$200 For Whatever You Want To Print – Giveaway

This contest is now over – the winner is: Katrina Curry – comment #330 – thanks to all who entered!

Screen shot 2012 03 25 at 7.07.19 PM 600x109 $200 For Whatever You Want To Print   Giveaway
pin it4 $200 For Whatever You Want To Print   Giveaway


What would you do with $200 to spend at Nations Photo Lab?  Every hobbyist and professional photographer wants a reliable place to print their images.

One lucky winner will find out.  Entering is easy – winner will be posted at the top of this blog post on Sunday, March 25th.  Check back then.



Enter now. Here’s how…

The Prize:

To Enter:

Extra Credit:

Increase your odds of winning. Do any or all of these extra credit items (add a comment/extra entry for each):

  1. Spread the word about MCP Actions products, contest, or blog. Do this on social networking sites, your blog, or photo forums, as permitted. Comment and us know where you shared. For ease, use the Share Links for Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, Google Plus, Stumble Upon, and more. One extra comment/entry per place shared.
  2. Add on your blog one of the following: MCP Actions Banner (html code on the sidebar of our blog) OR or a text link to our website (something like “MCP Photoshop Actions” or “MCP Lightroom Presets”)
  3. Subscribe to our blog RSS feed for the 1st time – see the orange icon at the top right of our blog. If you add it today, leave a comment letting us know.

Contest Rules:

This contest is open to participants only where permitted by law.

Winner will be picked via random drawing on the evening of Sunday, March 25th and announced on the MCP Blog. Winner will also be contacted by email. Odds are winning are 1/# of entries. Increase your odds by participating in our extra credit items.



 $200 For Whatever You Want To Print   Giveaway

Jodi Friedman, MCP Actions

Jodi Friedman is the founder of MCP Actions. She designs popular Photoshop actions and Lightroom presets that make editing faster, easier and more fun.

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390 Comments and 1 Replies

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  1. 301

    A canvas of our family and business cards!!!

  2. 302
    Beckie Amidon Austin says:

    I need some of my prints on canvas to showcase in my home studio. This would be a great way to do that!!

  3. 303
    Jacqueline says:

    Love the gallery blocks!

  4. 304
    Jacqueline says:

    Shared on

  5. 305
    Rebecca Ickes says:

    Okay… 1. I subscribed via Google reader. 2. I shared your contest link on my Facebook timeline. 3 & 4. I shared your contest link in Facebook groups “A New Me in 2011″ and “Walking the Walk”. 5. I also Pinned it with Pinterest you can check it out at http://pinterest.com/pin/82824080617197061/

    Products I would buy… Photobooks are always great, but I would really like Gallery Blocks, Wall Grips, and the Image Boxes! I SOOOOO hope I win :)

  6. 306
    Jacqueline says:

    Shared on my Facebook as well!

  7. 307
    Chamrie Andrews says:

    I love Nations Photo Lab! I use them for all my printing! I just photographed my sister-in-law’s wedding this weekend and I would love to give her a canvas! I have also always wanted one for myself, but never gotten around to it. I have MCP’s button on my blog and I like you in facebook!

  8. 308
    melanie says:

    Shared contest on my blog.

  9. 309
    Kim Treat says:

    I would get canvas prints of my grandkids. And I’ve been a fan of MCP actions a long time.

  10. 310
    Amy Hatfield says:

    Already liked you and I would love canvas gallery wraps!!!

  11. 311
    Kim Kight says:

    I love the wrap canvas, the split canvas, and photo cubes for sure,

  12. 312
    Beckie Amidon Austin says:

    shared on my personal facebook page

  13. 313
    Beckie Amidon Austin says:

    tweeted on twitter

    user name Reba86

  14. 314
    Maryellen says:

    I’d order Canvas’ for the friends that just got married yesterday! Those cubes look way too cool to pass up also!

  15. 315
  16. 316
    Sheribeari says:

    I would get a gallery print and floating blocks if I won :o)

  17. 317
    Sheribeari says:

    Tweeted about on Twitter


  18. 318
  19. 319
  20. 320
    Cathy Barrow says:

    I believe I would start with canvas prints ad growth chart. I have triplets, so I would probably just go nuts ordering things. Thanks for te chance to win!

  21. 321
    Sheribeari says:

    put banner on my blog page

  22. 322
    Ryne G says:

    I’d order 8×10 prints and a 4×6 leather album to get a taste of their quality and come out of pocket a bit for a growth chart to try a new product that isn’t available at the lab I currently work with!

  23. 323
    Kim Kight says:

    Shared on my Facebook page.

  24. 324
    Sheribeari says:

    shared link to giveaway on my FB page

    Sheribeari Bartay

  25. 325
    Kim Kight says:

    Shared onmy twitter acct.

  26. 326
    Betsy Snyder says:

    Love the canvas wraps!!

  27. 327
    Sheribeari says:

    subscribed to the feed

  28. 328
    Kim Kight says:

    Have subscribed to your Facebook feed.

  29. 329
    Kim Kight says:

    Subscribed to your blog on my yahoo,

  30. 330

    I was already a fan of the facebook page and I did subscribe and I would love to have either gallery wraps, canvas, albums, etc etc there is sooo much! LOl

  31. 331
    Kim Kight says:

    Was already friends with MCP on FB.

  32. 332

    I subscribed to your blog RSS feed for the first time. http://my.yahoo.com/p/1.html

  33. 333

    I use them for my cd covers and would love the gift certificate.

  34. 334
  35. 335
    Brenda says:

    Definitely canvas to display a couple of my favorites, or some of my artwork to donate to local benefits.

  36. 336
  37. 337
  38. 338
  39. 339
    Eriq says:

    I would love some canvas for my friends living rooms. Or maybe auction off for charity..

  40. 340
    Steph Hegland says:

    I’d love to order a canvas!!

  41. 341
    Jill says:

    Definitely a canvas gallery wrap!

  42. 342
    Dani says:

    Would love to grab a large canvas.

  43. 343
    LJensen says:

    Would LOVE some gallery blocks!!! Have an exhibit coming up and that would be a beautiful way to display my work.

  44. 344
    Chester says:

    Definitely a few canvas wraps.

  45. 345
  46. 346
  47. 347
    Jen J. says:

    Already liked and just subscribed! I would love a canvas wrap for myself and a photo cube to give as a gift to the adorable newbie I just photographed.

  48. 348
    Katey Penton says:

    I would get one of the adorable frames. They are so stinkinging cute!

  49. 349
    Jen J. says:

    just shared on my FB page (Jen Jeffries) and pinned it as well!

  50. 350
    Alicia says:

    Already like you on FB. Canvas for sure!

  51. 351

    I will order lots of mounted prints of the work I’ve done to display in my new studio!

  52. 352
    Brooke Moore says:

    What would I buy, photo blocks, sample stand out prints, maybe a metal print.

    I would buy new things that I have not yet tried!!!

  53. 353

    I will purchase prints and a couple of the Gallery Blocks should I be fortunate to be selected as the winner!

  54. 354

    Liked MCP Actions page through the WolfCamp Snaps Photography page

  55. 355

    Contest link shared on the WolfCamp Snaps page

  56. 356
    Pam says:

    I would do the canvas wraps and the growth charts….

  57. 357

    Shared the contest link on our personal page as well

  58. 358
    Maggie Coleman says:

    I would love the canvas wraps or gallery blocks.

  59. 359
    Cora Dahmus says:

    Already like you on fb!! I would get canvas prints for sure!!

  60. 360
    Kari F says:

    Definitely the gallery wraps!

  61. 361
    Kari F says:

    Shared on facebook

  62. 362
  63. 363
    Kimberly Burger says:

    Love the cubes, but would probably get wrapped canvas!

  64. 364
    Kari F says:

    Oops that should have said that there is a link on my blog to yours: http://www.kfphotographer.com and then click blog.

  65. 365
    Tammy Sullivan says:

    What a great gift this would be.

  66. 366
    Kaitlin says:

    Absolutely the canvas wraps!! Love those!

  67. 367
    stormy says:

    subscribed to your blog today :) already liked you on fb. and added a hyperlink to ur page on both my fb walls :) what an awesome prize to try for :)

  68. 368
    Sheila Nicoloff says:

    Have been a fan on FB for a while now – would love canvas gallery wraps

  69. 369
    Nicole Yack says:

    Canvas Wraps. I have several to print as a gift for my grandmother that I took at her farm!

  70. 370

    I have used Nations Photo Lab for my sports team shots. I have an order to place for a softball team, so that’s what I’d use the credit for, as well as a gallery wrap of one of my pictures from Ireland for myself! I’ve “liked” MCP actions for a while now and I shared on my personal Facebook page. THANKS!!

  71. 371
    AudreyM says:

    Love their prints! I would order metalic prints, looks cool! I also think their images boxes look really fun!

  72. 372
    Ann R says:

    Press cards please! Thank you : )

  73. 373
    Pam says:

    I have already “liked” mcp… And I would order gallery wraps.

  74. 374

    Canvas and gallery wraps with a side of press cards for good measure. Is that too much? Love ‘em all!

  75. 375
    Ann Rocole says:

    Elegant shaped cards for sure! I have birth announcements to send out tgat would look great in a unique shape.

  76. 376
    Samantha says:

    I would have to get a canvas for myself and a growth chart for a new baby that I will be photographing next week. :)

  77. 377
    Ann says:

    I just subscribed to the rss feed too!

  78. 378
    Samantha says:

    I subscribed to your blog RSS feed for the first time. (Been following it for months, but never subscribed) Love what you do :)

  79. 379
    cindi m says:

    I have never used Nations Photo Lab before. I would try the prints and a wrapped canvas.

  80. 380
    Anna Thomas says:

    I would love to be able to update my business cards & have some canvases made!!!

  81. 381
    christa says:

    I love Nations Photo Lab!! We use them to print our pictures and photobooks for weddings.

  82. 382
    simone t says:

    I would get the blocks in the pyramid! Thanks!

  83. 383
    Nancy says:

    I love Nations and always use them for printing. I would order gallery wraps.

  84. 384
    John says:

    I would love a canvas family portrait

  85. 385
    Nancy says:

    Share via twitter and Facebook!

  86. 386
    Sher Hogue says:

    I desperately need business/press cards!

  87. 387
    April bastyr says:

    Interested in switching to nations photo lab.. would love to start with canvas

  88. 388
    Kushbo says:


  89. 389
    Cindi B. Brown says:

    What a great give away! I would love to win!

  90. 390
    Dawn says:

    Gallery wraps!

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