Contest: Enter to Win 16×20 Slim Float Mount Prints from Color Inc.

This week THREE photographers will win this fun new product by Color Inc Pro Lab – Slim Float Mounts. Below, you can see how I used the MCP Rounded Print It Board actions to create this fun collage of images and then printed it on this exciting product.

What is a Slim Float Mount?

Here is how Color Ind describes their product: Made of solid wood 3/8” ready to hang Slim Float Mounts are a great way to creatively showcase any of your favorite family, wedding, newborn or senior portraits! Each Slim Float Mount is professionally finished with a smooth black or white laminate beveled edge and your choice of one of our 4 quality finishing options. Additionally, all Slim Float Mounts arrive with a pre-cut keyhole slot on the back, ready to hang! Available in Print Finishing Options: Canvas/Satin/Matte/Velvet and your choice between black or white edging under the “Options” tab in ROES.

slim mount 2 copy Contest: Enter to Win 16x20 Slim Float Mount Prints from Color Inc.
pin it4 Contest: Enter to Win 16x20 Slim Float Mount Prints from Color Inc.

Rounded Blog It Board Collage printed on Slim Float Mount by Color Inc.

Contest Details

The Prizes:

  • 3 lucky winners will each get a 16×20 Slim Float Mount (each is up to a $90 value depending on finishing options).
  • Everyone! For one week only, today through the 15th of June, 2011, you can get 15% Slim Float Mounts at Color Inc by using the code: mcpslim15

To Enter:

  • Leave a comment describing what image or collage of images you might like to print if you win.*

Extra Entries: for a better chance to win

  • Spread the word on Social Networking Sites like Facebook, Blogs, Forums as allowed, Twitter, Stumble Upon, etc. and let them know of this contest. Each time you do this, up to five, you get an extra entry. Leave each as a comment, and tell us where you posted.
  • If you “like” MCP Actions on Facebook for the first time. If you are already a fan, you do not get an extra entry for this.
  • As always, if you display a link to our website, or our MCP Banner on your blog’s sidebar, you get an additional entry for this. Just add an extra comment.

Fine Print:

  • Winners will be chosen and announced on the MCP Blog on the evening of Sunday, June 12th.
  • To qualify, winners must leave a comment directly to this post on the MCP Blog, not on Facebook or Facebook Notes.

floatmountback web 450x300 Contest: Enter to Win 16x20 Slim Float Mount Prints from Color Inc.
pin it4 Contest: Enter to Win 16x20 Slim Float Mount Prints from Color Inc.

floatmountedgecc web 450x602 Contest: Enter to Win 16x20 Slim Float Mount Prints from Color Inc.
pin it4 Contest: Enter to Win 16x20 Slim Float Mount Prints from Color Inc.

 Contest: Enter to Win 16x20 Slim Float Mount Prints from Color Inc.

Jodi Friedman, MCP Actions

Jodi Friedman is the founder of MCP Actions. She designs popular Photoshop actions and Lightroom presets that make editing faster, easier and more fun.

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305 Comments and 3 Replies

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  1. 201
    Andrea Trout says:

    A wedding with friends from law school from a couple years ago…this would be so perfect.

  2. 202
    kristin t says:

    A collage of pics of the birth of my new baby nephew! yay! :-)

  3. 203
    Jen Mc says:

    i would print images from my little girl’s 2nd birthday party last weekend!

  4. 204
    Kandice says:

    Oh I love these floating mounts!! Since my husband and I don’t have children yet, I would print a picture of our dalmatian that I love.

  5. 205
    Tammy Bilodeau says:

    What a great prize! Thanks Jodi & Color Inc.

    I have a great series of my 2 yr old catching bubbles that would look great on something like this :)

  6. 206
  7. 207

    I’d like to print a black and white photo I have of my dog and I sitting on the couch together…
    Its a simple print, but I’ve always loved it because of the reaction I get from people when they see it…My dog is an English Mastiff, and when he’s sitting next to me, he almost towers over me. So I can only imagine the reaction I’d get when people see the photo of us in a 16×20 print rather then the 8×10 I have hangin on the wall.

  8. 208
    Cho says:

    I’d like to print collage of our wedding photos. We haven’t printed out any albums or prints yet, and it’s been almost a year.

  9. 209

    I would make a composite of the senior pictures I took of my best friend’s daughter and give it to them. They can’t afford much right now becuase of unemployment so this would be a great gift!

  10. 210
    Em says:

    I have been doing lots of grad photoshoots lately and I think a board like this would be a perfect way to display the photos and cherish the memories.

  11. 211

    I would choose some photos of my family that I love. Thanks for a chance to win!

  12. 212
    Nicole Voth says:

    I would love to do a collage of photos of my daughter!

  13. 213
    Phoebe says:

    I would love to do a collage of my two kids.

  14. 214
    Jackie says:

    Collage of my baby girl!

  15. 215
    chris says:

    Love these – would print a shot of my son skateboarding.

  16. 216
    Kenda says:

    I would have a series of black and white photos of my daughter printed. Great prize!!

  17. 217
    Corey Butler says:

    I would like to collage my 5 children my wife and myself, along with the Parents who created my wife and myself for our entrance into our home.

  18. 218

    I have a series of my daughter’s 5 year portraits I would love to put on a mount like this!

  19. 219
    Debra Hall says:

    I would like to put pictures of myself, since I am always behind the camera. Its not for myself, its for my two children ages 10 and 11, in case something should happen to me. I’m not wishing that on me though. :>)

  20. 220
    Debbie W says:

    I actually have quite a few I wouldn’t mind printing of my daughters….and winning may actually force me to decide on at least one. :) Thank you for the opportunity.

  21. 221
    Amanda R. says:

    I would pick the a BW photo I have of my husband hugging my daughter. Since he’s in the military he hardly gets to see her, so it would be nice reminder that even though he’s not always home he always loves her.

  22. 222
    Lisa Crane says:

    Great contest. I would print one out my last wedding and give it to the bride.

  23. 223
    Brooke says:

    I would love to display my daughter’s two year pictures with this!

  24. 224
    Marcy Gasiewicz says:

    I have pictures of my daughter during her 1st birthday-ladybug theme. they would look wonderful in this!! What a fantastic way to display photos :)

  25. 225
    Debra Storer says:

    The various faces of Guatemala (where I work with Mission Impact) would be delightfully displayed with the Slim Float Mount! The women and children of Guatemala daily display splashes of color in their woven tops and skirts along with the fruits, vegetables and flowers sold on the streets and markets.

  26. 226
    Lisa Crane says:

    I tweeted it from @cranstudioimag

    Win a 16 x 20 slim float mount print from Color Inc.

  27. 227
    Melanie says:

    Gosh – I am always getting prints done for everyone else and never for me! I would totally get some done of my own kids :)

  28. 228
    Amber Barnum says:

    I just took some maternity pics yesterday, so I would love to have one of these for her!

  29. 229
    Sheena Bowen says:

    I would definitely use one of these as a gift to share a photo of my daughter playing in the woods at her grandparents’ house.

  30. 230
    Sheena Bowen says:

    If you go to the “links” at the bottom of my blog’s homepage, MCP is listed, too!

  31. 231
    Kathy Burns says:

    I have a high school Senior Graduating and heading to College in the fall. What a great gift to give her filled with pictures of favorite moments.

  32. 232
    Brenda says:

    I would print my praying hands picture.

  33. 233
    Marla says:

    Would choose a pic of my kids at the beach this summer.

  34. 234

    OH… if I win I know for sure I’d use this as gift to my daughter and son-in-law of select photos of their newborn daughter and them that I took… esp. since it’s so difficult to choose just one to frame, this would be perfect!

  35. 235

    Shared the link to your give-away on my Facebook page.

  36. 236

    I have your link posted on my blog;

  37. 237
    Robyn says:

    I would love one of these with my kiddos on it!
    Thanks for the giveaway~

  38. 238
    Toni Z says:

    I recently took engagement pictures for a friend of mine. If I win I will order pics of them for a wedding shower present! :)

  39. 239
    Terry says:

    My son is getting married in a couple of weeks, this would be great for some wedding pics. Thanks!

  40. 240
    Shannon says:

    Looking forward to getting one of these! I have family photo of our shadows that I’d like to print. Also, have a quote collage I’d like to print with black background and white letters.

  41. 241
    William Keel says:

    I would make a family set with my beautiful wife, seven children, four sons-in-law, and eight grandchildren.

  42. 242

    I would make a collage of my son’s tball pics from the season.

  43. 243
    Heather R. says:

    Very cool. I’d like to print a photo of the DC cherry blossoms…

  44. 244
    Ann says:

    I have a great picture of tulips that I would love to have printed so I could hang it in my dining room.

  45. 245

    I would love to win this. I would display images of my family including my dad who doesn’t have a huge amount of time on this earth. This would be a great gift for him.


  46. 246
  47. 247
    Julie N says:

    I would print a pic of my kids for my mother.

  48. 248
    Heather Bird says:

    I’d love to print our Family picture from last years Christmas Card, but seeing your collage makes me want to look at some images for that option too.

  49. 249
    Kathy Hardy says:

    these are awesome! I would love to make a collage with some photos of my sister and I when we were kids and give it to our Mom! she would adore it! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win one!! Yay!

  50. 250

    I would make a collage print of my 6 grandchildren

  51. 251
    Kim Marasti says:

    My best friend’s daughter just graduated high school (omg I’m old!!!!) and I did a photo shoot of her as a graduation gift. If I presented her photos to her in this mount, that would just be icing on the cake!!!! Fingers crossed! :-)

  52. 252
    christy anderson says:

    I would print a portrait of all the little cousins enjoying the beach together – all 8 of them!

  53. 253
    Angie Hand says:

    Recital pictures of my daughter and her fellow dance company members.

  54. 254
    Nicole L says:

    I would use it to display pictures from our Hawaiian wedding that need a great display!

  55. 255
    Kim Cameron says:

    I would love to win the Slim Float Mount. My daughter has 2 beautiful children, and I would love to create a memorable gift for her.

  56. 256
    Sandy Molck says:

    My grandson would be the star!

  57. 257
    Wendy Pierce says:

    I just went to a Photo day at the Houston zoo, and would love to make a collage of the pics!

  58. 258
    cheryl says:

    a friend of ours will taking photos of us next week that i know will be great for this! pick me! please.

  59. 259
    Kassi says:

    Picture of my baby girl

  60. 260
    Sarah Miller says:

    I would love this for pictures of my girls celebrating summertime!

  61. 261
    Melanie says:

    Pics of my girls to go by their new bunk beds!

  62. 262
    Samantha Liz says:

    I would love a wall full of these to display my 365!

  63. 263
    cara says:

    I love these! I have been looking for a product like this for client storyboards. I would print a studio sample. Probably for a senior.

  64. 264
    Heather S. says:

    I would probably do a collage of my nephew’s wedding as an anniversary present.

  65. 265
    Kathryn Cole says:

    I would love one done of my family, to treasure life’s touching moments. Something I could pass down to my children

  66. 266
    Sylvie Doucet says:

    Both my daughter and niece graduate from High school this year.. this would be a wonderful product for thier 2011 grad !

  67. 267
    Mandy says:

    I would love to do a collage of my daughter who just turned one! Thanks for the giveaway!

  68. 268
    Danielle says:

    I just shot the birth of my step-daughter’s baby girl on June 8th!! This would be perfect!!!!

  69. 269
    melinda says:

    these are super cool! I am going to go check them out! I would love to start providing these to my customers and I want one for myself…

  70. 270

    I’d like to do a photo I took of my dd and all her Care Bears on Christmas morning of 2010 :)

  71. 271
    Amanda says:

    I would print a collection of military deployment pictures of my husband and my child playing in her daddy’s uniforms.

  72. 272

    I would love to make a collage of my family! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  73. 273
    Pam says:

    I recently completed the photography for a new recording artist for all of her promotional material and her new CD and this would be perfect to commemorate the release and her upcoming concert

  74. 274
    Larissa says:

    I would choose some wedding pictures that I still have not gotten printed!

  75. 275
    melissa says:

    I. have wanted to try this product and have been waiting for the perfect image- I got it of my 2 kiddie last week!!! this is a great contest!

  76. 276
    MaryAnn Anderson says:

    I’d love to have a collage of my precious grandchildren hanging on my living room wall!

  77. 277
    melissa says:

    A collage of pics of all 4 of my kids.

  78. 278
    sonnia Valiquette-Fleury says:

    Would love this prize! I would love to do a collage of my sons newborn session last year – the times goes to quickly and this would be a great memmory of how far he has come!

  79. 279
    Tammy says:

    I would put pictures of some of special moments my daughter who spent her Senior year without her mom. My husband lost his job and we had to move 9 hrs away. My daughter wanted to graduate with her friends :( we are very close and we miss each other very much. I would love to surprise her with some special times we did have together. Bless you all :D

  80. 280
    Kim Benesh says:

    What a great giveaway! Thanks! I have some images of my daughter with her pony that I would love to have printed in a collage for her bedroom!

  81. 281
    Erin Feldman says:

    These are awesome! I would love to print an image of all 3 of my kids together!

  82. 282
    Sam says:

    My babies…to capture them little, for the split second they are.

  83. 283
    Phoenix Cox says:

    I would use it to put all my children and family photos over the past year! I hope I get it!! (:

  84. 284
    Angie Choi says:

    I’d love to print pictures of our boys first year.

  85. 285
    Clarissa says:

    I would montage our wedding images together!!! :)

  86. 286
    jenn says:

    I would do a photo(s) of our adoption day- 6months ago this week!

  87. 287
    jamie jauriqui says:

    Professional black and white studio Pictures of my daughters being taken in September. (they are 1 year a part) turning 1 and 2

  88. 288
    Mel Kel says:

    My children…what better subject could one find?

  89. 289
    LeeAnnn Caldwell says:

    I would love to have a collage of my daughters and add something wonderful to look at to my walls.

  90. 290
    Martha Garito says:

    I would love to place my 3 month old twin babies in the two large center slots and each family member that loves and cares for them on the sides. As it turns out, it’s just the right number of slots!

  91. 291
    michelle says:

    oh I would love to use my daughters gymnastics pictures! Thanks for the great give aways!

  92. 292
    Jodie Cowan says:

    This looks like a neat product, thanks for showcasing it! I would print our Colorado vacation picture. Hopefully the maroon bells!

  93. 293

    Pictures of the grandkids for the grandparents.

  94. 294
    Sarah says:

    I would love to print a collage for my mother of all my siblings! Her birthday is coming up!

  95. 295
    Carolyn Weber says:

    Fun family vacation pictures

  96. 296
    Maggie Michael says:

    I have show dogs and my lovely Borzoi would look gorgeous in this frame.

  97. 297
    Rachel Talley says:

    My husband and I eloped in 1995. We did tell our parents and they were present when we exchanged vows. My FIL took some pics but misplaced the negatives before we ever ordered prints. The only “wedding pics” that I have are some “proofs” that he printed for me immediately after the ceremony. I have never displayed them but this would be perfect. I would like our children to see how young and in love we were. Thanks for the opportunity to enter. It IS a lovely gift.

  98. 298

    My new Grand baby girl, just 3 wks old. Also I’ve been wanting to give color inc. a try on my printing, Hope I win! Thanks for the opportunity!

  99. 299

    I would love to make a collage of my family. We lost my Dad and SIL this year. I want to remember them in pictures always

  100. 300

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