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Enlighten™ Lightroom Presets

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MCP Enlighten Lightroom Presets (For * Lightroom 4 and Up * Only)
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* Enlighten ONLY works in Lightroom 4 and Up *

Define your style. Simplify your workflow. Take control of your images.

MCP Enlighten™ Presets will help you process your photos with a flexibility you’ve never experienced in Lightroom before. Our unique system allows you to stack our presets, so you can combine and layer them to create the look you want. No more bouncing between software programs -- now you can fix, tone, and polish your photos without ever leaving Lightroom.

MCP Enlighten™ uses the newest technology -- including the powerful 2012 process engine and RGB tone curves -- to give you professional, polished results. With a click of the mouse, you can adjust exposure, add lighting effects, and apply your signature style by adding haze, matte, or fun overlays. You’ll also find a wide range of black and white looks, from dreamy matte B&Ws to clean, high-contrast conversions. Simply scroll to find the one that suits your image best, and get perfect images every time.


Designed for Speed and Flexibility

MCP Enlighten presets are organized in an intuitive folder system, to make it easy to find the right preset -- you can even save your favorite combinations for one-click access in the future. Each step of your workflow contains a custom “reset” preset, which allows you to undo that specific step without starting over. And you can use the presets in just about any order. Did we mention flexibility like you’ve never experienced before?

MCP Enlighten™ also includes 30 brush presets. Learn how to use your adjustment brush to take care of all the little tweaks you never knew you could do in LR4. Soften skin. Remove redness. Sharpen eyes. Add some sun flare. Dodge and burn. Make colors pop.


It’s all in there. MCP Enlighten™ includes 200 photographer-tested Lightroom presets divided into four easy-to-use steps and a set of brush presets:

Step 1: Prep your photo. This folder contains 30 presets to let you quickly fix white balance, correct color casts, and adjust exposure by up to two stops in either direction.

Step 2: Style your photo. This folder contains 32 color and B&W presets to define the feel of your image. Whatever your personal style is -- calm, hazy, matte, grunge, clean, vibrant, deep – we’ve got you covered, along with a one-click lens correction option.

Step 3: Enhance your photo. Here’s where the fun really begins -- these presets will punch up your photos in an instant. You'll find 25 color overlays to add a unique tone to your images. And our 36 Color Tweaks allow you to pop, deepen, shift, or decrease any of six colors.

Step 4: Complete your photo. Fix blown highlights, adjust the shadows, boost midtones, add contrast, reduce noise, darken the edges, and sharpen. These 42 presets add the finishing touches that make your photos stand out.

Save a Fave: These hidden gems are stored in the Step 4 folder. Once you find a series of steps you love, save the combination here to use again and again with just one click.

Enlighten Brushes: Paint these 30 presets on any part of the image, and adjust their intensity in a snap. You'll be able to brighten shadows, whiten teeth, pop colors, enhance a blue sky, add depth, sharpen details and so much more!


MCP Enlighten Presets will change the way you use Lightroom.

Use the steps in any order you want. Stack them. Experiment. Have fun. Find your style. And with all the time you save, you might even find some extra hours in your day.

One More thing...

We recommend pairing Enlighten with the Illuminate Presets - to Infuse light into your images. Check these out to get an even more polished look!


What photographers are saying about MCP Enlighten:

"SO much control, yet so easy with a click of a button. These blow all other presets out of the water. Love them!"
- Jean Smith,

"This is the most customizable set of Lightroom presets that I have ever used.  The brushes are particularly useful.  MCP Enlighten saves me time on editing!"
- Ann Bennett,

"From basic corrections to creative touches, this collection has something to satisfy every unique style."
- Casey Cooper,

"For someone coming from a traditional photography (darkroom) background, you know that tonality and detail are the most critical parts of an image.  This section gives me that control, which can otherwise be overwhelming with all the sliders in LR4."
- Leigh Demshar, 

"If you are new to LR4, I highly recommend MCP Enlighten! It is simple to use, and so diverse, you have matte presets, grunge presets and everything in between"
-Leslie Bowen,


To use the MCP Enlighten Lightroom Presets, you need Lightroom 4 and up.

With every purchase of MCP Enlighten™ you will receive all files necessary to edit RAW and JPG photos in Lightroom 4 and up. These presets DO NOT work in Lightroom 1, 2 or 3, nor do they work in Photoshop CS versions or Elements. No refunds will be given because you lack the software to use them.


Get up to speed quickly with our free video tutorials:

Install and Use Enlighten Develop Presets

Install and Use Enlighten Adjustment Brush Presets

The MCP Enlighten Lightroom Presets includes the following:

  1. Step 1: 16 White Balance presets/resets, 13 Exposure Correction presets/resets
  2. Step 2: 15 Color presets/resets, 17 B&W B&W presets/resets
  3. Step 3: 25 Color Overlays/Shadow Tone presets/resets, 36 Color Tweak presets/resets
  4. Step 4: 42 Complete the Look presets and resets, including: highlight protection, midtone brightening and darkening, shadown brightening and darkening, contrast, clearness, noise reduction, sharpening and edge darkening - all with varying intensities. Plus get 5 Save a Favs to save your favorite recipes.
  5. Enlighten Brushes: Paint these 30 presets on any part of the image, and adjust their intensity in a snap. You'll be able to brighten shadows, whiten teeth, pop colors, enhance a blue sky, add depth, add sunlight, sharpen details and so much more!
Version Lightroom 5, Lightroom 4