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Before I get to details on how to win the Magic Skin Actions, I am starting to look for samples for the 1st of two action sets I will launch this fall. One should be done beginning of September. And one sometime later in the fall.

The 1st action set is unique and I honestly do not think there is anything else that does what this set will do, at least not yet. For a few more days it will be a secret. But I am making up examples for my site and will use one set in the video too. So… here is what I need.

I need photos that go together – I need them already edited to their fullest – NO SOOC shots yet (will need those for the next set). I need them resized for web (approximately 600-900px wide will be perfect). What do I mean by go together – here are some ideas. Kid making faces, baby parts and baby, senior with shots of their hobbies and them, wedding with bride and also the “stuff,” photos of flowers, photos that tell a story of any kind. Send anywhere between 2-12 photos for use in this. If you want to send me a link to flickr groups, website, etc – or run something by me before sending, that is fine. I know I am being vague but for now, I need to be.

If you want the chance to be on my site, please send photos that go together all in one email. If you have a few groups that may work – send each in a different email. Send to jodi@mcpactions.com. In the subject line please write examples for latest set. Please write, “I give Multiple Choices Photography LLC permission to use my photos on their site, blog and in any promotions. I certify that I took these photos and that I have permission to allow you to use them online.”

I already have a few samples and likely will just want a few of each type, so if you are not selected it is not a reflection on you, just that I could end up with too many.

NOW for the info on winning Magic Skin Actions…

Want to win the Magic Skin Photoshop Action Set? If so, check out Tracy Joy’s Blog – contest runs for 5 days and you have a chance of winning. If you win, and already have the Magic Skin action set, I will let you pick any set of $42 or less value from my site. So go enter at TRACY JOY.

Soft Proofing and Color Management in Photoshop

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This post is written exclusively for the MCP Actions Blog by “Color Inc Pro Lab.” They are an amazing printer with excellent customer service. And they have agreed to do monthly tips and/or contests here on the MCP Blog. I get so many questions on proofing and how to get colors in print as close to what they look like on your monitor. Every printer will have different calibration and ICC profiles, so check with your printer for best results. But here is an excellent explanation of soft proofing in photoshop.


Color matching between monitors and prints can be a tricky hassle to set up. Computer monitors can display extremely high ranges of contrast and brightness. This is great for viewing images, as they look crisp, bright and colorful. Unfortunately, paper is not as forgiving. Typical photo paper does not have the contrast a monitor can produce. Additionally, it is not back lit like most monitors are, which means images will typically print darker than they display.

This is where Soft Proofing comes in. Soft Proofing is a term for adjusting your computer and display so that it mimics some other device (such as a printer). Imaging software such as Adobe Photoshop can Soft Proof images using ICC Profiles. These profiles tell Photoshop how certain colors will print, and Photoshop can use the profiles to ‘guess’ what an image will look like when printed, even if you are looking at the image on your monitor.

Soft proofing heavily relies on the accuracy of your monitor profile and printer profile. (In this case, your monitor profile should be coming from a monitor colorimeter (such as an eye-one display 2). Running the enclosed software will help you generate a profile for your specific monitor. The printer profile should be the profile that your lab recommends you use.

At ColorInc, our professional Fuji printers print a color range very close to sRGB, and we recommend you use this profile for your images. We also regularly calibrate each monitor using the eye-one display colorimeter (the same models we sell on our website).

Typically, specialty proof setup is not required. (The great thing about using sRGB is that it is relatively standard. Almost all monitors, televisions, and some printers use it already). However, if you would like to, you can set up proof conditions in image editing software such as Adobe Photoshop. To do this in Photoshop CS3, click “View” → “Proof Setup → “Custom”. Under “Device to Simulate” select “sRGB IEC61966-2.1” and select ok. Then click “View” → “Proof Colors” to enable and disable the soft proofing display.

Remember to check all color settings with actual prints. It can be frustrating to work on a batch of photos that turn out different when printed. Test prints can alert you of color mismatches early, and can alleviate problems before they occur. Especially when you can get express prints for only 17c, these prints cost pennies, and can save you hundreds in the long run.

Using soft proofing techniques can save you time and frustration when editing images, and with a bit of luck, you photos will look stunning!

Ready to experience excellence? Become a ColorInc customer, and get 50% off your first order! Just sign up online at https://secure.colorincprolab.com/

Include the code MCP0808 with your first ROES
order in the Special Instructions field to get 50% off!

Watch Me Work – {creating many looks for one image}

Today I will teach you how to use SCREEN SHOTS in my Watch Me Work session.

You will learn to take one photo and try multiple looks with it utilizing screen shots.  Then you can pick your favorite version(s) and save them.

Here is one play, using the Quickie Collection Actions Set – with Night Color and Crackle.  There are many more plays and you can watch and see which you like the most.

watch me work quickie set Watch Me Work   {creating many looks for one image}
pin it4 Watch Me Work   {creating many looks for one image}

Most incredible eyes – look at this sweet face…

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My niece and nephew were in town this weekend. They are just adorable. My nephew, Everett (who we call Bro Baby) has the sweetest eyes for a little boy. I had to grab a few snaps of him. The 1st two were edited with my “color burst action” from the “complete workflow” and with the “eye doctor.” The third image shown in color and then black and white was edited using the “quickie collection” – “crackle,” “underexposure fixer,” and “color flair.” The black and white was run atop that color edit and used “vanilla ice cream.”

I would love to hear which ones you like best and any critique on them. Just leave a comment.

And I had to post this one of my twins’ great grandpa who is in his 90′s. I just loved the wisdom that shows through. This one was edited using “color burst” and then the vintage version using an upcoming action from my new set due out this fall.

Ok – a few more…  Here is a snapshot from the zoo (note this is possibly what caused me to hurt my back – ouch).  But this was worth it (I think).  My twins and their cousins all shoved into a wagon that is suppose to fit two kids.  And yes I had trouble getting them to look.

And this was at dinner.  Bro Baby was eating chocolate ice cream.  This one was just with a point and shoot, but I still had to share anyway…  Thanks for looking at all of these.

Ouch my aching back

I just wanted to let everyone know to keep your comments coming for my post from Friday about the best advice you have gotten that changed your photography.

I will be back to posting tomorrow. I hurt my lower back Friday (no idea how but my suspect is my 70-200L IS 2.8 that I carried around the zoo Thursday.)

Sorry that I did not post anything exciting this weekend. But I had to be a mom and deal with this terrible back pain that literally is waking me up every few hours.

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