You Might Be A Photographer If… (Humor)

For fun, the other day on the MCP Facebook Page, I asked photographers how they would complete the phrase “You Might Be A Photographer If…” We got more than 125 responses and many of them made me laugh loudly.  I took a sampling, along with some of my own, and created a graphic.  I’d love to read which ones you like most, so just add a comment below.

If you enjoyed this, please “like” and/or “pin it.  If everyone enjoys this, maybe I will do a call out for more ideas for a part 2 in the future.

you might be a photographer if1 600x729 You Might Be A Photographer If...  (Humor)
pin it4 You Might Be A Photographer If...  (Humor)

 You Might Be A Photographer If...  (Humor)

Jodi Friedman, MCP Actions

Jodi Friedman is the founder of MCP Actions. She designs popular Photoshop actions and Lightroom presets that make editing faster, easier and more fun.

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4 Comments and 1 Replies

  1. 1
    Tina says:

    Love it!!!

  2. 2
    Michael says:

    Absolutely hilarious, and couldn’t be more true!!

  3. 3
    Ashley says:

    This is really cute! And I hate to be a grammar nazi, but it should be “You’re scared of bees” :P

    And that line is SO true for me! Haha, I HATE bees, but I love taking micro pictures of them! lol

  4. 4
    Lisa says:

    love these! I fit many of them!

    I showed this to a friend who said that they almost all fit her to a “T” but that you were missing one…

    …you mentally see and clone out the dust spots when you take a photograph of the sky!


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