Win an iPad 2: MCP Photographer’s Giveaway

Imagine winning an iPad 2…

MCP Actions and Designs by Amie are giving away an iPad!

  • Grand Prize: iPad 2 (your choice of black or white – wi-fi 32GB or wi-fi + 3G 16GB) subject to availability at the end of the contest
  • The winner also gets a $100 Gift Certificate to Designs by Amie for Photoshop templates for photographers

    ipad2 Win an iPad 2: MCP Photographers Giveaway
    pin it4 Win an iPad 2: MCP Photographers Giveaway

    photo of the iPad2 courtesy of PR department

Envision all the ways you could use this tool. Whether you own a photography business or just love taking pictures, the iPad 2 is a perfect companion.

In a touch or click, photography information is at your fingertips, on the web and through apps.  Watch videos, read blogs, visit websites and learn more about the world of photography and editing.  Share your portfolio of images with customers, family and friends. Connect your camera and preview images you just shot. Check your email to communicate instantly. Download posing guide apps to inspire your shooting. The possibilities are endless.

ipad21 Win an iPad 2: MCP Photographers Giveaway
pin it4 Win an iPad 2: MCP Photographers Giveaway

photo courtesy of Jodi Friedman, MCP Actions


To Enter the Giveaway:

  • Leave a comment saying how having an iPad 2 may change your photography business. If you are not a professional photographer, then leave a comment on how an iPad2 would change your business or personal life.
  • Please like us on Facebook. Make sure to “like” MCP Actions and Designs by Amie on Facebook. When you visit Amie’s page, tell her that MCP sent you. Please do not comment on the MCP FB Wall saying we sent you to our own page. You are welcome to come share photos edited with MCP Photoshop actions on our wall though – we love to see your work.

For Extra Entries:

  • Spread the word through social networking. Post about this contest or about what you love about MCP Actions on any social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Stumble Upon, etc. For every place you post, come back and add a comment with a link sharing where you did this. You can get up to 5 extra entries for this – any additional may be deleted.
  • Add the MCP Actions banner (or a text link to our site) on your blog- please use the text “Photoshop actions for photographers” and link to our site. For the banner, grab the code from the sidebar. Once you add this, leave a comment* and let us know you did.

Contest Rules and Deadlines:

  • The contest starts on Monday, June 13th, 2011 at 9am eastern time.  The winner will be selected via on the evening of Sunday, June 19th, 2011.
  • To increase chances of winning, participate in the “extra” entries.
  • * Comments must be posted on the MCP Blog, not in the notes section of Facebook. Follow the link to this post on MCP Actions Blog for your entries to qualify.
  • This contest is void where prohibited by law.
  • If the winner lives outside the United States, he/she is responsible for shipping, taxes, duties and tariffs.
  • Apple® is not a sponsor of this promotion.  They do not even know who I am….

 Win an iPad 2: MCP Photographers Giveaway

Jodi Friedman, MCP Actions

Jodi Friedman is the founder of MCP Actions. She designs popular Photoshop actions and Lightroom presets that make editing faster, easier and more fun.

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4984 Comments and 31 Replies

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  1. 4901
    sherri says:

    Ohhhh…. I so need an ipad 2. The first reason the ipad would make my professional life easier would be in my meetings with my clients. I could showcase my portfolio in a cool compact presentation instead of using my clunky tired MacBook. The second and most important reason I would love to have an ipad 2 is for my communication with my clients via on the go. In our immediate world my clients e-mail me daily with questions,I have multiply inquiries everyday and it is hard to answer them fast enough. It would be so nice to work while sitting in gymnastics with the kids,while driving with my team to and from our weddings. My brides come in with their ipads and send me notes from their ipads. It will be so nice to be as current and hip as my savvy clients.
    I always look forward to your tips and have learned a great deal about shooting our products,thank you for giving your time and talents to all of us. -sherri meyers/the pastry studio

  2. 4902
    Chi Pelo says:

    Owning an Ipad would be such a Godsend for me. I am literally the most left-brained person I know. I am all creativity and no business sense. I am sunshine and rainbows and absolutely the least organized person I know. I believe an Ipad would help me to get organized, and in turn, help me create the business I have pictured in my mind and heart and turn it into a reality. Thank you SO much for the opportunity!!!

    • Chi Pelo says:

      Okay, I meant to type RIGHT brained person. See – I’m so right-brained that I can’t even THINK of which side of the brain is creative and which side is used for business and organization. SEE how much help I need! LOL

  3. 4903
    tami says:

    I’d love to use an ipad to show my clients’ images to them. So versatile and portable!

  4. 4904
    Gautam Dogra says:

    Having an ipad will help me display my pictures from flickr to the people. With the beautiful vibrant display, it would be a treat to anyone.
    Also, i can have image editors to tweek the images on the go and possibly upload them.

  5. 4905

    Winning an ipad would be a great benefit to me and my business! I was just saying how amazing it would be to have an ipad to keep track of invoices and dates and deadlines! It would be an honor to win one:)

  6. 4906
    Sarah Virus says:

    I would love to win this! It would help me jump start my photography business. I would love to have something that can go with me where ever I am.

  7. 4907
    Amy says:

    An Ipad would be very helpful in my business, it would streamline the photo viewing sessions for my clients! Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  8. 4908
    Beck says:

    I have been feeling that an iPad 2 would be such a great asset to my client meetings. It would be wonderful to be able to pull my portfolio out of my purse and have it right at my fingertips. :)

  9. 4909

    On the go proofing and invoicing!!!!

  10. 4910
    JammIe T says:

    An iPad would be great for streamlining my business from showing off my portfolio to sales!

  11. 4911
  12. 4912
    Vicki says:

    Winning an iPad would mean that I would never have to put proofs online again. In person proofing sessions ONLY. YAY! If they want the image they’d have to BUY IT from me.

  13. 4913
    Joan Feldvary says:

    Dreaming of Photos for viewing anywhere and anytime.

  14. 4914
    liz deremer says:

    I would love the ipad for showing proofs to my clients for placing orders. I’ve run into a few frustrating issues lately where my clients have downloaded and stolen images from their albums posted online :( I’d love to start doing this one on one and the ipad would be perfect for that!

  15. 4915
    Amy says:

    You find clients everywhere & having my work in my purse, in full digital color would help me fill in the gaps in my business – some time ago I had to let my website go & any advertising I had done in the past (due to a change in family dynamic)- the ipad 2 would help me share my work on the go!

  16. 4916

    I think that anyone who uses digital images today needs an ipad… this is why I need one! I would love to be able to have a portfolio available to show of the different things I can do with not only my camera, but different actions.

  17. 4917
    Alissa says:

    I am a teacher by day and a photographer by night/weekend. An iPad would benefit both. An iPad would open up a whole new world for my students, especially in reading. It would also allow me to carry my portfolio, shot lists and other important files with me. And of course, it would just be fun to have :)

  18. 4918
    Jenny says:

    An ipad would greatly help me with improving my skills. I am newish to photography. (I’m already a FB fan!)

  19. 4919
    JC says:

    Winning an iPad would allow me to be more flexible in session sharing.

  20. 4920
    Caitlin McCullough says:

    As a professional photographer, the chance to have my portfolio as portable and visible as an iPad2 would allow it to be is irrefutably priceless. An iPad would allow me to produce my portfolio, in stunning quality, anywhere. I would not need access to the internet, nor would the images be minuscule as they currently are on my iPod Classic. Consideration for this boon would be highly appreciated.

  21. 4921
    Barb Betts says:

    An iPad would be amazing for me to have my complete portfolio where ever I go. I do craft shows and it would be amazing to have with me. Thanks for the opportunity to win. Blessings, Barb

  22. 4922

    Just tweeted!!!

    Winning the iPad would be such a blessing. Lost my full time job, so I’m trying to grow my photography business and this is a luxury tool that I simply cannot afford. An iPad would help me stand out from the crowd and give me a competitive edge to acquire new clients. I would be most grateful if I were to win.


  23. 4923
  24. 4924
  25. 4925
  26. 4926

    Just posted to my personal FB wall!

    I’m at a very difficult crossroads, as many people are these days. Recently lost my job and I’m trying to make a go at it with my photography. Winning an iPad would be such a wonderful gift that would help me look more professional and together. I would be so ever grateful to win and everyone would know where I won it from! Thank you for the opportunity.


  27. 4927

    Just posted to my photography page on Facebook.

    Winning an iPad would help me showcase my portfolio and website to potential clients and make a memorable impression. My full-time job was recently eliminated and I’ve been doing photography as a side job, so I’ve decided I want to try and make a living with my photography business. Because of my situation, I am unable to afford the luxury of purchasing an iPad, but see the unlimited potential in using one to grow my business. Thank you for the opportunity to win such a useful and wonderful tool that could strengthen my ability to succeed a photography full time.


  28. 4928

    Just ‘liked’ Amie’s page. Great work!!!

    Winning an iPad would help me showcase my portfolio and website to potential clients and make a memorable impression. My full-time job was recently eliminated as so many others in our country. I’ve been doing photography as a side job to make ends meet, and I’ve decided to try and make a living with my photography business since it is my passion. I enjoy capturing memories in an artistic and creative style for others to cherish for a lifetime. Because of my situation, I am unable to afford the luxury of purchasing an iPad, but see the unlimited potential in using one to grow my business. Thank you for the opportunity to win such a useful and wonderful tool that could strengthen my ability to succeed a photography full time.


  29. 4929
    Lois says:

    I would love to win an Ipad2, it would make it so much easier to share my photos as well as my crafts. And it would be much lighter to carry around as opposed to my laptop.

  30. 4930
    Elena says:

    Winning an Ipad would would be a real dream come true! I love, love photography and it would be a great way to organize all of my pictures, improve my skills and so much more!

  31. 4931
  32. 4932
    Amy Burns says:

    An IPad would be fabulous for me. For years I have wanted to start up a photography business on the side. I am a counselor in a school and wanted to have a side job of on location photographer in the spring, summer and fall. Our computer at home is not very fast and we have to restart quite a bit so it wouldn’t be good for using. My work computer we are not able to download or put anything on it that is not work related. This has been a major reason why I haven’t started yet on top of the fact that my boys were little. They are still young 3 and 5, but at the age that I feel that I can do some extra things. Of course, they are my pride and enjoy and my favorite subjects for pictures.

  33. 4933
    Robyn says:

    Winning an ipad would be so fantastic. I have 2 daughters in the house and they are both on the computers so I never seem to get one anymore. So this would be all mine :)

  34. 4934
    michelle says:

    I’m not a professional photographer but I have recently taken a photoshop class – I love sharing my photos with family and friends and an ipad would allow me … mobility!

  35. 4935
    makia says:

    I am not a pro, but I would love an iPad2 to edit photos of my kids, read books, listen to music And most importantantly my hubby can get his laptop back.

  36. 4936
    Derek Hawkley says:

    Winning the iPad 2 would be an amazing addition to the tools I already have. The stunning display is amazing for showing customers their pictures and also for displaying our portfolio to potential clients. The chance to have your portfolio on hand is a great tool for any photographer.

  37. 4937
    Donna Shelby says:

    The ipad would help me so much in organizing my photography business with my personal life. Both can get very crazy at times!

  38. 4938
    Steffi says:

    This ipad would make it easier to share pictures with friends and family….Winning an ipad would would be a dream come true!

  39. 4939

    I have “liked” both sites on Facebook. I would love an ipad2. I am 33 and just finished my BA in Business. I have been doing photography for the past 10 years and love this freelance photography hobby. I have done several weddings as well as other photo shoots. I would love the freedom and display capabilities of the ipad2.

  40. 4940
  41. 4941

    Winning an Ipad 2. Would make give, as an aspiring amateur photographer, that would love to set foot into the business, that extra notch of confidence to approach clients with my portfolio with that extra bit of style! Also, in my personal life, it would help me, via skype/facetime, keep in touch with my family that live hundreds of klm away! Anytime and anyplace! Please be me :)

  42. 4942
    John Quadros says:

    This is going to sound like a hard luck story. I don’t want it to be taken that way. I have ALS. So with that said I’ve lost my speech and the use of my legs. Thank God there are a lot of handicapped accessable trails here in CA. I mostly do retouch work (with the help of MCP Actions of coarse),DVD slideshows w/music. It sure would be nice to be able to show my work and my business off on an iPad2 instead of trying to setup a display on a five year old laptop. Well that’s my story. Good luck to everyone,
    John Quadros

  43. 4943

    I liked Amie’s page (already like yours)

  44. 4944

    An iPad2 would be awesome as a portable gallery, for skyping with clients and for showing video slideshows.

  45. 4945
    Holly Williams says:

    I’m a college student who hates carrying real books! Having an Ipad would eliminate a lot of that problem. Plus I’d have a way to showcase my photos and show off my kids!!!

  46. 4946
    Leonor says:

    This may sound like a cliché but I would actually give it to my boyfriend. He wants one so bad. If I had the money I’d buy him one…

  47. 4947
    Holly Williams says:

    Shared on facebook!

  48. 4948
    Brandi Potter says:

    I want to take my business to the next level. An iPad is just the thing to help me do that. I would like to have the photo gallery, use square, and go paperless with client contracts.

  49. 4949
    Holly Williams says:

    oh and on Twitter!!/hwilliams83 :)

  50. 4950
    tamara says:

    An iPad would be perfect for small viewings at clients’ homes as we decide on wall collections. It’s so much more portable than even a laptop and so much nice for display. Thanks for the chance!

  51. 4951
    tamara says:

    I have ‘liked’ both sites on Facebook
    and have posted to twitter: and Facebook


  52. 4952
    Melanie R says:

    Ipad2 amazing, I could list for hours the things I love about it. But mostly it is amazing how bright and beautiful a good photo looks on it. It would be an amazing addition to my camera bag!

  53. 4953
    Samantha says:

    Having the ability to instantly preview my SOOCs, pull up ROES and talk about package pricing, pop off a quick edit or two (using my MCP actions, of course :D) would completely revolutionize the face of business as I’m doing it today. Sometimes all a photographer needs in this business is one tiny miracle to get out of the “friends and family and a very few assorted others” to “big timing photographer”, which is – coincidentally – where I want to be.

    API Photography as a household name? Yes please!

  54. 4954
    carole harvey says:

    I would love an ipad. I’m not a professional but I’m sure it would be a help to me.

  55. 4955
    Elizabeth Port says:

    Would love to win an IPad 2! The possiblities and opportunities are endless!!!

  56. 4956

    I have been wanting an ipad for so long. I’m a budding photographer and like taking my gear everywhere. Having an ipad would make it easier to share images and albums with my wonderful clients. With an on-the-go lifestyle, staying on top of blogging, other social networks, and sharing can be quite the task. An ipad would definitely help me out and would probably become my new best friend. Please choose me for the ipad giveaway … I would be so very grateful!


  57. 4957
    Orla Chavez says:

    I could just dream of bringing an ipad to a client viewing, to showcase my work, and make me look like I am actually getting somewhere after all the work I am putting into starting my own business, with no funds!
    I would just LOVE an ipad!!!

  58. 4958
    Dawn says:

    i would love an ipad! Not only would it streamline my on the go work, but help out in so many other ways, keeping me in close contact with my clients.

  59. 4959
    KatieLovesWags says:

    I would love this iPad! For personal use it would be amaing to tote around something to really show off photos of my new bubba

  60. 4960

    I am a real estate photographer and looking for a way to decrease photo production time and the research all points to iPad2…to be able to do quick edits in the field and upload the photos directly to MLS without having to return to the office…what a time saver and a boost for my professional image.

  61. 4961
    sarah marie says:

    It would really help with showcasing to build my business! I could keep it tucked away in my bag ready to flip out at a moments notice!

  62. 4962

    Having an iPad 2 would transform my business in many ways. I am a pastor as well as a medi entrepreneur. This tool would allow me to essentially run both at the same time. I could prepare messages keep up with ministry teams and at the same show media proofs to clients and collaborate with other members of my media team. This would be a spectacular asset to increase the effectiveness of both areas of my professional life!

  63. 4963

    Having an iPad 2 would help me by:
    Allowing me to share my portfolio to clients onsite.
    Possibly doing minor editing and crops with photoshop express or something of the sort.
    Researching tips/tips/and education while out and about.
    Checking email while out and about.

    ….and just being a tech nerd and smiling because I have a new “gadget”.

  64. 4964
    Haya says:

    It will be better than carring my laptop to every where the Ipad is much better

  65. 4965
    Victoria says:

    An iPad could help me with my ability to blog and upload real-time photos to my site!
    I’d also like one to use to take photos of my baby boy, who is only 5 months old! :)

  66. 4966
    Judee says:

    An iPad 2 will make my life easier in many ways: lighter weight and more portable than a laptop and checking in online when traveling, using for recipes in the kitchen, and videocalling just to name a few.

  67. 4967
    Jamie T says:

    I just need an iPad for the simple joy. The joy to make my pictures beautiful anywhere. I love iPads and my photography!

  68. 4968
    vanessa says:

    will use ipad2 to make imovies for my kids and use it as a music sheet or lyric sheet during sunday service.

  69. 4969

    I love location photography and an Ipad would help meet my customers desire to see their images right away. I also think it would help so much to force me to get a better workflow going.

  70. 4970
    Chalyn Coleman says:

    Having an Ipad would allow me to give my fiance a great birthday present. All he wants is an Ipad and he deserves it.

  71. 4971
    Carmelita May says:

    An Ipad would be a joy to have. It would make showing my photographs much more convenient. I create slideshows for church events with my photographs and storing the photographs on the Ipad to quickly show event coordinators would make my life easier. Currently I carry my laptop around. With the Ipad I could edit and process my photographs at home and show them on the Ipad when I am out.

  72. 4972
    DeWayne Groux, Sr says:

    So if I had this Ipad I would rock. Can’t wait to play with it.

  73. 4973
    Becky Branch says:

    I would love to win one! I think it would be fabulous and I’ve wanted one for awhile :)

  74. 4974
    Allison M says:

    An Ipad 2 would be a huge asset to carry around my “portfolio in my pocket.” I love the portability of it!

  75. 4975

    ipad2 would make it so much easier for me – contracts on the spot, payments on the spot! and it’s a portfolio on the go!

  76. 4976
    Debra Fraley says:

    An iPad would be fabulous in my business as I would be able to show images at client meetings. I would be able to show examples of our work to potential clients immediately instead of just giving them a card with our url and telling them to check it out for themselves.
    In m y personal life, I would be able to spend more time with my family as the only computer we have right now is a desktop and it is in a separate room from the living room. I could upload books to read to my 2 year old son and games that will help him learn and grow. I think an iPad 2 would be fantabulous! Thank you for the giveaway!

  77. 4977
    Debra Fraley says:

    I shared a link for the contest on FB.

  78. 4978
    Debra Fraley says:

    I pinned a link on Pinterest.

  79. 4979
    Kristin Conk says:

    I have recently started a new business venture with my photographer friend where we are offering a different kind of photo session. We basically spend the day with you and document your daily lives, with photos and video. the images and video are made into a slideshow/video. right now we are just sending them to a link to vimeo to see their video but it would be awesome to show them the full res hd video on a new ipad!! Fingers crossed!

  80. 4980
    Afton says:

    Winning the Ipad 2 would mean so much to me! Even if I dont win the Ipad Id deffinetly look into it for the future when I could afford another large purchase. Square is really what I need to help start up my business.

  81. 4981
    Haraj Cars says:

    I’d like to thanks for the endeavours you might have devote crafting this internet site post.

  82. 4982
    Emma Holton says:

    I have struggled and fought to get where I am now. Photography to me is like a drug. I am absolutely hooked. My camera had suffered a massive malfunction (hence, broken focus) and for 3 years i lived a stagnant and dull life. Recently, I managed to repair the body of my Nikon. I did it on my own, and once I had, it was like I was hit by lightning. I began taking some of my best work. I have grown, evolved. My skills have grown, evolved, and I am ready to begin my life as a professional.

    An iPad would streamline my work, it would help me get my products to my clients faster by proofing them directly after a shoot rather than lugging my giant laptop all over the place. I could have my invoices, contracts, pricing, product lists — everything in one place. I’m desperate for a break. I truly hope I am selected as this will be a great start into such a fine business and artistry.

  83. 4983
    Renee says:

    I need an iiPad for school! I’ve been asking for one for a long time, also I want to be a photographer when I older so taking pics.

  84. 4984

    This will be a vital piece of equipment. It will help display mu photos. Have my price lists. etc.

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