Giveaway: The Ultimate Newborn Photographer Prop Prize Pack – $1,200 Value


This contest is now over.  The winner is Laura Van Ravenswaay – entry #2205.  We appreciate all who entered.  Come back soon for more great newborn photography tips and help.  And future contests too.


Screen shot 2012 05 06 at 9.15.02 PM 600x105 Giveaway: The Ultimate Newborn Photographer Prop Prize Pack   $1,200 Value
pin it4 Giveaway: The Ultimate Newborn Photographer Prop Prize Pack   $1,200 Value



This is the ultimate giveaway for newborn photographers! Win more than $1,200 worth of hats, wraps, accessories, an Ottoman Posing Beanbag, and a backdrop and flooring. Whether you are a professional photographer or just getting starting in your journey to photograph newborns and babies, this prize package has the perfect assortment of goodies.  And best yet, entering is easy.  Just answer one of two questions we have for you – read on for details.

Introducing the prizes and our wonderful hosts of the contest:

After the Bump is giving away: $600+ worth of newborn photography props and accessories from their store.

Shoot Baby is giving away an Ottoman Posing Beanbag and a three pack of waterproof pads. $130 value.

Rock the Drops is giving away a two 60×72″ poly backdrops and one 60×72″ dura floor backdrop. $450 value.

+ Shipping from After the Bump and Rock the Drops is included anywhere in the United States; shipping from Shoot Baby is included anywhere in the world! If you are outside the United States, you may still enter, but will be asked to cover taxes and tariffs as required by law and shipping for the two vendors indicated.


main Giveaway: The Ultimate Newborn Photographer Prop Prize Pack   $1,200 Value
pin it4 Giveaway: The Ultimate Newborn Photographer Prop Prize Pack   $1,200 Value


How to enter the contest:

  • For seasoned newborn photographers: add a comment telling us your best piece of advice for photographing babies or editing images of newborns.
  • For those who are fairly new to photographing newborns: list one question you have for a professional photographer who focuses on newborns.

Extra entries:

 Winner will be announced:

  • On our blog Sunday evening, 5/6/12.  The winner will be selected by either random drawing – or – my twins may pick the winning number (also pretty much random). And I will add the winner’s name to the top of this post.


Prize details:

newborn giveaway Giveaway: The Ultimate Newborn Photographer Prop Prize Pack   $1,200 Value
pin it4 Giveaway: The Ultimate Newborn Photographer Prop Prize Pack   $1,200 Value


 Giveaway: The Ultimate Newborn Photographer Prop Prize Pack   $1,200 Value

Jodi Friedman, MCP Actions

Jodi Friedman is the founder of MCP Actions. She designs popular Photoshop actions and Lightroom presets that make editing faster, easier and more fun.

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  1. 2401
    June Harper says:

    What wording or verbiage to you use to make sure parents do not take photographs during your sessions?

  2. 2402
    Greg says:

    Patience is everything.

  3. 2403
    christina beaman says:

    how do u market your self anf get your name out there? and what is the best way to get families to buy prints

  4. 2404
    Donna Cadogan says:

    How do you manage to keep babies calm etc during such long shoots?

  5. 2405
    Alicia Puntoriero says:

    How long do you allow for a newborn shoot? Thanks for the competition opportunity!

  6. 2406
    Dawn Dawson says:

    My question is this….what tips can you give me in how to pose newborns safely? I myself just have my own newborn so being a new mother that would be my one main concern when posing any baby. I want to be sure I know the save steps before posing the little angels :)

  7. 2407
    Connie says:

    What is the one most valuable prop you could never be able to go without?

  8. 2408
    Rebecca P says:

    I am fairly new to photographing newborns. I would like to ask the professional newborn photographers, What are the most common mistakes that you have experienced?

  9. 2409
    christina beaman says:

    i thanked all three vendors

  10. 2410

    My best advice as a seasoned newborn photographer is to assure the newborn’s parents that you put the newborn’s safety above all else. Nothing is risked to “get the shot” and if they baby is showing signs of not liking something or is uncomfortable – you stop. As the photographer, you are working with the parents’ most prized posession and no shot is worth risking the child’s safety. Some parents will even push for “the shot” and you have to stand firm if you don’t have the support or supplies needed to get that shot.

  11. 2411
  12. 2412
    Connie says:

    After the Bump, Shoot Baby, and Rock the Drops…. liked and thanked them all

  13. 2413

    What do you do when the newborn is wide awake and not thrilled to be there? How do you get variety in poses?

  14. 2414
  15. 2415
    Alicia Puntoriero says:

    Thanked all three vendoors… and how about a thank you for mcp actions! THANK YOU!!!

  16. 2416
    Vanessa w says:

    What do you do when a larg family comes to a newborn session? Loud older siblings startling newborn and ect? It was very difficult to shoot as the newborn would startle and wake often and siblings are running around and throwing things, I didn’t want to be rude but at same time it was really interfering with my work.

  17. 2417

    How long do you plan for your newborn sessions, and how do you handle difficult/fussy/squirmy newborns? And how many poses/props do you use? Thank you!!

  18. 2418
    Rebecca P says:

    I visited all three facebook pages and left comments =)

  19. 2419

    How do you get babies to stay in any pose? Even posing their legs, they move right away.

  20. 2420
    Jessica says:

    As a new newborn photographer who is still portfolio building, how do you wrap/unwrap newborns without waking them up? I have not experimented with much wrapping yet, but would really like to.

  21. 2421
    Danielle Sajkunovic says:

    I am new to photography – so I would ask how they get the skin to look so clear and smooth.

  22. 2422
  23. 2423
  24. 2424
    Jennie says:

    Visited & thanked all the sponsors

  25. 2425
  26. 2426
    Liz larrieu says:

    What is the best for the studio for newborn sessions?

  27. 2427

    Advice: Safety first! Let the baby dictate the session – don’t force the pose. Composite pics in photoshop are your friend :)

  28. 2428
  29. 2429
    Yvonne Fong says:

    I have also liked and thanks all 3 vendors at their fb page :)

  30. 2430
    Joyce says:

    Newbie: Whats a good way to pose them without using a bean bag?

  31. 2431
    Alicia J. says:

    The best advice I can give is PATIENCE. If you have patience you will get the shots you need, and trust me it’s worth it!

  32. 2432
    Yvonne Fong says:

    I am pretty new in these… May I know how do you change one posing to another without waking up the baby??

  33. 2433
    Alicia J. says:

    Shared about the action set on facebook!

  34. 2434
    Alicia J. says:

    Shared about the action set on twitter

  35. 2435
    Amanda Swope says:

    What is your favorite place to shop for newborn props?

    (Thanks for having this contest!)

  36. 2436
    Alicia J. says:

    Left love on the vendors facebook pages!

  37. 2437
    Dawn Davis says:

    I am a seasoned wedding photographer who is moving into less weddings, and more Seniors, kids and newborns. So I am in need of everything!
    My question is, do you have a favorite brand for the devices that create white noise/ heart beat, to help relax the babies?
    I also left a thank you on all the vendors facebook pages and shared the contest on my timeline. Thank you for the chance! :)

  38. 2438
    Krista Myers says:

    What is the one thing you couldn’t do without during a newborn session? Aside from the obvious…camera. :)

  39. 2439
    tiffiny says:

    Where do you get canvas prints of your newborn photos?

  40. 2440
    Adeline says:

    Hope I am not too late here. I am new and am already a mother of three. But how do you overcome the nervousness of handling someone else’s newborn with anxious parents looking on at a crying baby? Thanks for the giveaway chance too!

  41. 2441
    Emma Cusack says:

    A beginner to photography: I am wanting to get into newborn photography but not sure where to start. Any suggestions where to begin? Volunteering as an assistant to get practise or doing free work?
    Have also visited all three sites on FB :)


  42. 2442
    Meg Wright says:

    Wow! Lots of questions…I could certainly improve my wrapping skills. I’d like to answer a couple of the questions. To et those cute pcitures of babies with their heads supported by their hands would be a composite. it’s a merging of two different photographs, & in post processing you photoshop mom or dads (or assistants) hands out of the shot. Google it or youtube it, & you can learn all about it. For smooth newborn skin, this usually takes place during post processing as well. Sometimes people use a baby skin smoothing action. If I can be helpful & anwser anyone’s questions in my spare time, I’d love to.

  43. 2443

    What is the best way to soothe a newborn and how do you best utilize your limited time with newborns?

  44. 2444
    bruchy says:

    Is it possible to do these newborn poses with a baby that is already over 6 weeks?

  45. 2445
  46. 2446
    Bruchy says:

    Is it possible to these sleeping newborn poses with a baby that is just over 6 weeks old?

  47. 2447
    Adeline says:

    Thanked all three sponsors on FB! Thank you once again also for the fantastic opportunity!

  48. 2448
    Meg Wright says:

    Just thanked all the vendors!

  49. 2449
  50. 2450
    Meg Wright says:

    Shared about the actions on facebook!

  51. 2451
    Roxie says:

    What’s the best advice foot positioning a newborn?

  52. 2452
    Valisa says:

    I’m not sure if I qualify to answer the “seasoned” question, or the fairly new to.. question…
    I’ve been in business coming up on 2 years – but my newborn shoots didn’t really start blooming right away… I have certainly gotten even better w/ most every shoot. My suggestion to those starting out and growing – its keep trying and dont say “newborns aren’t for me” just because your first one is awake or super fussy! And editing. LEARN about your editing and learn what your photo is going to look like post production as you’re shooting. half the time when first starting out i went at things so blindly… I study up for shoots all the time now!….. That is what has really helped me grow! And always improving my editing skills really helps w/ baby skin!
    My question for more seasoned photogs is keeping those cranky babies asleep! I do the heater thing, I use white noise… and sometimes – babys just dont want to sleep – and when they do – some dont want to be disturbed and I seem to get them to sleep when they’re not in the ‘cutest’ position… and something usually needs to be tweaked… which wakes them up!

  53. 2453
    Valisa says:

    Posted the newborn actions link on my business Facebook page :)

  54. 2454
    Valisa says:

    Posted the link to the Newborn Actions on my Twitter!

  55. 2455
    Valisa says:

    Left a HUGE thank you on the wall of each vendor <3 And thanks to you guys for your awesome giveaway!! <3

  56. 2456
    Kathrine says:

    I was wondering which photographers prefer for newborn shoots, Natural light or soft studio light??

  57. 2457
    Courtney Espinoza says:

    How do you get newborns to sleep during their session?

  58. 2458
    Anneli says:

    I Have done several newboorn shoots but would love to know how to best keep baby asleep when switching blankets/backdrops.

  59. 2459
    Carrie says:

    I am fairly new to newborn photography and I was wondering, how do the pros keep the babies asleep when they pose them? I would love to get some advice from you all! Thanks! :)

  60. 2460
    Amanda Hann says:

    I have worked for portrait studios and I am now branching out on my own. My question would be what lens is best for indoor newborn portraits?

  61. 2461
    Erika K says:

    I linked to the Newborn Necessities on my facebook page to spread the word! I just love all your beautiful actions and I am so excited about this giveaway! It would be such a dream to receive all of these amazing prizes!

  62. 2462

    I’m a concert photographer who is about to get into baby photography (my wife’s due with our first child in November.) Are there any good tricks to taking photos of posed sleeping babies without waking them up?

  63. 2463

    Congrats Laura!!! What an awesome giveaway to receive!!!

  64. 2464
    Amanda sgro says:

    I try to schedule after naptime and allow for several breaks.

  65. 2465

    Is it best to use artificial or natural lighting for newborns?

  66. 2466
    April Moore says:

    What is the best way to wrap the babies? I’d love to see a step by step video :)

  67. 2467

    Be patient! Don’t plan too much for one session!

  68. 2468
    Wendy says:

    New to photographing newborns…What is the best poses for beginers?

  69. 2469

    Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!! I WON!!!!!!!!! But I have no internet for some reason….dang it!!!! So I’m checking this on my phone! I can’t wait to get the details of all the awesome things I won. THANK YOU MCP Actions, Shoot Baby, After the bump, and Rock the drops! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!

  70. 2470

    I will be sure to post pictures! I’m so excited!!!

  71. 2471
    Steph says:

    Do you think being a parent gives you a better edge or leverage when talking to potential clients? Or is this a non-issue?

    • Lynne says:

      I’ve worked at one of those studios in the mall that are constantly packed, so I’ve dealt with many moms! I found that being a mom helps when selling your packages but in the camera room, it only makes for excellent safety policing! As a parent, you recognize danger. 2 scenarios:
      1 Mom is asked to stand within arms length of the subject throughout the shoot. Before you know it, she’s standing by you trying to make the kid smile. The problem is, she has left the child unattended and is making the kid smile in the wrong direction. Its OK to speak up, kindly ask mom to stay within arms length for safety and you get the child’s attention.
      2 If there are too many people calling the children’s name trying to make them smile, take charge. Kindly say you understand that pictures are an exciting time and everyone wants to be involved but too much going on tends to overwhelm kids of any age. They are welcome to look on but please designate one person per kid to keep the child/ren safe and one to stand by your side and make a fool of them self in hopes the kids will laugh.
      Remember, you’re the professional, stay in control of your photo shoot. Parents can get very difficult to deal with, here’s where being a mom has helped me I’m the past, I can relate. It helps to stay level headed when parents get uneasy during a shoot.

  72. 2472
    Jean says:


  73. 2473
    Mandy Suro says:

    Do you usually want parents to be hands on or hands off during their newborn photo shoot?

  74. 2474
    Lynne says:

    Where do I print my photos? I managed a CPI (Sears, Walmart) studio for just over a year and loved my job but hated the company. I’m diving into freelancing now! So excited! Just haven’t found the right print lab yet. I’m sure there are a lot of people just starting and haven’t even thought of that part yet, so you seasoned photographers, spill!

  75. 2475
    Sheri Bode says:

    visite!d all 3 vendors with a thank you. and thank you MCP

  76. 2476

    Natural light, or lightbox? Is there a better one I’ve the other. Do you use artificial if you can only shoot at night?

  77. 2477

    Shared on facebook, interest, and twitter

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