WIN Lightroom 3 + Quick Clicks Collection Lightroom Presets ($500+ Value)


Slide for front page4 600x182 WIN Lightroom 3 + Quick Clicks Collection Lightroom Presets ($500+ Value)
pin it4 WIN Lightroom 3 + Quick Clicks Collection Lightroom Presets ($500+ Value)

Photo Credit: Audrey Woulard Photography

The Prize: 2 prizes for 1 lucky person

(if you already own either or both prizes – remember the holidays are coming and these would make the perfect gift for a photographer friend or relative)
* Remember to download our free Lightroom Presets – Mini Quick Clicks to try them out!

Contest sponsored by:

Contest Rules:

Winner will be picked via random drawing on the evening of Sunday, November 6th and announced on the MCP Blog. Odds are winning are 1/# of entries. Valid only where permitted by law.

To Enter:

Add your comments on our blog(not on our Facebook Wall or Notes section – these will NOT count)

For your 1st entry, reply to the 3 questions below in one comment:

  1. Why do you NEED Lightroom 3 and MCP’s Quick Clicks Presets?
  2. What editing software do you use now?
  3. Confirm that you “like” MCP Actions on Facebook – if you do not confirm this, your entry will NOT count (go here to “like us” if you have not prior)

Do you really want to win? Here are ways you can get additional entries:

  • Spread the word about MCP Actions products, contest, or blog. Do this on social networking sites, your blog, or photo forums, as permitted. Just leave a comment and tell us where you shared about us. For ease, use the Share Links for Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, Google Plus, Stumble Upon, and more. One extra comment/entry per item.
  • Add the MCP Actions Banner or a text link to MCP’s site on your blog (code can be found on the sidebar of our blog). Then come back and tell us you did.
  • Subscribe to our blog RSS feed for the 1st time – see the orange icon at the top right of our blog. If you add it today, leave a comment letting us know.

 WIN Lightroom 3 + Quick Clicks Collection Lightroom Presets ($500+ Value)

Jodi Friedman, MCP Actions

Jodi Friedman is the founder of MCP Actions. She designs popular Photoshop actions and Lightroom presets that make editing faster, easier and more fun.

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938 Comments and 13 Replies

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  1. 901
    Olga aka zinzilah says:

    Subscribed to your blog RSS feed for the 1st time today, right now.

  2. 902
    Olga aka zinzilah says:

    just “facebooked” … is it a real word? :)

  3. 903
    Suzanne V says:

    1. I need Lightroom 3 because my trial expired. I really loved playing with the presets and would benefit from using your preset collection. I already love your actions.

    2. Currently I use PS4

    3. I have been a fan on FB for a while now.

  4. 904
    anita gooden says:

    I donate my time to a community center,by taking photos of the children.I am using photoshop cs4now,but lightroom would save me lots of time.The photos raise money for the center.

  5. 905
  6. 906
    Suzanne V says:

    I have your banner on my blog

  7. 907
  8. 908
    Olga aka zinzilah says:

    MCP is number 1 in my favourite websites and blogs on my blog. :)

  9. 909
  10. 910
    Amanda says:

    Just got Lightroom and am learning how to use it… the presets would definitely help cut my editing time down!

  11. 911
    Amy Alexander says:

    I absolutely love the work I’ve seen others do with Lightroom and your presets and I am so eager to learn. I simply cannot afford to purchase them at this time because my baby is due any minute. I currently use Photoshop cs4 for all of my editing.

  12. 912
    Audrey says:

    I was recently introduced to lightroom during a photography class. I’m looking forward to owning it someday soon. The presets would be an awesome bonus. I currently do not own any editing software. I have already liked you on facebook

  13. 913
    Jill Lyman says:

    1. I ‘need’ Lightroom because I am loving digital photography more and more everyday because of all of the amazing things that you can do with your pictures. I have 3 beautiful little girls that are all kinds of cheesy for the camera so photography has been getting to be a bit of an obsession of mine. Especially since the baby is growing so fast! I currently use actions and such in my pse10 but the actions and presets you are creating for lightroom are absolutely breathtaking. I love using your actions because it is so fast and easy to make my photos look professional. I actually have people asking me to take their kids’ pictures!
    2. I currently use photoshop elements 10 and love it! I am also obsessed with digital scrapbooking;)
    3. I have ‘liked’ your facebook for a while now since discovering you through “The Daily Digi”

    I added your blog to my google reader! Yay! I also follow you on twitter and already was liking you on facebook. Plus, I shared info about your products and contest on facebook and twitter.

  14. 914

    Woww to win this amazing gift would definitely help me in my new passion, Photography!!!! I am currently using the software that came with my computer and would love to advance and enhance my photography.This is a gift that would grow and grow Preset would be fantastic
    I am already on face book and love this site

  15. 915
    Eric Albert says:

    Why do you NEED Lightroom 3 and MCP’s Quick Clicks Presets? There are no equals. I’ve tried Aperture and can’t go back.
    What editing software do you use now? LR2
    Confirm that you “like” MCP Actions on Facebook – if you do not confirm this, your entry will NOT count (go here to “like us” if you have not prior) CONFIRMED! Your site rocks!

  16. 916
    Kerri says:

    1. I am thinking of getting a Mac so I’d need another copy of Lightroom & Quick Clicks for that.
    2. I use Lightroom & PSE8
    3. I have been a FB fan for a loooong time!

  17. 917
    William Keel says:

    I need Lightroom 3 to help me process my raw images. I need MCP’s presets to help me do it well.
    I use Elements 9.
    I “like” MCP Actions on Facebook.

  18. 918

    Such a great prize! Liked MCP on FB.

  19. 919

    I keep reading about Lightroom and how fab it is. I feel like I’m missing out, but I can’t afford any new software right now. It would be so awesome to win it so I could improve my workflow.

    I currently use PS Elements 8.

    I do like MCP Actions on FB–have been a fan for a while now!

  20. 920
    Phani Morgan says:

    I would love to have Lightroom 3 because I don’t have any version of Lightroom. I have heard your presets are awesome and would love to try them to cut down on time spent on my workflow and to increase time with my family. I currently use Photoshop CS4. Aaaand, I’ve already “liked” you on FB, that’s how I found out about this amazing giveaway.

  21. 921
    Julieta Mosqueda says:

    1. I would absolutely love to have lightroom to edit my familiy pictures quick with some lovely presets.
    3. I already like mcp actions.

  22. 922
    Iva says:

    Visited your site through Yahoo. You know I am subscribing to your rss feed.

  23. 923
    Phoebe says:

    I think Lightroom would save me some time. I currently use PSE9. I like MCP Actions on Facebook

  24. 924
    Jennie Staub says:

    1. I would love to have Lightroom 3 because I love taking pictures and I want to update my editing software.

    2. Currently I use Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo XI

    3. I am a fan on FB.

  25. 925
    Nancy says:

    I currently use CS5 and would love to learn Lightroom to reduce editing time.

  26. 926
    kirsten says:

    1. Would love to learn and reduce editing time.
    2. Cs5
    3. I like on fb!

  27. 927
    Christi says:

    I NEED MCP’s Quick Clicks Presets for the vibrance it brings out!
    editing software I use now? Lightroom/ps5
    “liked” MCP Actions on Facebook –

  28. 928
    Rachelle Harry says:

    I NEED Lightroom 3 and MCP’s Quick Clicks Presets because I am an aspiring-to-be professional photographer, and these programs are incredible and would help me achieve a really “great” result every time!

    I currently use PS4!

    I have “liked” MCP Actions on Facebook for a very long time!

    I just mentioned this contest on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Stumble Upon.

  29. 929
    Marie says:

    1. Have LR3 and LOVE it! So I would probably share that with a fellow photographer to share the LR love! I NEED your Quick Clicks because I love your work and use your Eye Doctor Action on every session! Adding the Quick Clicks to my toolbox would definitely move me another step forward in my photographic journey!

    2. LR3 and CS4

    3. Been a fan for a long time!

  30. 930
  31. 931
    kate crandall says:

    I would love to win the presets :) I currently use Photoshop cs2 and want something to speed up my processing. I’ve used Lightroom in the past and want something that would just easily add pazazz to my picture without spending a long time on each photo. I’ve been a follower of mcp actions on facebook for a while and LOVE all your work. Thanks!

  32. 932
    Sherryl Lockett says:

    Just shared this wonderful comp on my FB page.
    Pleeeease consider me MCP, my photography needs a boost and so do I!

  33. 933
    lisa w says:

    The reason I NEED Lightroom 3 and MCP’s Quick Clicks Presets is so it can help me to how to be a better photographer/editor. I am a newbie to dslr cameras and can’t wait to get more savvy with them. Right now I use photoshop effects for my photo editing. I have “liked” MCP on Facebook for a long time, it rocks!

  34. 934
    Jeff says:

    Just bought a Mac and now I’m having to buy all new software. This would really help me and make editing so simple. I’m using CS5.5. “Liked” on FB.

  35. 935
    Sheila says:

    Why do I need lightroom 3 and quick click presets? Lightroom 3 would be such an updated blessing as I am currently only running Photoshop CS 3 and the quick click presets would be such a nice change to my other presets that I have. It also wouldn’t hurt to have as an early christmas present… :)
    I have liked MCP on Facebook prior to this one and love all of your products and your notices through facebook.

  36. 936
    Sheila says:

    Lightroom 3 would help me to be updated and the Quick click presets would help to make better pictures.

    I currently use PS 3 (see need an upgrade) Plus who couldn’t use an early Christmas present. :)

    I have “liked” MCP on Facebook for a long time now.

  37. 937
    Ryan Monroe says:

    As I am currently using adobe camera raw to process my nikon d300s images, mainly because it is way faster then nikon view nx, it just doesn’t have that many presets and the ones that come with basicaly are just a starting point. I feel lightroom and mcp would greatly decrease time spent editing and improve my workflow.

    I liked mcp on facebook today

  38. 938
    Lisa W. says:

    I would love Lightroom to make my editing more organized and streamlined. I am currently using CS4. I am just a photo enthusiast and take a ton of photos of my kids and their friends sporting events.

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