One Day Contest: Win a 2 Hour MCP Actions Photoshop Training

Super quick contest – who wants to play?

I am in the mood to do something nice.  I am eating healthier (cooking and watching what I eat) and exercising a lot (spinning class) – and I just am feeling good. The better my mood, the more giving I feel.  I’ve never done contests for our online classes, but there’s always a time to start. If, by the way, you are not interested in a class, later this month we will give away Lightroom 3 and start a contest for a choice of a Canon 5D MKII or Nikon D700.  So keep an eye out so you do not miss out!


  • To attend Wednesday’s Beginner’s Bootcamp Class for Photoshop.  It takes place at 10 A.M. to Noon eastern time, Wednesday, January 11th, 2012. Make sure when you are asked for your email in the comment section, that you do not have typos, as this is how we will contact you.  We will also add the winner’s name to this post when picked Tuesday night (the 10th) so make sure to check back so you do not miss class.


  • If you know you want to attend you, regardless of your contest status, you can purchase and reserve your spot in class now.  If you are chosen, and you already paid, you can apply the money toward something else on our site.
  • This prize is ONLY good for Wednesday’s Beginner Class (unless you are already attending – see last comment). It cannot be applied to another date/time or a different class.
  • This prize is not transferable.  Make sure to let your photographer friends know if you are unable to enter due to a scheduling conflict. You know the whole Karma thing – if you do nice things for others, you will get it back in return…
  • This class teaches how to use Photoshop CS2, CS3, CS4 and CS5+.  We do have classes for Lightroom and Elements – see our site for details.

How to Enter:

  1. Just add a comment and tell us one thing you want to learn how to do in Photoshop.
  2. For a bonus entry tweet or post to your Facebook about this giveaway. Come back and leave a comment letting us know you did.
  3. For one more bonus entry, subscribe to my Facebook Feed here (I can’t accept more friends due to the 5k limit) but you can “subscribe.” It looks like this:

Good luck and remember to check back and see if you won since the class is 1st thing in the AM on Wednesday, eastern time.



And the winner is… Tracy Nelson – #223. We had to pick a new winner as Tracy only had Elements and this is for the full Photoshop class.

The new winner is: Holly Spencer – #407.

Thank you – see you in training tomorrow.  I have emailed you as well.

I hope to see some of the rest of you in future trainings, or tomorrow, if you wish to sign up this evening.

Screen shot 2012 01 10 at 10.20.10 PM 450x100 One Day Contest: Win a 2 Hour MCP Actions Photoshop Training
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 One Day Contest: Win a 2 Hour MCP Actions Photoshop Training

Jodi Friedman, MCP Actions

Jodi Friedman is the founder of MCP Actions. She designs popular Photoshop actions and Lightroom presets that make editing faster, easier and more fun.

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551 Comments and 4 Replies

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  1. 501
    Ashley says:

    I would love to learn how to fix contrast without over doing it!

  2. 502
    Pamela Davis says:

    How to use brushes artistically..

  3. 503
    April says:

    I would like to learn how to color correct in a better way in Photoshop. Thank you for the giveaway!!

  4. 504
    cassidy lovelace says:

    I would love to learn color pop techniques. I take a lot of pics of my kids and just beginning to use PhotoShop.

  5. 505
    Brandon H says:

    I would like to learn more about noise reduction and sharpening.

  6. 506
    Lindsey says:

    I want to learn how to use an action!

  7. 507
    Dez Merrow says:

    Learn how to use your actions better!

  8. 508
    Lindsey says:

    I’m also a facebook fan and subscribe to your feed.

  9. 509
    holly says:

    Want to learn how to better manage my library and workflow!

  10. 510
    KIMBERLY says:


  11. 511
    April says:

    I tweeted about the giveaway!

    Check me out at BlueOwlPhoto!


  12. 512
    abril says:

    i want to learn how to color correct

  13. 513
    abril says:

    i shared this on Facebook

  14. 514
    Nataly M. says:

    I would love to learn how to get a more natural and clean edit in cs5.

  15. 515
    Nancy abraham says:

    Would love to learn about photoshop as I am a new photographer!

  16. 516
    JEN says:

    I would love to learn more about the basic tools, like magnetic lasso, dodge & burn, patching, etc…

  17. 517
    Nataly M. says:

    I shared this =)!!

  18. 518
    Megan W says:

    I want to learn how to use content aware fill! I would also love to improve my workflow and learn how to work more efficiently. I feel like it takes me so long to do just one picture!

  19. 519

    I would love to learn how to use the lasso tool to remove a subject from one background and place them on another.
    I already subscribe to your page and I posted a link about your giveaway.

    Thank you for all that you do to help us photogs out!

  20. 520
    Terris says:

    I want to learn how to create my own actions

  21. 521
    mariann says:

    hmm… anything new that i don’t know already!! =) i haven’t played with it much recently, and i’m hoping its like riding a bike! ha! thanks!

  22. 522
    Broch says:

    I would love to learn layer masking!

  23. 523
    Anita Waters says:

    I want to learn how to improve the look of my photography. I’m still trying to decide which program I want to use and this would be a great way to learn more about Photoshop!


  24. 524
    Isabel shaw says:

    Would love to win!

  25. 525
    Tricia Thompson says:

    I need help

  26. 526
    Ahmad Zairi Mohd Zain says:


  27. 527
    sara kelly says:

    I really want to learn and understand curves.

  28. 528
    Isabel shaw says:

    Would love to learn everything!!! I’ve already started but have so many questions!

  29. 529
    Crystal Burkhalter says:

    I would love to learn color correcting and some layer techniques. Thanks!!

  30. 530
    J Johnson says:

    I would love to know when to stop editing. :) I am already a subscriber.

  31. 531
    Michelle Payne says:

    I would like to learn how to do ANYTHING with photo editing. I am someone comfortable with the design aspects of CS4 but am definitely a beginner when it comes to editing photos! I would love to attend this beginner course! :)

  32. 532
    Kimbelry Nevels says:

    I would love to fix eyes using actions better.

  33. 533
    Kimbelry Nevels says:

    I also subscribed!

  34. 534
    Sesil says:

    I would like to have a better workflow using Photoshop. How to brighten eyes and how to correctly eliminate items in the background that are distracting. (i.e a telephone pole in the far distance that you did not see until you saw it on the computer screen.) So much to learn. I would love a chance to have a spot in the class.

  35. 535
    Lisa says:

    I’d love to learn newborn editing.

  36. 536
    Abigail Leigh says:

    I would love to learn how to get the eyes that pop!

  37. 537

    I would love to learn more about curves in photoshop so that they can help better my photos.
    I am just starting out in photography and this competition would be amazing and ever so helpful to win :)

  38. 538

    I have shared this page on my twitter! and here is the link to my twitter,!/Steph_Nancarrow

    I have also subscribed to your page :)

  39. 539

    I love your actions! I would love to learn which actions mix the best, in order to get interesting effects and bold colors. I still feel like I blindly try a few, but it takes me a while to get the effects I’m going for.

  40. 540
    Nataly M. says:


  41. 541
    Nataly M. says:

    CONGRATS to the winner =)!!

  42. 542
    Jeri G says:


  43. 543
    Kipi says:

    I would love how to use levels to make colors pop.

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  44. 544
    Tracy Nelson says:

    OMG! So shocked and excited that I won this! Thanks for the giveaway!

  45. 545

    I would love to learn that less is more… the proper way to go about the look I envision in my head.

  46. 546
  47. 547

    I also subscribed!

    Thanks :)

  48. 548
  49. 549
    Mary Sue Day says:

    I would love to learn to lighten a picture without losing color.

  50. 550
    Mandy Chapple says:

    I want to learn how to mask layers.

  51. 551
    Susan B says:

    As a mother of twins, the pictures of your girls hits a soft spot in me.

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