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Lightroom Presets: Quick Clicks Collection™

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Quick Clicks Collection: Lightroom Presets for 2 and up
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Whether you're a busy professional photographer or an enthusiastic amateur, editing hundreds or thousands of images requires time you just don't have. The MCP Quick Clicks Collection of Lightroom presets puts thousands of unique looks at your fingertips: all completely customizable and 100% reversible. From simple exposure fixes to gritty urban effects, MCP Quick Clicks Collection includes all the Lightroom presets you need to create the results you want.

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MCP Quick Clicks Collection doesn't just save you editing time. Its intuitive folder organization streamlines the process of locating and applying just the right preset. Never fumble through multiple folders searching for a certain setting again. Combine and layer presets for a custom look, or save your favorite settings for one-click future access. 

With the variety and flexibility of the presets included, you'll have every base covered when it comes to quick and easy photo editing in Lightroom. This "super-set" covers all your needs from basic to artistic... it's like getting five sets in one, only better.

Integrate photo editing tasks with your existing workflow. Put Lightroom's powerful, non-destructive editing tools to work for you with MCP Quick Clicks Collection. Our easy-to-follow video tutorials guide you through every step of the process, from installation to finished product. See the bottom of this product page for links to these training tools.


MCP Quick Clicks Collection includes nearly 300 photographer-tested Lightroom presets for every shooting situation.  

Start with 23 Building Blocks presets to fine-tune your photos. Adjust exposure by up to four stops in 1/3-stop increments. Correct white balance to remove annoying color casts.

95 Quick Clicks Color presets transform the look of an image in an instant. Give a photo a warm golden glow or a cool urban edge. Replicate the look of a vintage camera or a favorite color film.

44 Quick Clicks Black & White presets take inspiration from classic looks of the past to give modern looks a vintage flair. Go beyond basic black and white with custom tints in "Flavors" ranging from Fudge Ripple to Cherries Jubilee.

99 Finishing Enhancer presets provide the tools for a perfect finished image. Keep the spotlight on the subject with a fill flash effect. Remove haze, sharpen details, or soften colors. Add a vignette or a frame for a ready-to-share result.

26 Quick Clicks Customizers are designed to suit your style. Have you created a Lightroom look you just love? Whether it's your own from-scratch work or a custom-tweaked version of another MCP Quick Clicks preset, save it here for instant, convenient future use.

MCP Quick Clicks presets can be used separately or layered together for a nearly infinite variety of looks. Stack a color effect with a black and white tint, or adjust an image's exposure before applying a fill flash. Change your mind about an effect? Custom resets allow you to undo just part of an edit without having to start from scratch. 

With every purchase of MCP Quick Clicks Collection you will receive all files necessary to edit RAW and JPG photos in Lightroom 2 and up.

Dedicated DSLR shooters know that shooting RAW images means maintaining ultimate control over your finished image. MCP Quick Clicks presets are built from the ground up to work seamlessly with RAW files.

JPEG shooters (including DSLR, point-and-shoot, iPhone, and Android users) don't have to miss out on the power of Lightroom presets. MCP Quick Clicks Collection's JPEG presets are tailored to work perfectly with these smaller, streamlined files.

RAW and JPEG-finished images may vary slightly in appearance due to differences in camera processing. Sample images represent JPG and RAW images.

One More thing...

We recommend pairing Enlighten with the Illuminate Presets - to Infuse light into your images. Check these out to get an even more polished look!


What photographers are saying about MCP Quick Clicks:

"Amazing, awesome, fantastic, wonderful. Everything works together for a complete workflow. The fact that you can layer presets without resetting is genius!"
- Jean Smith,

"MCP Quick Clicks Collection is such a simple, fun way to jazz up any image! The variety of looks that you can achieve with just this one set of presets is endless. It's the best set of presets that I've ever used!"
- Haleigh Rohner,

"These tools can take an image from start to finish with a few quick clicks. You can go from normal to artsy, from clean to crazy, from bland to brilliant. It's all right there."
- Susan Dodd,

"These presets are amazing! They are changing my life as I play with them. Love the tones, the colors, the options and more than that, the time it is saving me!"
- Heather A., 

To use MCP Quick Clicks Collection Lightroom Presets, you'll need one of the following software:

  • Lightroom 2, Lightroom 3, Lightroom 4, Lightroom 5

* Due to constraints of Lightroom 2, film grain presets and Lens Correction adjustments are incompatible and sharpening and noise reduction will be less effective.



Get up to speed quickly with our free video tutorials:

Install Presets in Lightroom 2 and 3

Install Presets in Lightroom 4 and up

How to Use Quick Clicks Collection in Lightroom 2 and 3

How to Use Quick Clicks Collection in Lightroom 4 and up

Use the Quick Clicks Customizer in Lightroom

View Other Lightroom Videos


The MCP Quick Clicks Collection Lightroom Presets includes the following:

  1. Building Blocks: White Balance Color Fixing (12 variations), Exposure Correction (15 variations)
  2. Quick Clicks Color: Clean Color (13 variations), Soft & Dreamy (6 variations), Warm & Sunny (13 variations), Cool Twist Urban (16 variations), Vintage (10 variations), Haze (14 variations), Old Camera (6 variations), Gritty Details (5 variations), Silhouette Enhancers (12 variations)
  3. Quick Clicks Black and White: Choose Your Style B&W (15 variations), Choose Your Flavor Tints (26 variations), Bring Back Color (5 variations)
  4. Finishing Enhancers: Blowout Buster (6 variations), Fill Light (6 variations), Booster Shot Contrast Enhancer (5 variations), Crisp Detail Enhancer (5 variations), Soften Detail Smoother (4 variations), Color Dimmer (4 variations), Haze Lifter (6 variations), Film Grain (4 variations), Silence Noise Reducer (4 variations), Sharp Attack (5 variations), Burnt Edge Vignette (6 variations), Frosted Edges Vignettes (6 vignettes), Hard Rounded Frames (7 variations), Soft Rounded Frames (7 variations), Crazy Color Poppers (4 variations), Crazy People Color Poppers (5 variations), Blue Skies (5 variations), Vibrant Landscape (5 variations), Warm Color Poppers (5 variations)
  5. Quick Clicks Customizer: 26 slots for custom variations on MCP Quick Clicks presets or your own preset creations

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