WIN IT Before You Can Buy It: MCP Texture Play Overlays

The winners of the MCP Texture Play Overlays are:

  • Maria Sheehan – Entry: #536
  • G. Olavarria – Entry: #957

We will email the winners tonight.  Thanks everyone and check back Wednesday the 13th to find out more details on the textures set.

MCP Actions is excited unveil our upcoming product for Photoshop and Elements.


MCP’s Texture Play Overlays includes 75 unique designs to add instant depth and drama to your images. These hand-crafted textures and overlays tone, pop and texturize your images.  It’s time to have some fun!

They will be available on Wednesday February 13th – with intro pricing.

But you can WIN THEM BEFORE YOU CAN BUY THEM.  Here’s how:

  • Leave a comment (on the blog post) and tell us if you have used textures in the past. If yes, what do you like most about blending textures with your photos?
  • To be eligible for consideration you need to be a newsletter subscriber. If you are not already, subscribe by clicking here and adding your email.

The winner will be picked on Sunday the 10th and announced at the top of this post.  If we get more than 1,000 entries, we will pick 2 winners.

Earn Extra Credit: Where you one of those kids in school who liked doing a little more?

  • Get a “bonus” entry for each of the following: PIN a photo in this post, LIKE us on Facebook, and/or post about this contest on Facebook or Twitter. Leave a comment telling us which you did.

Since photographers are visual, here are a few images from the upcoming set:


Whether you are looking to go bold:

shoes after WIN IT Before You Can Buy It: MCP Texture Play Overlays
pin it4 WIN IT Before You Can Buy It: MCP Texture Play Overlays

Or bright and soft:

giannaafter WIN IT Before You Can Buy It: MCP Texture Play Overlays
pin it4 WIN IT Before You Can Buy It: MCP Texture Play Overlays


Or something in between…

Trash the Dress After2 WIN IT Before You Can Buy It: MCP Texture Play Overlays
pin it4 WIN IT Before You Can Buy It: MCP Texture Play Overlays

The possibilities are endless! Check back in one week to learn all the details.


 WIN IT Before You Can Buy It: MCP Texture Play Overlays

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1135 Comments and 9 Replies

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  1. 1101
    Susan says:

    I’ve never used textures, but these are gorgeous! I’m anxious to try them out!

  2. 1102
    Heather says:

    I have never used texture overlays but the samples look amazing!

  3. 1103

    I have used textures on photos before, they add that extra flair and style that clients are screaming for and living it! The more you can set yourself apart from the over saturated market if photographers, the more clients will desire your work and be glad to pay for it. Textures give your photos something else that no color or saturation can! I love working with them and would love to push MCPs new textures to the limits!

  4. 1104
    Hannah says:

    I have not used textures before but and very interested in learning how to use them! I love learning new techniques!

  5. 1105
    Katherine says:

    Can’t wait to try these out!

  6. 1106
    Monica says:

    I love how textures can create a “mood” to photos! Would love to try these!

  7. 1107
    anita says:

    I have tried textures but would like to use them more. This is a great chance!

  8. 1108
    anita says:

    I subscribe to your newsletter!

  9. 1109
    anita says:

    I liked on FB.

  10. 1110
    Desiree says:

    I have used them in the past and love the effect and unique look they can give to a photograph. Here is an example of my child and our dog Harold.. I feel like my arty side is coming out!

  11. 1111

    Hi, I havent used your textures, but would LOVE to! :)

  12. 1112
    John says:

    I have used textures and I love the feel and mood they introduce into an image. A value that is hard describe. Excited to see your new offerings.

  13. 1113
    Heidi Long-Stevens says:

    I have not used textures before, but would love the chance to do so!

  14. 1114
    Heidi Long-Stevens says:

    I’m also a faithful fb follower! :)

  15. 1115
    Lisa Litchfield says:

    I love textures to add a little grunge to my photos. I love these and can’t wait to try them out, they look so versatile!

  16. 1116
    Lisa Litchfield says:

    I pinned the bold texture to my photography board… Gorgeous!!

  17. 1117
    Jordana Zdanowicz says:

    Never used textures before, but they look fantastic!!!!! Would love to win these, trying to find calibration software in my price range so my prints can be as correct as possible. Wish I could afford both!!!!!!

  18. 1118
    Nicole Maclean says:

    I have just started using textures and love them! They really add depth to a photograph. I would love to win some!

  19. 1119
    Emily says:

    I have used textures before and I love how they are able to really pop the subject from the background.

  20. 1120
    Magan says:

    I’ve never used textures before but the examples I’ve seen have been stunning!

  21. 1121
    Jamie says:

    I haven’t really done textures before but these are gorgeous and I want to learn!:D

  22. 1122
    Jamie says:

    I pinned the shoes to my photography board…LOVE it!

  23. 1123
    Jamie says:

    I signed up for your newsletter:D

  24. 1124
    Jamie says:

    I am a HUGE fan (on facebook:)

  25. 1125
    Carrie G. says:

    I’ve only played around with textures, but never used them for photos I’d give clients. Maybe it’s time to explore a new world ;)

  26. 1126
    elizabeth says:

    I love textures and the artistic spin it puts on my pics. I have only used my own “textures”, so I would love to have a set from MCP. I have also like fb, commented and pinned that gorgeous picture of those purple heels:)

  27. 1127

    Textures are awesome!! I love the depth they add to images.

  28. 1128
    Sylvia says:

    I have used textures for some time, even had a go creating them myself. I would love to see the combination of MCP actions (proud owner of some) and the new textures – exciting!!!

  29. 1129
    Cindy parker says:

    I use them all the time and love the richness and depth they add.

  30. 1130
    Lacy Clagg says:

    I love using textures. They add the cutest touches to photos where the background needs a little omph! I have never used an action to use a texture so this new product will help me a ton :D

  31. 1131
    Lacy Clagg says:

    also liked you on FB!

  32. 1132
    Jen Evans says:

    Use them all the time for depth and artistic flair, but would love more:)

  33. 1133
    Jen Evans says:

    Pinned those lovely purple heels!

  34. 1134
    Jen Evans says:

    All kinds of Liking MCP on Facebook going on around here!!!

  35. 1135
    Meganne Huett says:

    I have used textures and overlays many times before! In certain situations, they can definitely give a photo that little “extra” to make it standout from the rest!! I have “pinned” those amazing purple heels!! If I am not spending money on photography finds…Then it is shoes! Thank you for this opportunity!

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