552
    Danielle says:

    I am a stay at home mom with little to no experience in photography but have a huge passion for it. I really wished I had gone into the business. I just happened to really luck out on this shot. I would love to see it large. Thank you so much for the opportunity to share this image. I love it!

  53. 553
    Carmen says:

    So many choices, so little time. Probably a picture of my kids…another bad mommy with no pictures on my walls!

  54. 554
    Amber says:

    I would print a picture that I took of my husband in his dress blues when he was company commander giving the Oath of Office to over 160 new Lieutenants in the Army that had just graduated Infantry Basic Officers Leaders Course. It was such a proud day for me and so many other families!

  55. 555

    It would be a picture of our granddaughter that I took at a local state park when she was 3 (she is now 9) and it still is my favorite. She is sitting on top of a picnic table overlooking the lake in Autumn. She has her PopPop’s hat by her side that she loved to wear. It is precious to me. Thank you for this opportunity to talk about my favorite picture also the opportunity to win something.

  56. 556
    Lauren Hull says:

    I would order a canvas print of a photo recently taken during a family cruise to the Southern Caribbean. The photo is of my sons and nephew in the beautiful blue ocean. Such a great memory of the day on the beach in Barbados.

  57. 557
    Lauren Hull says:

    I shared the giveaway on Facebook.

  58. 558
    Lauren Hull says:

    I have been a MCP fan for a few months now.

  59. 559
    Brittany Buitron says:

    My lovely Lilly!

  60. 560
    Dana says:

    I might choose a photo of my 12 and a half year old dog that I lost 2 years ago – I’d love to see him everyday in that way.

  61. 561
    Leah Manning says:

    I would order a print of my mom
    walking down the road with all
    of her grandbabies holding hands
    - I just took it this month and
    it’s so preious. Especially since
    she has bone cancer and every
    memory is precous!

  62. 562
    Dana says:

    also shared on our page
    a photo taken in beautiful Gros Morne National Park – home!

  63. 563
    Tish C Hill says:

    I would have this made into a canvas, it’s the first photo that I ever entered into a contest and actually got a prize! LOL What a great giveaway! Thanks for having it! :)

  64. 564
    Leah Manning says:

    Bonus Entry: Facebook
    Posted this for all of
    my friends!

  65. 565
    Courtney D says:

    i would use this fabulous picture of my girls in the midst of a giggle storm. don’t have any canvas wrapped yet but want to!

  66. 566
    Tish C Hill says:

    I posted this contest on my Facebook! :)

  67. 567
    Leah Manning says:

    Bonus Entry:Blog
    I advertised this on my blog!

  68. 568
    Jennifer Wiertel says:

    Well looking at all the posts there are many beautiful photos that would look absolutely amazing on a canvas wrap especially in 16×20, Mine is a personal photo, not even professional taken a few years ago with a Canon SD1000, it is of my mother. She represents strength to me, and I watch her in her last minutes still fighting, her battle to cancer was a long fight but she was taken to heaven in 2007 and I’d love my kids to see a beautiful large canvas of their Nana especially because my 12 week old daughter never got to meet her. Thank you for the giveaway, best of luck to everyone

  69. 569
    Mary H. Loves Lucy Dog says:

    I would order a canvas of my boys… they make my world what it is.

  70. 570
    Tracy Waye Kelly says:

    I would print my very last family photo taken before my husband passed away in November. It has to be printed, but as of right yet, I can’t bring myself to do it. Perhaps this will help along :)

  71. 571
    Nicole says:

    I love this shot of my baby girl! I have the perfect place in my dining room for this!

  72. 572
    Traci Cameron says:

    I would love to get it with a picture of my twin boys. We have a bunch of pictures of myself & hubby, but barely any of the boys. And the size of this is awesome!! I’d really love to win!

  73. 573
    Anne says:

    I would print this timeless picture that I took of my children last Fall. My daughter, Norah, is helping my son, Jonah, to walk. She is leading him down a path at a forest preserve near our home (I hope she’s leading him down the right path!). I think it would be SO BEAUTIFUL on a canvas!

  74. 574
    Cathy says:

    I have the perfect picture from our CA vacation!

  75. 575
    Amber Speck says:

    I print a photo of my third and final baby since his photos are at a minimum in this house. Being #3 has it’s drawbacks. :) Maybe this one or perhaps I’d be inspired to shoot another.

  76. 576
    Crystal says:

    I took a picture of myself and my kiddos a couple of weeks ago. I’m the photographer, I’m rarely IN the photos. I’d print it in a heartbeat.

  77. 577
    Nicole Barr says:

    I have the most adorable picture of a newborn grinning from ear to ear (and come to find out she had just peed)
    I will hang it proudly in my new studio!

  78. 578
    CindyC says:

    This photo of my son and daughter taken by One Fine Day Photography (we have permission to reprint the photos) at my son’s wedding Feb 19, 2011

  79. 579
    Sara Jensen says:

    This is the image I would love as a canvas right now! I love the way my daughter is trying to stealthily grab her brother’s ear (she loves to do this while sucking those two fingers, and he is not such a fan!). It’s so them right now, and it just makes me happy!

  80. 580
    Michele C says:

    I have been wanting to see this watercolor effect on canvas.

  81. 581
    Kelli Coley says:

    I just love this pic I took of a recent “Urban” type shoot. I call it “Urban Chic”. I think it would look AWESOME on canvas. Hope you guys like it as much as I do.

  82. 582
    Brigita says:

    I know this may be strange coming from a girl but I would use a photo of our car we reacenty took – I think it would look pretty cool
    good luck to everybody :)

  83. 583
    Diane Poff says:

    I have a photo of an Amish couple in a courting buggy (open buggy), he is playing a harmonica and she is pulling up her stockings. I won “Best of Show” with it at our state fair, and would love to do this picture.

  84. 584

    I would LOVE to have a 16×20 canvas to give to my mom and dad. My dad loves the Blue Angels and I captured this photo when we saw them this past weekend. It would be so amazing if I could give this to them. It is a portrait that would look great in their home and it has so much meaning. Thank You so much for the chance to win this.

  85. 585
    April R says:

    I’d print something for myself- a family portrait.

  86. 586
    Denise Kennedy says:

    I love this photo of my husband. He rarely allows me to photograph him but relented last Halloween. He is out of town quite often so I would love to have this on display in my home!

  87. 587

    I would use a shot of me and my husband. I have so many photos of my kids on the wall, but really, it starts with the two of us.

  88. 588
    Marci says:

    After moving back to my hometown from New York, my husband and I decided that we wanted to decorate our house with images from HIS hometown (where we previously lived)’s a quaint little village situated on the Great South Bay. So far, we just have 1 canvas wrapped photograph adorning our walls..but I would LOVE to win this so that we can have TWO! :)

  89. 589
    Marci says:

    Just tweeted about the giveaway!


  90. 590
    Stefanie Diamond says:

    Definitely one of my three girls! Since I started taking my love of photography more professionally, I feel like I’ve been neglecting my own kids’ photos! They had no idea I was taking this picture, and I love how my oldest is protecting the baby, and my middle one is spacing out. Captures them all perfectly. Would love this on my wall forever!

  91. 591
    Marci says:

    Just posted about this giveaway on my personal facebook page!
    username: Marci Thomas Bruno

  92. 592
    Marci says:

    Just mentioned the giveaway on my fan page on facebook!

    username: Marci Bruno Photography

  93. 593
    monica says:

    I would print a picture of my beautiful children 3 1/2 and 2 :)

  94. 594
    ShaBean says:

    I actually haven’t taken the photo I will have printed yet. But I know what it will be. My best friend; my sister in all but blood, is getting married next Feb. I’ve been drafted to photograph the wedding. I’m not a wedding photographer. I’ve never done one. Somehow, I have to not bawl through the ceremony; not drop my camera; get the most fabulous shot and frame it perfectly so she won’t hate me for the rest of our lives! This photo; the one that I will take under enormous emotional pressure, will capture their love, hopes, maybe a laugh and their utter lack of pressure. And if I’m really lucky, we’ll stay friends!

  95. 595
    Kristie C says:

    I would love to share with clients what a photo can look like when it is made into art.

  96. 596
    Kattrina says:

    Okay I haven’t taken the shot yet, but it’s in the works! I am doing a sort of fantasy shoot with my kids (bold crazy props) I know a canvas would be so YUMMY for my wall!!! Of course I am a fan ;)

  97. 597
    Carol Davis says:

    I’d have a certain picture of my kids printed on it… the one I took before my oldest went back to the Naval Academy in January. We don’t know when we’ll get to see him again. It was a happy day, a fun day. I’d post the picture but it’s on my other computer, which won’t boot up at the moment! I’ll always treasure that moment.

  98. 598
    Rachel Perry says:

    I would print an image of my sister and I. She is one of the most important people in my life and I’d love to add her to my wall of portraits!

  99. 599
    Rachel Perry says:

    I fb’ed about it!

  100. 600
    Angela Ryan says:

    I would love to see this image on a large canvas wrap. The ice was finally releasing everything that was once
    frozen in time. I think its beautiful.

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