Snag A Camera Giveaway: Win a Canon 5D MKII or Nikon D700

banner 2 450x84 Snag A Camera Giveaway: Win a Canon 5D MKII or Nikon D700
pin it4 Snag A Camera Giveaway: Win a Canon 5D MKII or Nikon D700

Enter the MCP Actions 2012 “Snag a Canon or Nikon Camera Giveaway,” sponsored by PunchTab, the world’s first instant online loyalty and rewards platform!

The winner picks between a Canon 5D MKII + 85 1.8 lens OR a Nikon D700 (Body Only).

Entering is easy!

  1. Just sign up, in the entry box, with your email address and join the giveaway. This is the only step you need to do to qualify. Double check that there are no typos as this is how we will contact the winner too.
  2. Earn additional entries for tweeting, sharing and liking MCP Actions. Just follow the steps in the box to earn more chances!
  3. Continue to spread the word for the duration of the giveaway, on social networking sites, forums and your Blog because you’ll receive one entry for every person who clicks on the links you’ve shared,and five entries if they join the giveaway. The “ url” or “ link” shown is unique to you. Save it for the full month and use it whenever you want to increase your chances.

Here is an example of where to find the link for number 3:

example Snag A Camera Giveaway: Win a Canon 5D MKII or Nikon D700
pin it4 Snag A Camera Giveaway: Win a Canon 5D MKII or Nikon D700

You can come back to our blog post any time to see how many entries you have accumulated.

Bonus Prize: Enter to win a $100.00 Amazon Gift Certificate.

  • To sweeten the deal even more, we have this second prize for those who share on Pinterest, Stumble Upon, or in Blog post.    Spread the word on one of those two social networking sites or your blog, then come back and add a comment on our blog post telling us which of the three you did.  This entry does not enter you in or increase your chances of winning the camera giveaway, so make sure to do 1-3 as well

By entering via email, MCP Actions has permission to use this address to contact you in the future and will add you to our mailing list and… Hopefully to say “you’re the winner!” But don’t worry, we’re anti-spam and won’t share your address with anyone else. Plus you can unsubscribe at any time.

It’s that easy! This giveaway ends February 19 and the winner will be announced on February 21 on the MCP Blog.

While you’re visiting MCP, please check out our Photoshop Actions, Lightroom Presets, and our photo inspiration challenge: MCP Project 12.

If you are directly on the blog and do not see the “entry box” it just means too many are entering at the same time or Punchtab’s server is busy. Just check back in a few hours – the contest runs until 2/19.

During the contest duration grab your “unique URL for sharing.” It will start with a or punchtab URL. If you do not see it, re-enter your email.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: To check the number of entries you have, re-enter your name and email address. This will NOT re-enter you so no worries. If you have any issues, contact

TROUBLESHOOTING: If you have questions about entering or need troubleshooting, please email and reference the “MCP Actions Camera Giveaway.” Make sure to give her details and screen shots so she can assist you.



 Snag A Camera Giveaway: Win a Canon 5D MKII or Nikon D700

Jodi Friedman, MCP Actions

Jodi Friedman is the founder of MCP Actions. She designs popular Photoshop actions and Lightroom presets that make editing faster, easier and more fun.

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  1. 3701
    Rachel says:

    Sign me up

  2. 3702
    Stacey Chamberlain says:

    Great giveaway, thanks for the chance!

  3. 3703
    Melissa Davis says:

    I would LOVE to win the Nikon!

  4. 3704
    Delfina De Faria says:

    Awesome giveaway

  5. 3705
    Stephanie Withrow says:

    I Pinned it!

    I’d LOVE that Canon! :)

  6. 3706
    Lindsey N says:

    Wow – canon please!!!

  7. 3707
    Randa says:

    Pinned ya ;)

  8. 3708
    Jennifer conard says:

    I’m so excitef for this fab give away.

  9. 3709
    Brandie Thrasher says:

    I have been a fan of yours for a few years now….I love your actions…I would love to win that Canon

  10. 3710

    I’m so anxious for this giveaway! Chances are slim, but not 0. Thanks for the opportunity!

  11. 3711
  12. 3712
  13. 3713
  14. 3714
    margote05 says:

    Thanks for the giveway.

  15. 3715
    anne dibble says:

    Posted it on my facebook wall. Thank you!! I would love this!!

  16. 3716

    ok i am just getting started and would love the canon i have a name and started the web site hope to have it up and running soon comment on facebook would on pin on pintrest dont no how to add it to this still havea lot to learn but i do no i love to take pictures and really need a bigger camera i dream to have this camera ok i will quite now thank you for this give away

  17. 3717
    anne dibble says:

    shared this with my one group of pro photographers!

  18. 3718
    anne dibble says:

    shared it with another site but I realized I wish I had not posted image above. Can you delete it?

  19. 3719
    Tabitha French says:

    I have posted on facebook!!

  20. 3720
    Tabitha French says:

    Pinned on pinterest!

  21. 3721
    Darlene Cunich says:

    I shared on Twitter and Facebook :) would looooooove that 5D!!!/darlenecunich/status/171161607366393857

  22. 3722
    David Cooke says:

    I would love a Nikon D700 its an awsome camera.

  23. 3723
    Maggie Stapper says:

    I so need to win….I so wish to win… I so would love to win indeed!

  24. 3724
    Arlin says:


  25. 3725
    Jackie Farris says:

    I’m signed up and tweeted about this. Thanks so much for the chance to win.

  26. 3726
    erica villarreal says:

    I cant even begin to explain this gratitude I have!! I am so very, very thankful I have found this amazing give away! you dont even know! just simply AMAZING!! Whooo!

  27. 3727
    Stacey Payne says:

    Great contest! Shared, tweeted, and pinned!

  28. 3728
  29. 3729
    Angela Wines says:

    I shared on Facebook and tweeted!

  30. 3730
    Sherry Miller says:

    I have you pinned and on my facebook…. just love these kind of contests !! Good luck everyone… :-)

  31. 3731

    I would absolutely love to win the Nikon.

  32. 3732

    I shared on Pinterest. I’ve dreamed about the D700 since I first saw it…

  33. 3733
    Cari says:

    Would love to win this Nikon :-)

  34. 3734
    Kenneth says:

    Been wanting to get a DSLR but have not been able to yet. would love to win.

  35. 3735
  36. 3736
  37. 3737
    Alison says:

    I shared on twitter, facebook and google +!

  38. 3738
    Helga M. says:

    Hi,I shared on Pinterest,Twitter & Facebook :)

  39. 3739
  40. 3740
    Lou Truss says:

    for someone who has never won a competition in her lifeI would be thrilled to win the Canon :)

  41. 3741
    Stephanie says:

    I pinned on Pinterest! I would love to win the Canon!!!

  42. 3742
  43. 3743
  44. 3744
  45. 3745
  46. 3746
    Kali Metzger says:

    I shared on Facebook!

  47. 3747
    Andie says:

    Shared on FB and pinned it!
    Great site – so glad I found this!

  48. 3748
    Shaquan says:

    I’m ready

  49. 3749
  50. 3750
    Kimberly McKaskle says:

    I wanna win!

  51. 3751
    danielle says:

    I wanna win a canon so I have a second camera for wedding photograpy :) Shared on facebook.

  52. 3752
    christy bell says:

    A canon girl to the end!! Unless…..

  53. 3753
    danielle says:

    shared on facebook and pinterest

  54. 3754
  55. 3755

    Liked MCP Actions on FB… Thanks for all the great stuff!

  56. 3756
  57. 3757
    Magrietha says:

    Shared on fb – asweome giveaway, thanks!

  58. 3758
    Sarah Nava says:

    I shared on FB and tweeted…

    D700 would be nice to add to my collection

  59. 3759
  60. 3760

    I shared the link on my facebook page, would love to win this camera!!!

  61. 3761
    anglore says:


    we are do all to will be better…;)

  62. 3762
    lisa says:

    Sounds like a great giveaway. I would love to win but I’m not very lucky, but it can’t hurt to try!

  63. 3763
    janeil drewitz says:

    shared on pinterest

  64. 3764
    Amy H says:

    I shared on Pinterest. Pinning… LOL

  65. 3765
    Joy says:

    Thanks for the chance to win!! Crossing my fingers!!

  66. 3766
    Valerie says:

    this is an amazing giveaway. Thank you for doing it. It allows people like me to have a chance of hope ;)

  67. 3767
    Brittany Lee says:

    I shared on Pinterest and Stumble Upon. Thanks!

  68. 3768
    Keysia says:

    Love MCP Actions….

  69. 3769

    I pinned it, tweeted it, and shared it! Woot woot!

  70. 3770
    Suzanne says:

    What a great contest!

  71. 3771
    Jess says:

    Nice… shared on twitter, Facebook, G+, and Pinterest!

  72. 3772
    Tina says:

    I shared this on Pinterest way back in the early part! Maybe day one! :) Good luck to everyone!

  73. 3773
    Jami Malcolm says:

    I shared on FB and pinterest!!!

  74. 3774
  75. 3775
    Nancy Cuppy says:

    I would love the Nikon D700. I Think I entered everything. Crossing fingers.

  76. 3776
    Fran says:

    I pinned it, thanks for the chance.

  77. 3777
    Melissa S says:

    this would be INCREDIBLE to win… I’m a Canon girl through and through and what an AMAZING giveaway! you are soooo generous!

  78. 3778
    Sarah Gough says:

    I have posted to personal and business facebook, twitter, my blog, and pinterest. Thanks much!!!

    my personal blog is:

  79. 3779
    adriana says:

    love your actions!! I would love the so done with my d40x :(. Thank you for this great change. Your actions are wonderful.

  80. 3780
  81. 3781
    adrienne f says:

    Can’t wait to see if I won…I mean who won lol :)

  82. 3782
    Stephanie Bibakis says:

    Fingers crossed!!! I really need (want) the Nikon

  83. 3783
    Christine Barry says:

    Weird I entered when the contest first started and it showed I had zero. Now it seems to work but disappointing if I did not notice. Now hopefully I will win with my like Pinterest and here.

  84. 3784
    Amanda Miller says:

    Thank you so much for your giveaway, what a blessing it would be! Love your actions as well! :)

  85. 3785
  86. 3786
    Ashley says:

    Meridith Brown from M.Brown Photography should win! She is amazing at what she does. She connects with the people she does business with. She is just fantastic and deserves to win this! It would help grow her business by leaps and bounds!

  87. 3787
    Cynthia says:

    Ohhh how I’d love to win the Canon! Thanks for the giveaway.

  88. 3788
    Arlind says:


  89. 3789
    kathy lee says:

    Would love to win the cannon camera, this would be great to really help me with my passion for photography :)

  90. 3790
    Donna says:

    shared you on face book and pinned on PInterest

  91. 3791
    Donna says:

    and I just “tweeted” for the 1st time!

  92. 3792
    Donna says:

    I subscribed

  93. 3793
    Jessiemer Abing says:


  94. 3794
    Kristen Dunn says:

    Yea! I would love to wim!

  95. 3795
    Ariel says:

    waiting for the announcement, who’s the lucky one:)

  96. 3796
    Michelle says:

    oh how i would love this

  97. 3797
    Liza says:

    awesome giveaway!

  98. 3798
    Maddi L says:

    Thanks for the chance to win! I would love to have a camera and start practicing photography!! :)

  99. 3799
    eim hunter says:

    Thanks for the chance

  100. 3800

    [...] recently co-sponsored a giveaway with MCP Actions and the results surprised even us. In just 30 days they scored 8,ooo new Facebook fans and doubled [...]

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