Win the Coolest Adobe Lightroom 3 Exclusive Goody Bag Prize Package Ever!

WIN The Coolest Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 Goody Bag Prize Package Ever!

The Prize: A Camera Bag Filled with Goodies: Lightroom 3 for PC or Mac, a LR Tee, A Luggage Tag, A Getting Started DVD, and fun LR Stickers.

  • These Prizes were donated by Adobe North America
  • Already have Lightroom?  This prize package makes the perfect gift for a photographer friend or relative
  • Remember to download our free Lightroom Presets – Mini Quick Clicks to try them out!

Contest Rules:

Winner will be picked via random drawing on Thanksgiving and announced on the MCP Blog. The prize will be sent out within 5 business days. Winner must check our blog and contact us to redeem prize within 2 days of the announcement.  Odds are winning are 1/# of entries. Valid only where permitted by law. If the winner is outside the United States, they are responsible for shipping costs and any imposed taxes and tariffs.

To Enter:

Add your comments on our blog(not on our Facebook Wall or Notes section – these will NOT count)

For your 1st entry, reply to the 3 questions below in one comment:

  1. What editing program(s) do you currently use?
  2. What MCP Products do you currently use?  And which are your favorites?  If you have never used our actions or presets, indicate “none.”
  3. Confirm that you “like” MCP Actions on Facebook – if you do not confirm this, your entry will NOT count (go here to “like us” if you have not prior)

Do you really want to win? Here are ways you can get additional entries:

  • Spread the word about MCP Actions products, contest, or blog. Do this on social networking sites, your blog, or photo forums, as permitted. Just leave a comment and tell us where you shared about us. For ease, use the Share Links for Facebook, Twitter, Stumble Upon, and more. You may also post about our contest to Pintrest or Google Plus. One extra comment/entry per item.
  • Add the MCP Actions Banner or a text link to MCP’s site on your blog (code can be found on the sidebar of our blog). Then come back and tell us you did.
  • Subscribe to our blog RSS feed for the 1st time – see the orange icon at the top right of our blog. If you add it today, leave a comment letting us know.

 Win the Coolest Adobe Lightroom 3 Exclusive Goody Bag Prize Package Ever!

Jodi Friedman, MCP Actions

Jodi Friedman is the founder of MCP Actions. She designs popular Photoshop actions and Lightroom presets that make editing faster, easier and more fun.

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774 Comments and 3 Replies

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  1. 601
    Trena says:

    1. Have been using GIMP
    2. None, yet
    3. Like you on FB

  2. 602
    veggiemom says:

    I don’t use any editing program currently and, therefore, don’t use any MCP presets or actions. I do like MCP Actions on facebook.

  3. 603
    Laura O says:

    I use Lightroom 3
    None (going to soon though… :) )
    and Confirmed! :)
    Thanks for this.

  4. 604
    Courtney Dunn says:

    MCP fusion set
    Definitely ‘liked’ MCP on fb a long time ago ;)

  5. 605
    Jim Clark says:

    I use Photoshop CS5
    none but I just found yo so would like to try some for sure
    I liked your page on facebook and posted on my facebook feed

  6. 606
  7. 607
    Kayla says:

    I currently use photoshop elements

    None currently!

    Definitely like you on facebook!

  8. 608
    Kayla says:

    Shared on facebook!

  9. 609
    Kayla says:

    I just signed up for your blog RSS feed!

  10. 610
    Carolynn Harker says:

    1. I use PS Cs3
    2. I’ve only tried the free actions like minifusion and templates
    3. I’m already a fan on facebook=)

  11. 611
    Jill says:

    PSE 9
    MCP High Def. Sharpening
    I “like” MCP on FB!

  12. 612
    Carolynn Harker says:

    I messed up my last post!!!!sorry! I can’t find how to delete it
    1. I use PS Cs2 not cs3
    2.I’ve only tried the free actions like minifusion and temlates
    3. I’m already a fan=)

  13. 613
    Kelly says:

    Photoshop Elements 7
    Have followed MCP on facebook for a long time!

  14. 614
    Jill says:

    I just subscribed to the RSS feed!

  15. 615
    Megan B says:

    1. I use Photoshop CS5
    2. I use pretty much all of the freebies.
    3. I like MCP Actions on Facebook.

  16. 616
    Christa says:

    1. I use Elements 8 – I would love to use LR though for the speedier workflow. I spend so much time editing right now!
    2. Just using MCP freebies at the moment. Really loving the mini fusion action.
    3. I definitely like MCP on facebook!

  17. 617
    Sonya says:

    I use PS cs4 & Bridge. I love the MCP Mini Fusion. And I “liked” MCP on FB long ago! ;)

  18. 618
    Jessica Leavitt says:

    1. I use Photoshop CS4 and Lightroom 2.7
    2. I love the mini Quick clicks
    3 I liked MCP actions on facebook

  19. 619
    Bob Wyatt says:

    1. I use CS4.
    2. I use Complete Workflow and Touch of Light Toucg of Dark.
    3. I like MCP Actions on Facebook..

  20. 620
    Twila says:

    I currently use CS3
    I LOVE using MCS Fusion actions(daily)
    I have already “liked” MCP on fb. Big fan! <3

  21. 621
  22. 622
    Heather says:

    1. I use iPhoto and PS. Started using LR in a class and I love. Definitely would love my own copy

    2. I like the MCP Magic Skin and Dentist actions. Still new to these, but so far they make editing so easy!

    3. I have already liked MCP Actions on FB.

  23. 623

    1.I have the CS4 suite, and my main process is Adobe Bridge, ACR, then Photoshop. I have Lightroom but have not incorporated it into the mix yet.

    2.I have all of the free stuff from MCP and I’ve purchased a few items for use. Don’t know if I have a favorite because they all are so good and helpful.

    3.I have “liked” MCP Actions on Facebook for awhile now. Duh!

  24. 624
    Diem says:

    1. LR and PS
    2. None
    3. Yes, have liked MCP on FB for a while now.

  25. 625
    M.C.Adams says:

    I hqve been using Photoshop for years and Lightroom since it came available. I haven’t used any MCP actions yet. I “liked” MCP for some time now. Thanks.

  26. 626
  27. 627
    Ryan Lindsey says:

    just tweeted as well @ryanlindsey

  28. 628
  29. 629
    Wanda says:

    1- Photoshop Elements 6 – yes need to upgrade!
    2- I have loaded some freebies and am currently learning how to use them.
    3- I Like MCP on facebook and love seeing everyones shots and ideas.

  30. 630
    Nicole Fernley says:

    1. I use PS CS4 (procrastinated getting CS5 and now I guess I’m screwed, eh?)

    2. I mostly use the freebie actions you’ve given away on facebook and on Pioneer Woman’s blog. I am budgeting to buy more though. :) Love your work!

    3. I have liked you on facebook for a long time! It’s how I found out about this lovely contest.

  31. 631

    This is an awesome giveaway!

    1. I currently use PSE8. I would love to upgrade to Lightroom 3 though. ;)

    2. I use the new Facebook Fix Action.

    3. I like MCP Actions on Facebook.

  32. 632
    Julie says:

    I currently use Photoshop CS5 to edit photos.
    I have used the mini-fusion action.
    Yes, I like MCP on Facebook

  33. 633
  34. 634

    I just subscribed to your blog RSS feed!

  35. 635
    Amanda Johnson says:

    I currently use CS5


    I Already “like” you on Facebook

  36. 636
    Amanda says:

    I use Lightroom 3.whatever pretty much exclusively. I have PS4, but haven’t really used it much. Up until recently I didn’t have any MCP actions since they were mostly for Photoshop, but I just downloaded the Quick Clicks for Lightroom and have been playing around with them. And I’ve been a fan on Facebook for quite some time. :)

  37. 637
    Darren Asay says:

    1. I use Elements 10, Picasa and Photomatix for editing
    2. I just started using those cool MCP Quickie actions and Fusions (love the new Christmas card)
    3. I heart MCP on Facebook – Yeah!

  38. 638
    Lorna Petersen says:

    1. I just started using CS5 and I just bought Elements 10 for my daughter – so I will help her with that.
    2.I have only used the free downloads. I’m still learning how to use actions.
    3.I have liked you on Facebook. (actually several times)

  39. 639

    1. I use PS CS4
    2. I love MCP Fusion. My favorite is action is Timeless.
    3. I like MCP (love is a better term).

  40. 640
    Amy Monson says:

    1. I use PS CS5
    2. I have most of the freebies, and I love mini fusion and touch of light/touch of darkness
    3. I definitely “like” you on FB!


  41. 641
    Debra Hogsett says:

    1. Photoshop cs3
    2. none
    3. i’ve liked you for a long time on facebook

  42. 642
    Debbie Booth says:

    1. I use CS4 and LR3
    2. I love, love, love using Touch of Light/Dark, Eye DR., Dentist and Magic Skin.
    3.I do indeed ‘like’ mcp actions on FB

  43. 643
    courtney r. says:

    I currently use PhotoShop elements. I haven’t tried any of your actions yet!
    I follow you on Facebook!

  44. 644
    Jill Lyman says:

    1.I use PSE 10 and have downloaded a free 30 day trial to CS5 to ‘experiment’
    2.I have the mini fusion and touch of light/touch of darkness actions. I like the mini fusion better than most actions because it just seems to be so versatile.
    3. I ‘like’ you on facebook and have for a while;)

    *I shared your link on my facebook page AND tweeted about you:) Would love to win Lightroom because I have heard some great things about it! I’m really getting into this whole digital photography thing;) lol

  45. 645
    fairfai says:

    1. Adobe Photoshop CS5.1 (64 Bit)
    2. MCP Fusion, MCP Bag of Tricks & MCP All in the Details
    3. Already liked MCP Actions on FaceBook long time :P

  46. 646
    Jme says:

    I use photoshop but I tried the 30 day free trial of Lightroom and I am hooked! So I would love it!
    2. none~just saw your ad on FB
    3. new fan on FB

  47. 647
    Christine Barry says:

    1. I use Photoshop Elements 9. Really been wanting LR bad.
    2. I have some freebies mini fusion is my fav

    3. Like FB and on my blog.

    Happy thanksgiving.

  48. 648
    DebC says:

    PSE 7
    the free actions & read the FB posts
    I already “like” on FB

  49. 649
    Karla says:

    I use PS5
    I use every once in a while the mini fusion and I use all the time the burned edges
    I liked you on FB, already for a while!

    Thank you in advance!!! :)

  50. 650
    Hope says:

    1. Currently use ACR and PSE. (love a chance to learn LR!
    2. I have the MCP Fusion action set. I love the different black and white choices on the fusion set!
    3. I confirm that I “like” (or love) MCP Actions on Facebook!!

  51. 651

    1. What editing program(s) do you currently use?

    Canon Digital Photo Professional; Adobe LR and PS (demos)

    2. What MCP Products do you currently use? And which are your favorites? If you have never used our actions or presets, indicate “none.”

    I’m still using and still consider the old Ultimate Portrait Package that I purchased a while back as a favorite

    3. Confirm that you “like” MCP Actions on Facebook – if you do not confirm this, your entry will NOT count (go here to “like us” if you have not prior)

    I have already “liked” the MCP Actions page on FB in the past.

  52. 652
    Ruth says:

    I use PS 7.0 (old, I know)
    I currently use none of the MCP products. My PS is too old.
    I do like MCP on Facebook.

  53. 653
    Amanda Johnson says:

    I just subscribed to your RSS blog feed.

  54. 654
    dulce licona says:

    I use LR2 and PS
    MCP products, in LR I use the Mini clicks. my favorites because they are very easy to use.
    I already “like” MCP Actions on Facebook and following you in the RSS.


  55. 655
    Suzanne V says:

    I have your banner on my blog

  56. 656
    Micha Peery says:

    I use Photoshop CS 5.
    Currently, i own none.
    I have liked the page on FB which is how I heard about this contest.


  57. 657
    Tracy d says:

    I have subscribed to your blog thru email:)

  58. 658

    Photoshop Elements! Cannot wait to get something more powerful and nondestructive but I had to upgrade equipment first!
    I LOVE your mini-fusion and I think your texture applicator is the best one out there.
    I like MCP Actions on facebook!

  59. 659
    Paul Tobeck says:

    Currently using Elements 8 (But the Camera Raw plugin stinks, so I’ve been looking at picking up Lightroom!)

    High Definition Sharpening is my go-to finishing touch!

    I’d “LOVE” MCP on Facebook if I could, but for now I have to just “Like” it :)

  60. 660

    Shared back to this post and commented on the contest on facebook.

  61. 661

    Subscribed to your feed! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  62. 662
    Paul Tobeck says:

    I added your RSS feed to my Google reader…

  63. 663
    Prescilla says:

    I use CS5 for my editing, I’ve been wanting to purchase Lightroom for awhile. I’ve only used the free actions from MCP, I’ve been saving up to take some of your classes online. I “like” you on FB.

  64. 664
    Paul Tobeck says:

    Just shared the contest on Facebook with my camera club friends…did I mention that LR t-shirt rocks??

  65. 665
    christie says:

    1. I use LR2 and photoshop.
    2. I have Web sharp actions and minifusion.
    3. I am indeed a fb fan of MVP!

  66. 666
    Ashley says:

    I use different versions of Photoshop and online editing as well.


    I have ‘liked’ on Facebook


  67. 667
    Tammy D says:

    CS3 and I are best buddies. I spent so much money on it that I’ve never purchased Lightroom to use, so I’m excited to maybe win it.

    My favorite MCP products are the “free” ones, I haven’t splurged and purchased any yet, but my friend has “Magic Skin” and I use it on her computer once in awhile.

    I visit MCP often and love to read their Facebook comments. It’s the bright spot in my day!

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE! Hope you get to spend time with family!

  68. 668
    Karen Krawzik says:

    I use PSE9 and am currently using a trial version of Lightroom, which I am enjoying immensely.

    I am using the Facebook Fix & Mini Fusion, and love them.

    I am already a big fan of MCPActions on Facebook and shared the contest info!

  69. 669
    Carol says:

    I use CS5 for editing
    I use the free action I got from your facebook page for now
    and of course I like you on FB!

  70. 670
    Laurie Payton says:

    I have Photoshop elements 9

    I have taken anelements class from Erin and have tried a couple of actions but haven’t got them mastered yet

    I have liked MCP Actions on facebook : )

  71. 671
    Raimey Kennell says:

    I just LOVE looking thru all your gorgeous photos and edits, as of yet I have only ‘tinkered’ with elements and a trial Lightroom! I haven’t yet downloaded any of your actions, but can’t wait to do so!! I have lots of pics to get to work on-what a wondeful Xmas gift this could be;) I have ‘liked’ u on Facebook;)

  72. 672
    Shawn says:

    1. I use CS5 and Elements 9 to edit.

    2. I have purchased and love the Quickie Collection, I use Mini Fusion, and Facebook Fix.

    3. Already like MCP on Facebook.

  73. 673
    Tammy D says:

    Share MCP actions on Pinterest and on Facebook! It would be great to win….tomorrow I’ve been married 27 years! Best times of my life! ;-)

  74. 674
    Suzanne V says:

    I pinned it on Pinterest

  75. 675

    CS4 Photoshop and I are best friends! I can’t wait to win light room! I also use adobe bridge, indesign and illustrator and love them all! I only use the MCP Actions… are you kidding! There is no one else that even comes close to being as good as you are!

    I LOVE the quickie collection and the AND Bag of tricks! My next purchase which I am SUPER excited is the Fusion package. Not going to lie! I asked for it for Christmas! :) You do great work! Can’t wait to hear back saying I AM THE WINNER! :) THANKS! Hope you have a FANTASTIC Holiday!!!

    I have already like MCP on Facebook! HUGE FAN! Thanks for all your tips and tricks!

  76. 676
    Diane says:

    1.Photoshop CS2

    2. None

    3. I “like” MCP Actions on Facebook

    I really want to learn how to use Lightroom!

  77. 677
    CherylD says:

    1. Elements 9
    2. I have Mini Fusion & the Texture Applicator; Texture Applicator is my favorite.
    3. I “like” MCP Actions on Facebook.

  78. 678

    I Use PS CS5 Just got it, trying to figure it all out! :)
    I have downloaded them but havent figured out how to set them up. I already Liked you on Facebook :)Id really love to win this! I am curently using Lightrooms thirty day trial!

  79. 679
    Amy Sprengel says:

    I use picasa and elements 8 (when it works) for editing. I have the mini fusion and the other free presets. Most of them don’t work and play well with elements 8 :( I downloaded the trial for Lightroom 3 and love it! It would be even better with your presets!! :D

    I have liked MCP actions on Facebook and get the daily blog posts! Thank you so much it has helped me tremendously!!

  80. 680
    Jeanie says:

    1. I use CS5 to edit.

    2. I love Magic Skin, Touch of Light/Touch of Darkness, Facebook Fix, Eye Dr and Dentist, and Burnt Edges. I use them on pretty much all of my photos!

    3. Already like MCP on Facebook.

  81. 681
    Tomi says:

    1. I currently use Photoshop CS5 and Adobe Camera Raw

    2. I currently use ALL freebies you have offered (Thank you by the way!) Along with Fusion, Magic Skin (Powder your nose=heavenly!), Eye Doctor, Dentist, Quickie Collection *color correction = perfect) and let’s NOT forget the amazing facebook correction action. :)

    3. Been a “fan” for over a year now! :)

  82. 682
    Staci Roe says:

    I own PSE8 and CS5. I haven’t installed the CS5 yet because I’m afraid I won’t be able to use the Bag of Tricks actions I bought a couple of years ago with it. Is it possible to use it with the CS5? I’m a blog follower and “like” MCP Actions on FB too!

  83. 683
    Karen says:

    I use photoshop CS4 for the fine details and Lightroom 2 for developing. But I’ve had my eye on LR3 for a while now. If I won it, it would be put to work, appreciated and loved!
    I like the Burnt Edges action.
    And yes, I “like” MCP on FB!

  84. 684
    Eddie C. says:

    What editing program(s) do you currently use?
    Adobe Bridge and Photoshop

    What MCP Products do you currently use? And which are your favorites? If you have never used our actions or presets, indicate “none.”
    Fusion, touch of light & darkness, facebook fix, high def sharpening

    Confirm that you “like” MCP Actions on Facebook – Yes, I like it

  85. 685
    Elizabeth Gantner says:

    I just ordered Elements 10. I do not currently own any MCP actions and I have liked MCP on FB.

  86. 686
    Elizabeth Gantner says:

    I shared on FB!

  87. 687

    I use PSCS4 & PSCS 5

    Haven’t tried your products yet, But I’m considering.

    I have liked you for a long time on FB.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  88. 688
    Alicia says:

    I use CS3.
    I use your Actions and the ones created for PW.
    Have ‘liked’ on FB for quite some time!

  89. 689
    Dita says:

    I use Lightroom and Photoshop to edit. MCP…well, right now I’m LOVING my LR Quick Clicks but I have several of your other sets as well and they’re all GREAT (so are your tutorials and emails!). Like you on FB? Seriously, I don’t LIKE you…I LOVE you. (of course I LIKE you on FB!) Happy Thanksgiving, Jodi!

  90. 690
    LInda A. says:

    i use photoshop cs4
    haven’t used any – yet =)
    been a fan for a long time on fb

  91. 691
    Tammy Biles says:

    I use CS5.
    Absolutely love your burnt edges action, as well as print sharpen. I use both on just about every photo.
    Been a fan on facebook for a while!

  92. 692

    1. CS2 and CS4
    2. Fusion and All the Detail
    3. “Liked” some time ago

    have a wonderful Thanksgiving

  93. 693

    I just subscribed to your blog RSS feed using the orange icon above

  94. 694
    Jodi Sware says:

    I currently use Lightroom 2 and PS CS4 and love the Bag of Tricks! Use on almost every photo. Touch of Light, midtone lifter.
    I am a fan on facebook, and subscribe to your blog!

  95. 695
    Melisa Ritenour says:

    I use Corel PaintShop Pro x3


    I am a fan on Facebook.

  96. 696
    DeeR says:

    I currently use Elements 8. Being rather new, I’ve not tried any presets, but am anxious to try.

    I, too, am a fan on facebook and am going to subscribe to the blog.

  97. 697
    Pam says:

    Currently an elements9 user, never have used an action, and I liked MCP actions on Facebook.

  98. 698
    michal says:

    1. lightroom 3
    2. I have tried some of your free
    3. Already liked on facebook.

  99. 699
    kim whitten says:

    I currently use PS to edit, but have been looking at LR so this is a great opportunity to try it out.
    The only MCP actions I have are the freebies. I love the Facebook resizing and sharpening actions. Use them on every FB pic I upload. :)
    I do “like” MCP on FB.

  100. 700
    Joseph Bruno says:

    Well I currently use Aperture and CS5. I don’t currently have any MCP products and I found this site when I “liked” the facebook page.

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