Contest: Enter to Win 16×20 Slim Float Mount Prints from Color Inc.

This week THREE photographers will win this fun new product by Color Inc Pro Lab – Slim Float Mounts. Below, you can see how I used the MCP Rounded Print It Board actions to create this fun collage of images and then printed it on this exciting product.

What is a Slim Float Mount?

Here is how Color Ind describes their product: Made of solid wood 3/8” ready to hang Slim Float Mounts are a great way to creatively showcase any of your favorite family, wedding, newborn or senior portraits! Each Slim Float Mount is professionally finished with a smooth black or white laminate beveled edge and your choice of one of our 4 quality finishing options. Additionally, all Slim Float Mounts arrive with a pre-cut keyhole slot on the back, ready to hang! Available in Print Finishing Options: Canvas/Satin/Matte/Velvet and your choice between black or white edging under the “Options” tab in ROES.

slim mount 2 copy Contest: Enter to Win 16x20 Slim Float Mount Prints from Color Inc.
pin it4 Contest: Enter to Win 16x20 Slim Float Mount Prints from Color Inc.

Rounded Blog It Board Collage printed on Slim Float Mount by Color Inc.

Contest Details

The Prizes:

  • 3 lucky winners will each get a 16×20 Slim Float Mount (each is up to a $90 value depending on finishing options).
  • Everyone! For one week only, today through the 15th of June, 2011, you can get 15% Slim Float Mounts at Color Inc by using the code: mcpslim15

To Enter:

  • Leave a comment describing what image or collage of images you might like to print if you win.*

Extra Entries: for a better chance to win

  • Spread the word on Social Networking Sites like Facebook, Blogs, Forums as allowed, Twitter, Stumble Upon, etc. and let them know of this contest. Each time you do this, up to five, you get an extra entry. Leave each as a comment, and tell us where you posted.
  • If you “like” MCP Actions on Facebook for the first time. If you are already a fan, you do not get an extra entry for this.
  • As always, if you display a link to our website, or our MCP Banner on your blog’s sidebar, you get an additional entry for this. Just add an extra comment.

Fine Print:

  • Winners will be chosen and announced on the MCP Blog on the evening of Sunday, June 12th.
  • To qualify, winners must leave a comment directly to this post on the MCP Blog, not on Facebook or Facebook Notes.

floatmountback web 450x300 Contest: Enter to Win 16x20 Slim Float Mount Prints from Color Inc.
pin it4 Contest: Enter to Win 16x20 Slim Float Mount Prints from Color Inc.

floatmountedgecc web 450x602 Contest: Enter to Win 16x20 Slim Float Mount Prints from Color Inc.
pin it4 Contest: Enter to Win 16x20 Slim Float Mount Prints from Color Inc.

 Contest: Enter to Win 16x20 Slim Float Mount Prints from Color Inc.

Jodi Friedman, MCP Actions

Jodi Friedman is the founder of MCP Actions. She designs popular Photoshop actions and Lightroom presets that make editing faster, easier and more fun.

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305 Comments and 3 Replies

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  1. 101
    Paula says:

    A vacation collage would be awesome!

  2. 102
    Paula says:

    Liked you on FB. :)

  3. 103
    Roxanne says:

    I would make a collage of pictures from throughout the years to give to my grandparents for their 60th wedding anniversary this summer.

  4. 104
    Darla Reger says:

    Since I don’t have any children I would have to say I would use for my dogs or all the floral photos I’ve been taking the last year.

  5. 105
    Malissa B says:

    Mine would be of a recent family photo we took while on vacation. I would hang it above my fireplace (we didn’t have our own home for 4 years due to my hubby loosing his job due to a layoff and this was one of goals when we were finally blessed with our wonderful home)

  6. 106
    Roxanne says:

    I would make a collage of pictures from throughout the years to give to my grandparents who are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary this summer.

  7. 107

    I would use it for pictures from my sister’s wedding this summer!!

  8. 108
    Errin Andrus says:

    I would use it for a collage of my daughter! She is my little model!

  9. 109
    Darla Reger says:

    Tweeted the contest at DarlaDR

  10. 110
  11. 111
    kari says:

    I would use the slim mount for a slug of pool images I just took while on vaca..

  12. 112
    Patsy J Lander says:

    I would love a collage of my two grandsons. Kyler is 16 and Whitten is 8 months. Such a difference in their ages that a collage would be an excellent way for this Nannie to showcase all that cuteness!

  13. 113
    Amanda W says:

    I’d use one or a few of our wedding photos.

  14. 114
    Amanda W says:

    I also have a link to MCP on my blog. Thanks!

  15. 115
    Rachel says:

    My husband is camera shy and will very rarely let me take his picture, I have just a handfull of pictures of him and us together.

    I would fill the slim float mount with pictures from our last vacation-our first trip to NYC. He had just returned from a one year deployment with the US Air force and the vacation was to celebrate his return.

    I have cool city scapes taken with my nice camera but more importantly some awesome cheesy self portraits of us posing together with our point and shoot.

    The float mount would look great in my office, it would remind me of our special time together as well as making a talking point for clients so I can then sell your slim float mount :D

  16. 116
    Carrie says:

    I would put some of the wedding pictures I just shot and hang it in my new studio.


  17. 117
    Michelle says:

    What a beautiful product! I would print a photo of my daughter.

  18. 118
    rachel says:

    I also posted to my facebook wall!

  19. 119
    Selena says:

    I have the perfect photo d my daughter making a super cute face that I would love to use for this!

  20. 120
    Emily says:

    I would print one out that had all 3 of my daughters in it. I don’t think I have one of those on my wall…haha

  21. 121
    Chris says:

    Will probably make a collage of my baby girl. She turns one in two months!

  22. 122

    I would love to do a collage of wedding pictures. We just had our one year anniversary and I still haven’t done a think with our wedding pictures, which is ironic since I am obsessed with photography. I really need to at least make a album.

  23. 123
    Rene Foust says:

    I think I would do a collage of pictures that I will take of my daughter’s wedding that will be taking place in Vegas. So exciting!

  24. 124
    Julie Jane says:

    My son just graduated, so I can see the images from that day working perfectly there.

  25. 125

    I would do a simple collage of 2 or 3 prints of pics I shot of my daughters I shot with the theme of “yellow”. It was so fun to do these shots, I really want to display them.

  26. 126
  27. 127
    Rachelle A. says:

    We still have wedding photos that I would like to have printed.

  28. 128
  29. 129
    Heidi says:

    I would make a family or newborn collage…love it! What a great contest!

  30. 130
    Kelli V says:

    I would most certainly do a collage for my cousin who graduated this year…it would make a great gift!

  31. 131
    Heidi says:

    I also posted on twitter

  32. 132
    Liz M. says:

    I would do a collage of all the pics I have of my girls swimming in the little play pool.

  33. 133
    Kim Sackett says:

    would love to try this out! My three boys would look great!

  34. 134
    Meggan Hayes says:

    My kids, I have 4 kids and thousands of pics of them. :)

  35. 135
    Lisa Moreau says:

    I specialize in Dog Photography and my dog just had a litter of puppies (English Setters). I would use this to make a collage of these puppies from newborns to 8 weeks when they will go to their forever homes. The only thing I can’t include in the collage is the smell of their wonderful puppy breath!!!

  36. 136
    Paveiphotos says:

    I would have to print our family photo. I haven’t been able to do that yet and this would be a great way to show it off!!

  37. 137

    If I won this slim mount, I would use it for a Daddy and Me storyboard for Fathers Day

  38. 138
    Julie says:

    I have some pictures of my boys wearing their Spider-man jackets, playing with each other and posed to shoot webs from their wrists. My little one once tried to ward of an approaching dog with his powerful webs. So fun.

  39. 139
    Christi says:

    I have a graduating senior and have taken what seems like millions of photos of her! What a great way to display them (hmmm, then I would have to get one of my older daughter… and it would be a fun way to show off sports pics of my son…) So many possibilities!!

  40. 140
    Crystal ~ momaziggy says:

    I would love to try one of these. Up until now I’ve only printed a canvas and love it! I would print a single image of both of my girls in our living room! Thanks for the contest Jodi! :)

  41. 141
    Crystal ~ momaziggy says:

    I posted on my Facebook profile. Not sure if I need to link it or not! :) I would use a single print of both of my girls in my living room!

  42. 142
    Crystal ~ momaziggy says:

    I posted on Twitter! I would use a single image of both of my girls for my living room!

  43. 143
    Amber says:

    I would do a collage of family pictures!

  44. 144
    Nancy Harris says:

    I would love to have a collage of my granddaughter’s first dance recital printed in this format. Gorgeous!

  45. 145
    Karen Bee says:

    I would get a big print of my favorite photo – my 3 kids sitting next to a pool in San Diego on one of our favorite vacations ever!

  46. 146

    Maternity clients for a display at a local 3d/4d sonogram place :-0)

  47. 147
    Pam says:

    If I won I would use it for a story board of my son and his 3 sons, Logan, and Noah twins & Caleb 3 years old.

  48. 148
    Jacquita Schecter says:

    I would have to do a pic of my husband from a Urban Decay Shoot that we did.. I love the pic and think it will make a great surprise gift.

  49. 149
    carli says:

    i would print a picture from my recent trip to napa valley

  50. 150
    Heather F says:

    Oh I would love to try this, I have been thinking of an enlargement of my two kids for the longest time. I would probably do one large image of my kids in the texas bluebonnets that I love so much

  51. 151
    Chelsi says:

    I would definitely print the pictures of my baby girl once she’s born. This frame would go perfect in her room!

  52. 152
    Chelsi says:

    I have a banner on my blog!

  53. 153

    Hmmm… so many pictures and collages to choose from! I would probably go with my kids, family photos or a summer collage or maybe our trip to Kauai collage. Hard to pick just one!

  54. 154
    Rebecca W. says:

    I’d get one of my husband’s stunning landscape shots to hang in the office – I love this style of hanging!

  55. 155
  56. 156
    Lisa says:

    The family farm….I recently took about 100 pictures of the family farm with an old barn, corrals etc. I had in mind that I wanted to put them in a collage once I finished editing them. This is exactly what I had in mind!!!

    Thank you for the wonderful tips you provide!

  57. 157
    Juli says:

    I am due to have a baby boy in just 8 weeks…
    If I won your fab frame I would use it for his newborn photos.

  58. 158
    Christina says:

    I would get a collage of my kids. I have some great outtakes that really show their personalities!

  59. 159
    Lisa says:

    Posted on my Facebook page with a link!

  60. 160
    Lisa says:

    Posted on Twitter!

  61. 161
    Terry says:

    A series of old family photos that I have been restoring.

  62. 162
    Kay says:

    I’m fixing to take a trip to Florida with my daughter, her husband, and 3 grand daughters and I would use it to put photos that I plan on taking on the beach.

  63. 163
    Deborah S says:

    I would love to try a slim float mount and have a collage of the whole family including my son in the Marines and granddaughter.

  64. 164

    I would have a collage put together of my kids since I barely have any photos of them on my walls at home. :-(

  65. 165

    I posted a link to your FB page and blog regarding the contest:

  66. 166

    I would like to print a picture of the Koolau mountains to hang in my room.

  67. 167
    Ally White says:

    In a few weeks we are having professional portraits done for the first time in waaaaaay too many years so i would LOVE to use those on a float mount!

  68. 168
    Diane W. says:

    I would do a collage of my two boys. Looks like a great product!

  69. 169
    Danyelle says:

    I’d love to get a collage of pictures of my two daughters.

  70. 170
    Jenni Salazar says:

    I would print my favorite picture I took of my little boys..

  71. 171

    I have an awesome collection of shots from my daughter’s senior pics!

  72. 172

    I “liked” you on Facebook :)

  73. 173

    I have a series of pet images that would look marvelous in this frame.

  74. 174

    The mcp actions logo and a link to your website is up and running on my blog. Thanks for the contest.

  75. 175
    kay lee says:

    A picture of my second daughter…..she’s out numbered on the walls!

  76. 176

    I would choose either a collage of my favorite garden shots, this Spring, or a photo of my littlest.

  77. 177

    I would like to print a wedding photo for a friend who is getting married on Saturday and has no budget for photography or prints. I am doing her photography as my wedding gift- but can’t quite afford to get her a beautiful print.

  78. 178
    Noelle says:

    I love this because it is the perfect solution to a problem I was having about the decoration above my future twin’s crib. Not a problem anymore… if I win! I will do a collage of their newborn photos!

  79. 179
    Lisa Moreau says:

    Just posted the contrst to my facebook page!

  80. 180
    Marisa says:

    I’d print a collage of our recent trip to Hawaii!

  81. 181
    Allison says:

    I would use it to display a clients wedding. So many great options.

  82. 182
    Allison says:

    Just sent a post to FB

  83. 183
    Allison says:

    Just added the MCP Actions button to my blogs home and photog.

  84. 184
    Allison says:

    Just put a note on my photog blog.

  85. 185
    Amy H says:

    I would use it for a picture of our horses.

  86. 186
    Dayna Lyn says:

    I would love a collage of my newborn baby boy Easton :)

  87. 187
    Yen says:

    it would either be a collage of the extended family or of our closest friends. probably the extended family though. but there’s always the wedding… still don’t have pictures of that yet.

  88. 188
    Bobbi Jo says:

    I would make a collage of pictures from when we lived in Europe. I’ve been meaning to do it for so long and this would give me no more excuses!

  89. 189
    jenny says:

    i would make a collage of my boys!

  90. 190
    Kelly says:

    I’m going to get one right now of our 2 grandbabies. If I win that one will be of our 2 dogs. Thanks!

  91. 191
    Deb says:

    I would print photos of our first granddaughter, born just last week.

  92. 192
    AngieinMO says:

    I would do a college our our new grandbaby.

  93. 193
    Ruth says:

    I would make a collage of my kids. Three very special people in my life.

  94. 194

    I would do a collage of images of the kids for my mother (my family) and my brother’s since she only has the 4 grandbabies she watches every day while we are working and does not want anything in return. It’s the least I can do!

  95. 195
    Darla Reger says:

    I just posted the contest on my blog.

  96. 196
    BridgetSoup says:

    I think it would be awesome to have one giant picture cut into parts and put into the openings. Or I’d mix some black and white and color photos around it.

  97. 197
    Flo Dupuy says:

    I would love to print a picture of my daughter I love with a cute umbrella to use as a showcase for my clients :-)

  98. 198
    ValerieO says:

    I’d like to make a collage with my daughter’s first ballet class pictures. She was very excited to wear that ballet dress and shoes! :)

  99. 199
    Carmen says:

    My kids…I just don’t have enough printed of them :(

  100. 200
    Jessica says:

    I would use it as a gift for a family member and make them a collage of their children.

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