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Where can I get answers about the MCP Store, Shopping Cart, Downloads and how to purchase through your site?

What are actions?

Photoshop actions are shortcuts designed to save photographers time, while enhancing their images. An action is a series of steps recorded in Photoshop that enhance photos or build items like a template.

Do actions work on PCs and Macs?

Yes, all MCP actions are compatible with both PCs and Macs.

Do you include Photoshop when I purchase the actions?

Photoshop is NOT included with the actions. You need to purchase the correct version of Photoshop or Elements as indicated, from Adobe or an authorized reseller prior to purchasing actions.

What happens if I upgrade to a newer version of Photoshop? Will I be able to move the actions or will I have to re-buy them?

As long as they are compatible with the Photoshop version that you buy, you can save the actions and move them into your new version of Photoshop. See the video section under the training tab to learn how.

Will actions I purchase now work when future versions of Photoshop are released?

There is no way for me to know which actions will be compatible in future Photoshop releases. Occasionally Adobe will make changes to the inner workings of the program that cause certain steps or commands to fail. It is rare, but I can only guarantee actions to work in the versions listed on my website, but they likely will work going forward.

Do your action sets work in the NEW Photoshop CS5?

All action sets that worked in CS4 also work in CS5. I will be updating the website to reflect this. The downloads themselves may still say CS2+ or CS2,CS3,CS4. If you see your current action set says CS4, it will also work in CS5. You do not need to contact me for an upgrade. Thank you!.

How well do I need to know Photoshop to use actions?

Prior experience with the basic tools of Photoshop is helpful. On each product page you will see links to video tutorials explaining how to use the actions. You cab watch these before purchasing or come back and follow the video instructions step-by-step. We also have videos teaching how to install and use actions, layer masks, and more. I have a group workshop called Watch Me Work and a private actions workshop available to teach you how to use MCP actions if you feel these videos are not interactive enough. Visit the Training section of the website for pricing and details.

How do I know if these actions will fit my style of editing or photography?

You can look at the examples to see the before and after for photos submitted from a wide range of photographers. If you want to see how they work, and if they fit your desired workflow, please watch the product videos. You can see how many times an action stops, asks for feedback and how many internal directions are included. This may influence your purchasing decision.

Do these actions work in Photoshop Elements, Elements Express, Paint Shop or Lightroom

Each action set will indicate which version(s) of Photoshop will work. All of our actions work in Adobe Photoshop CS2 through CS5; some will work CS. Many, but definitely not all, will work in certain versions of Elements (PSE). None of our actions work in Paint Shop Pro, Lightroom or Elements Express. Please check for compatibility prior to purchasing and downloading. Per our terms of use, refunds will NOT be given for buying actions that do not work in your software version, or if you lack the software altogether.

Do your actions work in Photoshop written in different languages?

We only test our actions in the English version of Photoshop and Elements. We cannot issue refunds if you buy for a non-English version of the program. We are unable to code for each language as we would need to actually own every unique version to accomplish this.

Do you plan to make Lightroom Presets?

At this time, I do not have Lightroom products. We may in the future so please check back.

Do you sell individual actions?

All of my actions are sold in sets as shown on the site. I do not divide action sets into individual actions.

Can I get the package pricing if I already purchased some sets and now want more?

MCP Packages are only at bundle pricing when purchased as shown on the site. These savings are not retroactive.

Can you design a custom package for me? I want many action sets, but bundled differently than you have them.

I do not offer custom packages. My current packages are based on the most popular combination of products.

How do I know these actions will work with my style of photography?

An excellent way to test MCP actions is to download the Try Me/Free actions - which are available on our site. Also look through the examples and watch video tutorials linked to on the product page prior to purchase.

Will your actions make my photos look like your examples?

Our actions will take your photos from good to great but there is usually no way to save a photo with flaws like missed focus, poor composition, and major exposure problems. Actions are NOT a fix for bad photography. For best results you should always start with a well exposed, properly lit, in focus photo. Also while not every action works well on every photo, MCP actions are designed with adjustable layers for ultimate flexibility.

How do I install and use actions in Photoshop?

If you have never installed or used Photoshop actions, check out the "Installing Actions" video in the Training area, under Free Video Tutorials. This video is also located on every product page.

If you are an Elements user, your actions will come with a series of PDFs. Find the one that describes your operating system and version of Elements. We also have videos on the product pages and under the Free Video Tutorials on the Training tab.

Are Photoshop actions batchable?

Most of the actions on my site are not batchable in their current state as many include stops or built-in instructions. Some actions also need feedback to target certain adjustments. In some circumstances directions can be turned off by unchecking certain steps. Actions that require user feedback while playing cannot be batched, even if tweaked. If you want to create a batch action, combining many MCP actions, consider the Big Batch Action Private Workshop. Look under the Training tab.

What is your return policy?

Due to the nature of Photoshop actions, they are not returnable, under any circumstances. Before selecting your actions, please check that your version of Photoshop will support all the features of the action set. All action sets require basic knowledge of Photoshop. Video tutorials are available for action sets on my site. Please watch these prior to purchase if you want to know how they work, ease of use, and if they fit into your particular workflow. After buying, if you need assistance, consider a Private Training Class to teach you how to get the most from your MCP action sets.

What is your upgrade policy?

We understand that you may upgrade to newer versions of Photoshop in the future. Most actions will work from older versions of Photoshop to newer versions. To get an update to a past product, we need your receipt as explained in the Replacement Policy. Without a proof of purchase, you will need to re-buy. If you upgrade from Elements to Photoshop, we provide a one-time upgrade discount of 50% on products you purchased for Elements. We need proof of purchase to send your upgrade. Contact us via email to learn more details. If you do not wish to spend this money, you can install the .atn files into Photoshop. They will work, but will utilize methods for Elements rather than full Photoshop.

What is your actions replacement policy if my hard drive should crash and I lose my actions?

MCP's action replacement policy: Please back up your actions on CD/DVD or External Hard Drive. If you fail to do so, and need your actions re-sent, our policy is the following:

  • For actions purchased on this website which launched December 17th, 2009, you may download products as many times as you need for your own use (see licensing under Terms at the bottom of my site). You will need to remember your log on information to access these.

  • For actions purchased from our old websites, from 2006-Dec. 16, 2009, we need a receipt from Paypal, your credit card company or your bank. Email this to us with a list of what actions you need recovered. We will re-send these via email.

  • It is time consuming for me to look through thousands of transactions since 2006 to locate your purchases. If you cannot provide a receipt, we will discount previously purchased actions at 50% off current website prices, as long as you can provide information needed for us to verify your past purchase. You will need to provide me the following: month/year each set was purchased and email address used for payment.

  • How can I move my actions to a new computer?

    You are welcome to re-download the actions to your computer. If you purchased from our older sites, see our video tutorial under the Training tab and then Free Video Tutorials. We have one that teaches you how to move your actions to a new computer.

    When will I receive my actions?

    Our actions are instant downloads. Upon completing payment, you will download the actions from my site. You should get an email with a link to these downloads too, but it occasionally ends up in spam. For actions purchased on this site, after December 17th, 2009, you will go to the My Account area. Then go to My Downloadable Products on the top, left hand side of the page. Your downloads are there. Just click on the download, then save and unzip. See Troubleshooting FAQ for a screen shot of how to download your actions if you are having trouble.

    What are your Terms of Use?

    There is a complete explanation of all MCP Terms and Conditions at the bottom of my site. Please read it over thoroughly. This will explain the copyrights, actions usage, licensing, and terms.

    When will MCP Actions be having a sale?

    Instead of sales, MCP aims to provide value. Our actions and workshops are designed to save you time, enhance your photography and get you back to your life.

    There are two ways to save on MCP actions.

  • Packages: I have grouped popular sets that go well together into packages. You will see on the site the retail value and then the discounted price. No price adjustments will be made for past purchases or if you buy the actions individually.

  • Group Buys: There are a few photography forums I belong to where I occasionally offer group buys. I require 20 or more photographers to sign up. The discount is still small - $5 off per set, so that nobody feels as if they missed out. If you want to coordinate a group buy with a forum or site, please contact me for details. I only offer a few group buys a year so availability is limited.

    If you are unable to purchase actions at this time, you may still download the Try Me actions for free on my website.

  • Are MCP actions adjustable?

    These actions are fully adjustable as they are designed to work on a variety of photos. The actions build layers with layer masks so they are fully adjustable and offer opacity and masking control. If you are not familiar with masking or working with layers, make sure to watch all the videos on these topics on my site.

    Can I back up actions up onto my external hard drive?

    Yes, backing up your purchase should be your 1st step anytime you purchase a digital product. Computers crash. Make sure you protect the actions you have purchased.

    When I log on to my newly created account, I do not see all actions that I have purchased. How can I view those purchases?

    Any actions purchased from our old website (prior to December 17th, 2009) will not be available for re-download on this site. Those actions and workshops will not be reflected in your downloads, invoices or history. All orders from this point on are viewable as long as you log on to your account.

    What is the difference between the Tell a Storyboard Actions and the Magic Print It Board Actions?

    These are two completely different products. The only things they have in common is they allow you to combine multiple pictures into a template/storyboard and they save valuable hard drive space, are easy to use, and fun to customize.

    The Tell a Storyboards have more space between them (you can add patterns and scrapbook paper or keep a solid background). Three of the sets are rectangle/square layouts and one set has rounded corners. These sets have more designs than the Print It Boards and are less expensive. Why? They automatically build your storyboard, but you will need to resize the photos and move them into the template.

    The Print It Boards are closer together, less design space, and more photo space. They work differently than the Tell a Storyboard Actions. These save you tons of space on your hard drive, are easy to use, and fun to customize. The Magic Print It Board Actions are truly *Magic* in that they build and insert your photos for you. No hand cropping is necessary. You can change the color but there is no space for adding a lot of texture and patterns.

    Can you use the Magic Blog It Boards in print?

    The Magic Blog It Boards are not printable. They are low-resolution files at 72dpi and they are 900px width. They are also not standard print sizes.

    What is the difference between Magic Skin action set and the Cover Model actions?

    The Magic Skin actions and Urban Cover Model actions are very different from each other. The Magic Skin actions give skin a smooth creamy look. They reduce blemishes and wrinkles and give skin a nice but natural finish that is fully adjustable.

    The Urban Cover Model actions are designed to give a magazine ultra bright smooth look to the photo. It is not nearly as controllable as Magic Skin, though it is adjustable. It is not meant to look natural - but instead more surreal and magazine like.

    Magic Skin actions are more of an every day use on most photos type of set. Urban Cover Model works great on certain high school senior photos and high fashion editing, for magazines or just a high fashion urban look.

    Will the Magic Skin actions get rid of all blemishes, baby acne, stretch marks, wrinkles, and scratch marks on the skin?

    The Magic Skin actions are designed to help smooth out skin, create creamy looking skin, and reduce wrinkle, blemishes, and stretch marks. For some pictures these actions will be all you need. For other images where the skin has more severe wrinkles or red patchy acne, you will need to use the patch tool, cloning or healing tools, or other retouching methods prior to using.

    What is the difference between the Quickie Collection and the Complete Workflow?

    The Quickie Collection is a large selection of actions that you stack on top of each other for a finished look. This set works like cooking. You have each ingredient; you mix them up (use the actions you want), decide how much you want of each (opacity or masking) and then have a finished product.

    The Complete Workflow has a few helper actions but the main substance is a few BIG actions that take you from start (defog) to finish (sharpening), and all in between stuff like color enhancement, contrast and more all within one action. When you press play on Color Burst within the Complete Workflow, it asks you a few questions and runs. At the end, you can use opacity and mask to customize the look. With this set, you are ready to save (unless of course you want to run a retouching action from another MCP set).

    How do I know which sharpening action to use?

    Sharpening is very personal and also very specific to the individual photo. There are so many variables that contribute to the amount and type of sharpening needed - from the megapixels of your camera, to the ISO, to how perfect the exposure. Most of the sharpening methods I use from edge sharpening, to high pass sharpening, to luminosity and USM affect the photo in different ways. You need to find what looks best for your images. The best way to do this is to zoom in to 100% so you can see how much grain/noise is present and also how sharp you want your photo. You should use the opacity sliders built into the layers palette for each sharpening layer. Optionally you can mask the skin or other areas that you do not want sharpened.

    Can I use the Crystal Clear Resize and Sharpen for Web on High Res pictures too? I love it so much.

    Unfortunately no. This action is designed specifically for web sized images for your blog, website, Facebook, galleries and other online viewing. The reason you like it so much is that it its on your screen at 100% - this way you can truly appreciate the sharpening. When sharpening high-resolution files, make sure to zoom in at 100% to see the impact.

    Where can I find reviews on your actions?

    Included with the description of each action set are reviews from customers. Please make sure to review the products you own too.

    Once you have used our actions or participated in a class with us, please share your experiences by adding a review to the appropriate product page.